Wednesday, 31 March 2010

۩ The bounty Hunter

Even though the weather was HELL and LOVE was the day greaat!~

Today I went to the cinema with Natacha~~ We watched The bounty Hunter~~ Totally funny! xD a bit romantic cliché maybe but still good! XD I am happy that we watched it xD because to be honest if Natacha didn't wanted to watch it I don't think I would go watch it myself! xD Don't know what elso to write... I enjoyed the day, the movie was great, me and Natacha had fun owo; what else?.. xD I guess that its!~~ I can recommend the movie LOL..

Thanks for Super lovely day Nat~~ Looking forward to our next movie and curling hair day <3

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

♥ Super amazing Day

Happy Wonderful Dreamy sunny Weather ☀

As I wrote earlier I went out shopping with Celia-chaan. We had a AWESOME day! xD
We walked around the whole the town X0X; from Nørreport st. to Rådhuspladsen back to Nørreport and around the shopping streets~ ^___^ We had a lot of fun talking about the most Random things~ TwT I really missed Celia-chan a lot~ because we don't see each other often! And we have so many things in common! We talked about everything from JE to Drama to Anime to School life to Cosplay to Music to X-factor EVERYTHING TWT I was so happy~

The fist shop we went to was Sachie~ Celia-chan bought chocolate Kinokos(Chocolate mushrooms)~~ ^^ and then we visited the Chinese shop~ Celia bought Pockys chocolate and strawberry~ Didn't buy anything because my key to my savings bank is gone! T___T and as always I forget my password to my card.. *siiigh* so after that we went to Faraohs! and Again I didn't buy anything.. xD the only thing I bought today was lunch xD~~ Really wanted to buy the HnKnA manga! T_T but they only had volume 2.. Celia bought Death note 7~~ Hoho l3 I know what to give her to her 18th Birthday... ~ next Death note volume!! xD or maybe not.. xD I might find something better.. seriously.. ^^.. Manga is so boring.. or I mean it's just a book? xD but a very lovelyy book <33

We walked so much.. also because Celia forgot where the Shawama house were.. xD we walked the totally opposite direction!! xD but yeah we ended with eating Pizza slizes~ ^__^ tasted so good! owo and then Celia-chan bought me an Ice cream TwT I want to pay her back! TxT;; but the Ice cream definitely tasked good! <3 Lemon, strawberry and Mango.. I don't like Mango.. xD Sometimes am I just Stupid.. xD but it tasted okay ^__^ not good but Okay~~ ^^

After that we walked from Rådhuspladsen to Nørrebro st. X______X I totally died.. but we had a totally good talk~ <3 ^____^ Can't remember the last time I had such a good talk ;A; made me really Happeh <3 and when we got to Nørrebro st. we just walked around the Nørrebro Center~ XD Our feet were burning! We walked to Bispebjerg st. too! xD and followed the rails back to Nørrebro st. xD at last we ended at Celia's grandmother's place~

We sat down and died xD and we ate Bread with meatballs~~ ^^ and then suddenly Celia and me got a Digimon flip! XD Talking about cosplaying TK and Kari~~ Or Digimon Frontier xD <3 Had such a great day! T___T and Already missing Celia-chaaan!! Can't wait to see her again~~ Next time I will see her is at the Hanami~~ ✿ Can't waaait~~

Walking around the town 3 times backwards and forwards~ and then from Rådhuspladsen to Nørrebro st. X___X

My feet still hurt like HELL T___T Why did we walk so much~ I know I have to do some exercise but not that much that my feet are bleeding and burning(not really bleeding but feels like it.. xD)

We also talked about a movie night at her house~ There is a lot of movies she want me to watch! xD Some SUPER HERO movies, like batman~ sounds like fun! Really excited for it! ^^ I think it will be in the summer vacation! ^^ We also Talked about traveling around Europe by Train. She speaks Spanish l3 So if we are going to Spain I will have her to translate LOL.. xD but she likes to travel by train and so do I~~ so maybe someday it will come true~ <3 Really hoping for it! xD

Tomorrow I am going to watch the bounty hunter with Natacha~~ ^__^ need to go to bed soon! xD

