Thursday, 22 December 2011

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a happy New year"

Today was my last day in school before the holidays~ so from today till new years eve will my days go with relaxing, anime, tumblr, mafia (and some written assaignment)

Last weekend I was in cottage with some of the people from my first year in high school~
It was so nice and not to mention cold outside! Because inside we had a fireplace which was lovely and nice~
we watched movies, played card games, read books and yeah just relaxing. It was super nice and I hope we will do it again sometime.

For my christmas holiday, i'll be celebrating christmas three times.
One with my dad, one with my family in Copenhagen and from the 25th of December till the 28-29th of December will I be in Århus and I have to celebrate Christmas in Århus as well.

For once am I actually looking forward to go to Århus during my Christmas/holiday time~ because I have a date somewhere out in the blue on a little café with lovely Sabrina and I might go visit Sweet Kristine as well~
This can't turn out to be a bad cristmas. ~~

Also today I have my yearly christmas dinner/party thingie in my club. I am round as a ball haha! I also won some small presents I am now owner of some candy and some lol firework protection glasses, funny thing is just I alteady use glasses and don't need them haha~

At last just because I know how derp I am on christmas I won't be on facebook, blogspot or other social networl sites (expext tumblr) before after christmas. So I will in advance wish you all a wonderful christmas (and just in case I don't manage to blog before new years) and a happy new year~~

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A visit to a place no one knows ♪

Last Thursday I went out shopping with sweet Kathrine to look after presents for Christmas and because I had to exchange some jewelry I got from a friend some weeks ago~

We met up in Husum and biked to Nørreport station where we just walked from the station to the town hall square and back again. We were both in the Christmas mood and froze a bit so we bought some roasted almonds and sang Christmas carols Hehe I can’t wait for christmas~ It is going to be so good this year, because there won’t be any quarrels and I’m going to celebrate it three times, one with my family in Copenhagen, one in Århus and one with my dad

Kathrine and I bought a couple rings~

Saturday (26th of November) I went to Jutland to celebrate lovely Kristine's 18th Birthday.

I was so happy to get invited and it was so cosy and relaxing~
I actually remembered my camera but well I forgot I brought it.. haha

The food was so delicious~ Spaghettis Bolognese and for dessert we had waffles with ice cream and cake I’m happy I played the dancing game else I would be extra worried abot my weight haha, I ate so much~

Louise, and Tøsen cooking delicious food~

Louise, Thisted and Tøsen showing their dancing skills

I slept over and the next morning we had a very nice breakfast~ I stayed a bit longer after everyone went home, since my train would arrive later. It was horrible how the weather changed from grey and boring to hurricane and rain . Luckily when I went to take the train, the rain stopped, but when I was back in Copenhagen again, it started to rain heavily again! Danish weather is the worst

My Outfit

Btw I can proudly say this nerd have managed to learn the Korean alphabet Hangul!


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Thursday, 17 November 2011

★ J-popcon 2011 ★

Times really flies quickly when you have are busy! >__> I realized just now that I never got to post my Halloween entry.. I actually wrote it.. Oh well.. Too bad~ I hope you all had a good Halloween, because I had

So I went to J-popcon 2011 last weekend and I have to say I had a lot of fun and it wasn’t as stressing and confusing as it usually is at conventions, but I have to admit that I didn’t do much.. I usually go to a lot of events and run around to hang out with my friends, but this time I spend most of my time in Artist alley with my Sis and Line-sempai

Taken by Frederik

Friday I arrived pretty late because I had school before con~ but luckily we didn’t have to wait long time in the queue, because I ‘forgot’ to buy tickets online.. Hehe using cheats
I cosplayed as Ling Xiaoyu school uniform version since I didn’t finish the dress (but I hope to be finished till next con )

Friday went with mostly with walking around with Trine and Frederik
We just waited for it to be Saturday for the cosplay show and to see Project Chu~
We almost spend the entire day sitting at Artist alley talking with and looking at Sis painting
Later we went to Mafia and we played from like 11 pm till 3 am.. I was so wasted when I got home haha, just went directly to bed

Taken by Frederik

Trine and Frederik, they should just become a couple already

I arrived around 1 pm Saturday where I met up with Melanie and Will It was so good to see both of them again~ I’m really really sad that I don’t see them more often.. since they might not always attend conventions and they don’t live that close to me either, but seeing them made me really happy
We didn’t walk around much before we went to the Cosplay show which was incredible this year, the standard was so high and I tore up a lot of time during the show, first at the opening video and then at the different acts. I was also dying for all the costumes not to mention the details, I couldn’t even take my eyes off the show. It was all so beautifull

During the announcement of the winners I had so many butterflies even though I didn’t even participate. Just watching my friends and knowing how much effort they had put in their work, just made me nervous, haha
Just imagine being a judge makes my head explode.. There were so many awesome groups this year and I think they all deserved to win. But I don’t really question the winners, they all deserved it. Without doubt Congratulations to everyone~ I’m so happy for you all, and can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves for next time. ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ

Taken by Honosuke

After the show Melanie, Will and I met up with Trine, Frederik, Tilda and some of the other K-pop fans, waiting for the Project chu to perform. Last year I enjoyed their show and thought they did a pretty good job. I was amazed about the way they had mixed the different K-pop and J-pop songs together. So I was kind of looking forward to their performance this year.

I really loved their song choices! Perfume – Nee, 2PM – Heartbeat, HyunA – Bubble Pop, Kyara pyamu pyamu – pon pon pon, etc. and I found their show really enjoyable, and I was so happy to see some of the members which I spoke with at last year’s J-popcon and of course greeting the new members. They were all so sweet and Frederik and Emma even danced T-ara – roly poly with some of them haha

Remind me of Run Devil Run

It was a wonderful and exciting night~ Not to mention I of course went to Mafia again later at night. I didn’t stay long though, but I got to play one game

everyone is so concentrated XD

Sunday, I went to the J-fashion show with Trine and Frederik
The models were so pretty and cute this year (like they always are haha ) and I liked that there was a gyaru part this time, I hope there will be some decora, visual kei and J-rockers next time or just more stiles~

Chilling before the fashion show~

My brother also won the first place in the Dancing stage competition and the title Denmark’s best. I’m so proud of him ~

The rest of Sunday just went with walking randomly around looking for people. It was hurtful to say goodbye to everyone but I’m looking so much forward to next con and I will be sure to finish my cosplay at that time.

Picture spam and Convention Inspiration
Emilie and Kitty as Tekken 6 - Lili and Alisa (-ω-)/

Awesome Ao no Exorcist cosplayers~ As a mega fangirl I do approve

Killing and Himo(?) as Nightcrawler and Azazel from X-men! /(*´w`*)\

I can now die Happily! Pretty and awesome ONE PIECE cosplayers, I don't even... 8(>///<)8

Ariellah and Nadja~ both so pretty and gorgeous~

Thanks for an incredible con everyone

Sweetest Kristine Picture taken by Sabrina

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