Thursday, 22 December 2011

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a happy New year"

Today was my last day in school before the holidays~ so from today till new years eve will my days go with relaxing, anime, tumblr, mafia (and some written assaignment)

Last weekend I was in cottage with some of the people from my first year in high school~
It was so nice and not to mention cold outside! Because inside we had a fireplace which was lovely and nice~
we watched movies, played card games, read books and yeah just relaxing. It was super nice and I hope we will do it again sometime.

For my christmas holiday, i'll be celebrating christmas three times.
One with my dad, one with my family in Copenhagen and from the 25th of December till the 28-29th of December will I be in Århus and I have to celebrate Christmas in Århus as well.

For once am I actually looking forward to go to Århus during my Christmas/holiday time~ because I have a date somewhere out in the blue on a little café with lovely Sabrina and I might go visit Sweet Kristine as well~
This can't turn out to be a bad cristmas. ~~

Also today I have my yearly christmas dinner/party thingie in my club. I am round as a ball haha! I also won some small presents I am now owner of some candy and some lol firework protection glasses, funny thing is just I alteady use glasses and don't need them haha~

At last just because I know how derp I am on christmas I won't be on facebook, blogspot or other social networl sites (expext tumblr) before after christmas. So I will in advance wish you all a wonderful christmas (and just in case I don't manage to blog before new years) and a happy new year~~

リ ー ナ  O U T