Night People ♥

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»Shoooopping TIME! ★

Yesterday I went out shopping with some girls from my class!~~ We had a lot of fun walking around in the mall "Field's". I regret not taking my camera with me ;A; *looking in the closet...* my mother took it with her to China... T___T So mean she just left without me, I really wanted to go there~ *W*

but yeah when I came to the mall (The others met before), we looked in almost all the clothes shop like: Only, H&M, Vila, Deres etc etc.. xD Happeh that I missed MATAS.. xD don't like make up! xD but everytime me and Natacha go to Field's we always buy the most pwnsome Milkshake! *A* It tastes so good and there is so many different flavours! Like; strawberry, Chocolate, mango, raspberry, Vanilla, banana, caramel, etc. xD This time I took Rapsberry! Next time I WANT Vanilla or chocolate~ *A* Caroline took those two this time and I tasted it! sooo good ;w; They have the best milkshake! maybe sometime too sweet! xD I LOVE LOVE LOVE café Shake it!~ totally American café. There benchs are baby pink and the shop itself is light blue~ love the colours and there is a Elvis presley and marilyn monroe statues~ or figures!

After we drank milkshakes we looked on shoes.. I am never going to be a normal girl.. I don't like make up, I'm not addicted to shoes xD but I LOVE LOVE LOVE accessories~ Hair bows, hair clips, hats, jewellery etc.. I just don't wear them! xD The new shop, Make up store is open! XD They have make up yes.. but the only think I was interested in were the nail art stuff and Nail polish xD <3 i LOVE Nails and Hair.. xD only appereance that I think of~

As we walked around the mall Natacha, caroline and Anja bought a lot of things and I just walked by their side not buying anything at all! xD but at last I bought two pair of trousers or leggings! xD The one was Black and the other was blue Jean a like! xD I am really missing some pant! D: I usually only wear skirts! xD
The best part was they were not expensive! 134 DDK for booth pair! xD <3 LOVE~ <3 but I don't know if the blue pair suit me! ><; they are too long but one size smaller were too short.. xD I have a weird height.. or NOT! I will wait to my mom comes home and ask her what she thinks! xD I can always refund them if it don't suit at all~ xD

but Yeah that was a funny day!~~ Hope we can do it again.. NOT SOON ;x; Exams... but yeah do it again~~ I talked with Natacha about Wednesday(tomorrow) about the Cinema~ We are going to watch the Bounty hunter! xD Can't Wait~~

but later today, I am going out shopping with Celia-chaan~ <33 Waaaaiting~ ;w; She is not in Copenhagen yet and I can't waaait~ TwT

and and and <3333 Thursday I'm going to Odense to see Desirée Again <33 *W* Totally excited! xD <333 Can't wait to see her again!~~ we are going to have so much fun! owo~~ *DIIIIES* We are going to freaaak so much <3 xD

That is all for now! x3 I'm going to write later about the shopping trip with Celia-chaan <3

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

» CR making the Fandom Take over

Yesterday I decided to go back to Crunchyroll again! ^^ actually I love the site~ there is a lot of nice people a lot of fandom and graphic! <3 Perfect place for a Nerd like me but somehow I usually cut off CR and I don't know why.. It's so saad XD going from 600 friends to 200 and something.. but I guess I deleted some of them myself.. didn't talk with them and yeah... ^^; some of them might have deleted me as well owo many CR users have the rule> please write to me once in a while or else I'll delete you.. and since I went offline pretty often I guess I got deleted xD

but I surfed around the site and found a lot of different groups and I still have to draw the Katakana chart to Japanese Crazy?.. >A< So Lazy! I already wrote all the symbols... just have to draaaw ~ I think I'll do it tomorrow because I'll stay home the whole day! Have to clean the house = 3= But I found a Katekyo hitman reborn group I just fell in love with it! but sadly it seems like it's death ;A; but I became friends with the Admin~ I hope we can have a nice chat! xD now when we both LOVE KHR.. and some of the members are really nice too! ;A; I'll have to favourite it! <33 Waiting for my membership card *A* I decided to go more online on CR too!~~ It makes me happeh to chat with people and it's a good way to kill time LOl.. xD and you find a lot of different persons~ All kinds! all over the world!

