Monday, 6 February 2012

★ Zarsu's Giveaway~ ★

Just a give away post~ ^^ ♥ I'm a bit late so dunno if I still am able to make it or make other people join, but even so I'll give it a try!~~

For people who don't know Zarsu, check her blog out, she is an amazing person with great fashion sense and style and an awesome cosplayer and not to mention a FF lover~ ^^ She writes in Danish only though, but you can always go check out her pictures! *O* They are fantastic and inspiring too~


(for only pictures only, then she has a website for that~ [Zarsu])

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

~Just the simple everyday life~

Hii everyone~

It has been such a long time since I last blogged. Reason: there is nothing much to tell. It's freezing outside and I'm just waking up every morning, going to school, coming home, doing my homework, eat and go to sleep. A pretty boring routine actually..

I'm looking forward to spring and the sun.
I'm looking forward to the weather to get warmer.
I'm looking forward to see my friends again and hang out.
I'm looking forward to the flowers to bloom and
I'm looking forward to seeing my mom again~

I haven't watched any anime or been on tumblr for almost a month now.. and well there are still some days left until I can go back to my obsessions~

Meanwhile, I have been reading a lot of manga especially shoujos and I have been thinking about my life and the future and the meaning of life... yep I got very deep haha~

Three mangas which has really captured my heart during this period are:

Stardust wink;
I love Haruta Nana~ I have read almost every single piece which she has published~ Her drawing style is cute and I like her plots (even thought shoujo mangas don't really have plots..) but It actually seems like the couple I'm shipping is going to be canon~ I can't wait to see what is going to happen next~

cutest shoujo / sports manga ever~ I really love how modern and traditional is it, it is a nice mix between the two. The art is also really pretty~ Not to mention the animation (watched it until my non anime month) and the colour choice. The beautiful autumn colours matching Chihayas light brown hair perfectly, not to mention the other characters. Kana, Nishima, Tsutomu and of course the two main guy characters~ Arata and Taichi ♥ I'm so obsessed and inspired that I'm nerdy enough memorizing the poems.. Not only do I love the plot, characters, animation, songs but also the entire idea it is based on, it is so inspiring and motivating that I could rewatch all the episodes forever~ (the manga is not as up to date as the anime at the moment.. I'm looking so forward to being able to watch anime again.. )

Nodame Cantabile;
It is actually rather old, and it is completed. It is all about classic music. Since I play the piano myself (or used to) I get really inspired and motivated when reading the manga. In the beginning I didn't like the art very much, but actually now I think it is rather cute. I looked through some AMVs too and well I start to like the art a lot~ the plot is nice too, and I'm in love with the characters too. Nodame and Chiaki are so adorable and well I hope I can meet people like them in real life, even though I don't think it will happen but if they are close enough that would be an amazing encounter~
I still haven't watched the anime yet or finished reading the manga, but well I downloaded all the soundtracks since It is almost only classic music. After reading this far and listening to the soundtrack I remembered how fun It is to play Piano and how much I love music, and to tell the truth I haven't listened to anything else than the soundtrack since.. haha~ I'm looking forward to read the ending~ I can already imagine myself crying in my room ♥

Both Chihaya and Nodame have been so inspiring, touching and motivating and I actually want to find something I burn for too, something I really want to do and enjoy the fullest. I haven't felt so inspired for a long time, so I'll start drawing, playing piano, cleaning my room, sew cosplay, do origami, study japanese, korean and chinese much more and well I might even start dancing and singing again~ (not to mention I miss using my camera so I might put random pictures in my future entries so be prepared hehe~)

see you next time~ hopefully soon!
(btw there is a 'Fastelavn's party at my school tomorrow, who knows I might blog about it~)

リ ー ナ  O U T