Tuesday, 25 February 2014

20140225 ★ Guilty

Welcome back to myself. I decided I wanted to hit myself in the head and try to blog again but trying to make some shorter entries instead of those long ass entries yes. And of course only blog when I have something to blog about~ Since my life in University is so simple and monotonous I barely have anything to blog about   Other than complaining about how boring and annoying school life is.. 
Though I hope I will have some time tomorrow to make a short entry about my trip to Närcon last weekend image A lot of good things happened so yeah I want to write it down to remember it~
The main reason I'm blogging today is I found a way to get rid of my guilty feeling from hauling / shopping. 
I usually feel so guilty after shopping for over 200 DDK and I kind of want to return it all and just roll around in my bed when I get home image When I'm out I barely think about it at all, problem lies in when I get home image but but nooow I have found a solution for my problem! I just have to forget about the clothes after I bought them like put them away for around a month after buying because when I see them again after I feel completely fine and can wear them and feel joy after my haul 
That was the only thing I had on my mind~ I'm going to sleep now! Goodniight 

Mood: Cheerful Music: LOVE & ROLL - SUPERCELL

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