But joined a lot of new groups and added a lot of new friends~ I'm happeh that I'm not so N00b anymore~ remember back in 2006... people added me because I had a cute avii~~ xD and I just accepted all group invited and friends.. but I got some experience now~ ^^ I want to make a new Avii, be more active in the groups I'm in and make a profile and make the sites I never made~ Sometimes I feel a bit pedo when I'm on CR.. because I'm totally like~ Aww what a cute name, nice to meet you~ <3 hohoho... ÒwÓ;; I'm not a pedo ;w; i'm just a happeh girl.. sometimes too happeh maybe xD normally I am a pessimist! but I guess something changed XD

I'm in a Harvest moon Mood too! xD I guess My Bestfriend has affected me! She is in love with Vaughn and I was totally like: I TOTALLY SUPPORT YOU!! XD PLEASE INVITE ME TO THE WEDDING etc etc.. xD and then she asked if I ever was going to play it who I would marry~~ I said Denny because in the last game(Harvest moon island of Happiness) I married him xD; I actually concidered to marry Pierre because he is sooo cute! xD but I chose Denny! Then my best friend said; if it can help, there is Will as well.. He is a prince~ In the beginning I didn't knew who he was because I have never played the Sunshine islands! So she send me a link and I was just *CLICK!* HOW CUTE! I Want to marry him!! xD so I began playing Sunshine Islands~ right now I'm on Blue heart level ;A; pretty lame... with Denny I'm on Yellow Heart level~ _ 3_ Have to work harder~ *___* so because my brother didn't wanted to give me the Nintendo I searched for Will fanart which I couldn't find.. >< 2 pictures or so! ;A; Got totally depressed! but found a lot of Gill, Chase, Luke, Gray and Skye Fanart.. Didn't knew who they were.. or I read Skye was from Cute which I dropped because I couldn't figure out how it worked! 8(> 3<)8 the other guys are from the Wii game something with tree ;__; so unfair because I LOVE Gill really much because he Reminds me of Will and Spanner(KHR).. and I figure out what my Fetish is... ;A; BLUE EYES!~~ <3 TwT;; My damn weakness!! My crush has the most clear blue eyes~ *¬* I could drown in them or just stare on them forever~ ♥ 

WHY! T_T [put name here] Why are you soo damn cute! ;A; with the most charming eyes and sweetest smile -3-;; That just makes everything even more harder after the Summer vacation...

Right now my Best friend is visiting her sister~ can't wait to tell her everything~~ and of course hear how it was!! xD Now she is on a real farm~ Maybe she learned something from playing Harvest moon! xDDD

but I guess that is all for now >3<;


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Friday, 26 March 2010

☂ Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

The Drama is finished! xD 3 days ago.. OWO;
I think the ending is pretty lame.. but still cute! xD Haven't watched the anime or read the manga so I don't know how they are ending!~~

Won't tell what happening because I don't want to spoil! xD but I AM TOTALLY DISAPOINTED in the ending.. nothing more to say...

Other Names: Wallflower, Perfect girl revolution
Ranking: ★★★☆☆
Language: Japanese
Episodes: 10 - Finished
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Favourite: Sunako-chaan~~

Thursday, 25 March 2010

» Sakura speciel

Sakura speciel Layout is up!~~ but too lazy to fix the last few things like the mavigation.. I'm so tired my head is spinning and I can't listen to music without getting a headache!.. I am SOOOOO BORED!!! ;A; I'll ask my brother to download some games on the NDS~ maybe if I play some games, it might help! I can only hope!

I can't even concentrate on writing a proper Blog entry.. =A= Maybe I caught a cold! My head is spinning around so much.. I couldn't hold a pencil.. so that drawing I was going to draw.. I couldn't do it.. maybe I'll just go to bed...

It's only the second day with my father and I think I'm going to die.. Seriously.. He don't understand anything at all.. everytime I say something He don't listen... or don't understand..

I was really happy today because the weather was so fantastic! My crush was in my neighbourhood! It's really rare to see him here! I hope I can sit next to him tomorrow when we are going to write our german disposition~

Take care and be careful not to catch a cold!~

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

» Japan ♥

Maybe I'm going to JAPAN OWO!!!! ~~ ♥
My mom's boyfriend is maybe going and he said he would like to take me with him! So HAAAAAPPPEEEH! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ So many thing I want to see again and buy *A*

but first Easter holiday!! ^^ I'm so excited~ Celia-chan is coming to Copenhagen and we are going to hang out, shopping and having so much fun together! I totally look forward to it! xD but first I have to do all my crazy boring homework ;A; So Unfair! but I hope I can finish them in the coming Weekend so I can make time to hang out with my friends! ^^ ♥ and my brother and me are going to be with our father because my mom has just left me.. or she took on vacation to China ;A; I wanted to go so baaad~ but I guess it's okay ^^ She said she would bring souvenirs~ ^^ looking forward to it! ♥

Today I totally died today! >///< I talked with my crush today! xD We have pretty much in common~ Which surprised me! He is going to the Roskilde festival! xD He Likes Gorillaz too!~ If I remember right He was going with his friend! xD maybe I should join them? xD I Love Gorillaz music.. or actually I Love almost kind of music!~ Veryy Open minded!~~

but That's all for now I guess~ Happeh Easter! ^^

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Monday, 22 March 2010

» School trip

I was at the 'Jyllandsposten' today!~~ It was really fun! xD
We were divided in 3 groups~ foreign countries, inland and sport~ ^^
I was in the Foreign Country group!~ We were supposed to play journalists and find information and interview people!~~ so we walked aroung a fake town and talked with tape-recorders. It were so cool because it looked so real! *____* and last we had a deadline, there were so much stress! LOL~~ and our group was the only one which choose the right frontpage! ^^ the best part was that we chose the frontpage when we only had 0.1 seconds left! xD We really took advantage of the time~ ^^

Afterwards I wandered around in the city~ OwO; I bought some japanese biscuit with seaweed~ They are soo おいしいい ★0★ I have to share it with my Piano team tomorrow~ it's the last time ;A; So sad about it!~ but I think it will be enjoyable~ I bought a skiny nail file too~~ I hope my nails will shine~~ Natacha showed me once how it looks like and my eyes just shone like stars! They became so pretty, so I finally bought one! ^^ Tea also told me where to get it because it was totally expensive in Matas.. actually it is been a long time since I last saw her! ;w; I hope she is doing fine!~ The High school life must be hard for her~ I heard it is so hard ;A; even though Julie days it is not that bad~ but I am still dying inside knowing that I am starting next year! ;A; or after summer vacation! ><;

Next week is easter~ ~(**)~ I am already totally busy~ because my mom is leaving on wednesday so it's my dad who should look after my brother and me~ ^^; but I have a lot of agreement~ and I have to clean the house ;A; It will take YEARS.. or maybe not if I put myself together I might be able to do it on a weekend xD It's not only my room it's the whole thing! xD Totally Looking forward to it! xD don't wanna think about homework and disposition.. X_X

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Saturday, 20 March 2010

✿ Graphic Shop~

Morning Bloooog~~ ♥
Forgot about the entry and began making the Katana chart instead... ^^;;
Today the Sun shone, it gone now but I was so happy when I woke up! I got totally cheered up! And as I wrote yesterday I let the weather choose my mood~ So I'm in a totally spring time mood! Can't waaait to see the Beautiful flowers bloom and see the green colour everywhere~ Spring time has started~ *goes and changes the song Yiruma~~ ♥*

but but I made a Layout for Zaa-chan yesterday~ It really made me happy because I havn't made any graphic for a while ^^ and I am happy for not over brush it.. Like I usually do xD

Full view? ^^ Visit her blog~~ Just click on the Image!

I talked with Line-sempai too! We have to hang out soon!~~ It has been ages since we last where together~ I found her old blog on another blog~ And This was what I saw I was totally Happy~ ;w; I hope she will begin blogging again~ Love to read entries ♥ Good way to kill time~

I began thinking that I missed to make graphic~ and after I worked with Celia-chan's blog layout too~ I began thinking~ Maybe I should make some kind of Graphic shop~~ Which remind me of when Desirée finds a picture I have to make one for her too~ if she wants to blog again ^^ Was a bit surprised that Celia-chan didn't choose a JE picture for her design owo; I have guessed on Morning Musume or Hey! Say! Jump~ But Doraemon is cute too! ♥ So I will try hard to make a beautiful Blog layout!

I may change my blog layout soon too because I want a Sakura Theme when the Hanami Appears. So I will make a pink sakura theme or a Blue sakura Theme! But I don't know which picture I should choose as header.. ><; Thinking about not having any images or choose an old picture from the year before last year~ Or just edit the Mihoshi Belphegor sakura speciel layout a little~ Because I think it turned out pretty well! xD Hmm I will wait and see~ ><; I think I will open the Graphic shop/Request~ ^^ The only thing I don't want to work with is creepy animals and porn... ><; HATE SPIDERS.. so scaaary~~ ;A; I will put a Link in the Menu~~ Maybe called Graphic or something >< and I will have to think about how people Request o__o of course they could just mail me or something but don't want spaaam mails ;A;''' I will find a solution so please just waiiit~~ ^^

Don't Want to say goodbye to Desirée's Starfish layout! ;A; The starfish is so SUPER cute ♥ ♥ ♥ Want to eat it >0<

but for now~ またね、リーちゃんはグラフィックをするのことが大好きです ★ ☆ ★

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☾ Believe in the Magic~

Today I was surprised over the weather. I usually say that I'm connected to the weather. Just for fun. but Recently I began believe it more and more for each day.
I Used my Tarot cards, read my horoscope and read 'Fortune of the day'. It suited me almost perfectly! o__o It usually does. so surprising! >< I think I will begin Study it~ Even though I know it's superstition, I find it kind of interesting ☆
I Think I will let the weather decide my mood, because it usually suit pretty well!
☂ Today it rained! I love rain~ 雨が大好きだよ! ♥ It's so refreshing like washing all your worries away~ I Love sunshine too! I think the only weather I don't like it storm and sometimes thunder ><;
I will make time to play the Piano ^^ I haven't touched my keyboard for so long~ I will start tomorrow!
I feel Happy Today and to be honest I don't know why maybe because It's Raining or maybe because the weather told me the truth ^^ I am superstitious~ Believe in Magic and mysterious thing~ I am also happy because it isn't snowing anymore even though I LOVE snow too xD! Today was a bright day! ^^ I went out shopping in the Rain! OwO but I did not buy anything~

I forgot my purse.. ;A; but looking at the shops where funny too!~~ There is a new bottle for Ramune! ^^ The old one was prettier~ and C.C Lemon TwT I waaaant it! Love the taste of Lime/Lemon~ Second stop where at Faraoh's Cigar! There were some good mangas I wanted to buy~~ ;A; a lot actually.. but I think I will take it slowly!~ I dropped Fantask to lazy to go there ^^; but I looked at some clothes shops~ I know where to buy the next Dress! OwO;; Lol but then I just returned home.. the Piano ending concert, it was fun ^^ I talked with a professional drawer~ but I did not play.. because I didn't felt like it and I don't regret it!
The cakes were good~ *A* I want to bake when I come home~ Which should I bake? Chocolate or Lime or dream or something totally different!? i will wait and see ^^

I talked with a friend about magic~ My favourite magical words are: Star, Magic(of course), Moon, Snow and melody~ Hmm owo; Can't remember anymore~

That's all for today! XD

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Friday, 19 March 2010

»Why won't you listen just once?

Right now I am pretty pissed.. Why won't JK just listen once... The only thing I say right now is We are not that different as JK thinks... and we actually like the same thing I'm just not obsessed.. *siiigh* I think I will give JK some air let him calm down. Breathe.. I just hope we don't see each other at the Hanami.. or for some time... Somehow I hope JK will forget it or have to do something else.. but I don't think so. I was really looking forward to our next meeting but I guess things between us are decided. Our friendship isn't meant to be like it is now. I would really LOVE to see the fate changing. but yeaaah what to do? Everything I say and do pisses JK of and almost everything she says and do pisses me of... We have known each other for so loong and now the friendship we have.. is it just going to die like this? Hmm I think it is fine if it does.. Of course I will miss all our happy memories and if I could avoid the thing from happening I would like that but sometimes you can't do anything else than watch.

I have tried so many things to make our friendship not dying. researching all the things JK liked and trying finding some interest in it. and when I finally find interest in it JK just act like usually.. Cold and not caring at all. JK can't expect me to like everything that JK likes.. just because I'm not fainting or screaming when we are talking about it. does it not mean that I dislike it and if I like it too much JK just get annoyed at me. When JK shows me anything she expect me to write something like: HAHAHA It so funny or AWWWW THEY ARE THE CUTEST!.. Can I have my own opinion? Can't Jk accept the fact that I don't like it so much as JK.

Hmmm... and I had a fight with my BFF.. actually I just remembered there was something really important I wanted to tell her.. and something I wanted to ask her.. I don't know if she is reading my blog or not.. but I would have asked her if she would like to have the News/JE Calender I got in the magazine I bought from China. But right now I'm just so depressed that nothing can make me happy.. maybe I should go take some Happy pill.. I really want to tear apart the calender.. -_______- Just get my anger out somehow. but that would be waste of paper.. I think I'll go for a walk later.. get some air etc. ^^

but first I'll watch some drama might help on my mood~

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» OMG Lacking

Have a lot to tell!~~ The last few days I've been so busy ;A; I didn't have time to blog and it was so lonely.. my brother thinks I am become insane if I continue writing blog. I don't Believe him! 馬鹿おとうとちゃん!バカバカ三ちゃん。

First the day before yesterday and yesterday where the last japanese lessons this term. I was so saaad ;A; promised myself not to cry and did not. but I really wanted to! D: Wednesday we saw Okuribito, Departures in English. We bought Pocky, Hichu and Nori cookies!~ It was so saad! ;A; We gave Anders-sensei a bottle Sake!~ He looked really happeh ;A; I really hope he was! So many weird things on my mind.. it blog entry is going to take looong time to write.. Totally addicted to HnKnA.. xD Otome games are good to kill time! ^^;; Thursday, We saw Bayside Shake down. and again we gave Ander-sensei a bottle sake, but it wasn't similar! xD luckily it would be really boring if it were~ I think the Thursday sake was prettier than the wednesday one but whatever! xD Liv had made a lot of Origami cranes which we put on the present too!~~ and Line had drew a really pretty drawing ;A; with Stars!!! So beautiful! I can't wait to Hanami I hope to see them all there! ♥ My mom also gave me premission to go to svscon! ^^ I just can't wait~~ but I can wait with the exam forever! OWO;; or maybe not.. xD

Today at school I had a lot of fun! xD ♥ even though our gym class was canceled and the rest of our classes.. xD We had a substitute in 4 lessons, then school was finished! >w<; our english lesson was moved to another day!~ xD I am happy it was! It was really boring in the 2 first lessons! -___- our substitute was late and we just looking at nothing... but then in the next 2 lessons it was pretty funny xD Me and Anja were drawing a lot of doodles! xD Sasuke was on the drawing ♥ We drew ourselves too~ I'm going to scan it later! xD I want to show everyone my Alice in WOnderland drawing too >< have to do it today! O0O *looks at the drawing pile..* and Homework too... __ __ Christianity should DIE together with History ;A;... have to do math too -___- but yeaaah there is still a whole weekend so no stress! ^^

right now I am freaking HnKnA the game *0* so I think that is all for now... Oh I am so good at writing blog... NOT.. -__- I am too serious! NOT.. xD Okaaay I will post a entry later when my brother gets home and post the drawings too!

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

» Happeh White day

Today is White day! So Everyone Happeh White day! ^^
Of course you are not Happy on White day if your Valentine day f*cked.. but yeaah the truth is I made a deal with Thien about Chocolate. I should give him some on valentine and he should give me some today, but because of our distance.. I couldn't D: So no Chocolate for Lina! ;A; but I hope you other guys got some delicious chocolate (I don't like chocolate that much Ow<

Want to say sorry for not updating the Weekly updates... >< This Weekend I just didn't feel like it.. but I read KHR and MSN~ <3 ^^ So Cute and good and sad and Happy making etc etc.. xD I haven't watched Yamato or Shugo chara ;A; but I hope I can do it in the coming week~ I have to focus on School >< Exams are not that far away any more ;A; and everything is totally nervous making.. *FREAKING OUT* and I still have to buy Myth >< WHEN DO I HAVE TIME FOR THAT?! THE HKA RPG?! THE SVSCON etc etc.. TWT A day has too few hours.. TwT I hope I can register to Svscon this week ><; and I don't know which subject I should choose for the dispositions... and I have to clean up everything in the house and delete my Computer if Julie and Desirée are going to stay at my house. ;A; I cannot even write proper english.. ;A; CHAAAOS.. I hope everything will turn out fine tomorrow ^^;; To much Stress it bad for the health. ^^;

I just came home from the Cinema~ I watched The Lovely bone together with Natacha~ I became a bit Paranoid.. It is so creepy that some people have murdering as a hobby.. and I am really sensitive when it comes to thrillers and Horror.. TwT The movie wasn't that Scary.. I'm just a weakling.. ^^; and I am scared of death.. I'm not going to add it to Library because I don't want to go in details about it ;A; Want to forget it so soon as possible.. The next week I'll go around having paranoia ^^; But the movie was really good~ and really romantic.. if you forget the heartattacks xDD and of course Natacha was freaking out about the corpse.. xD and I was freaking out about the Goddamn Murder and the sister etc etc.. >< I hid my face twice because I became to scary after my opinion, or not scary but disgusting. but I recommend it to people with not too sensitive souls as myself.. xD
because the story is good and the background images are really beautiful *A* A Mix between fantasy and real life. between Day and Night and Mountain and sea~ but sometimes there are stormy weathers and other frighten effect which make it spooky.

I went for a walk with my Mother and brother earlier. We went around the bog. There was mud everywhere >< Disgusting.. but I was so happy that the sun was shining. Walking aroung the bog did really bring back memories. And when we walked through the moat thing.. don't know what it is called in English It really did bring back old memories from the after-school centre and when my parents still were together. We sat there eating, playing and enjoy yourselves. Now we are unusually together as a family. but I really did enjoy the walk ^^ Even though my ears was frozen and my whole body itched. The mix between cold and warm make the body react weird.. ><; So on the way home I was scratching myself the most of the time xD It was worst on the legs and on the waist.. T^T I remember it happened often in the After school centre, because I was always outsite no matter what. I LOVE my After-school centre it was the best time of my life. So careless and so much fun ;A; I wish I could go back ^^; but of course I know that it is impossible.. I can only save the memories deep inside my heart~

Yesterday my brother and I went to the cinema.. (Yeaaap This week was the Cinema week, xD.. and maybe I am going to the cinema again tomorrow..) We saw Percy Jackson and the thunderthief. English title way cooler than the Danish.. Lyntyven?.. is it a fast thief or is it a thief who stole thunder?!.. oh btw the movie is about the greek mythology and it is the same instructor as the Harry Potter movie 1 and 2 if I remember right, The something stone and secret room or so. xDDD I actually think the movie was okay >< Of course it could be better! xD The only shock making thing was the Teacher X___X Medusa wasn't that bad and the minotauer(?) wasn't bad either... I wanted to see more Water.. I mean Percy(Perseus) Is Poseidon's son afterall.. I really have to pull myself together and read about the greek mythology! Especially if I want to watch Clash of titans with my brother.. >< but I think I will faint before we go into the cinema! >< loooks sooo Scaaaary.. but yeah Percy Jackson and the thunderthief the story is a bit lame.. REALLY.. but I still think it was good xD LOL.. Can't be helped I guess..

Tomorrow maybe I will go watch The Sherlock Holmes movie! >< I always wanted to see it but never had time to >< I don't think I have time to watch it.. that why the internet is your best friend LOL.. XD Natacha said she would borrow me 2012 xD So that is my first movie Goal! *_____*~ Hehe~~ I have to say goodbye to the Princess and the frog and father to four on Japanese(Far til fire på Japansk) too xD but I think I will be fine.. To many movies just manipulate my mind too much xD NO MORE CINEMA for a while.. NO MORE MOVIES!! unless 2012 of course! xD So when I should meet Julie and Desirée we might do something else than Watching movies and sit in front of a computer.. xD I am living in the city afterall there are a lot of things we can do! xD We just have to be creative!~


I'm done with HKA Rpg layout That is all for now! xD Lina has spammed here~~

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

»BFF Is back ♥

I am so happy! ;A; My BFF is back from her vacation.. I really can't wait to ask her about; how is was and stuff! >< It was so weird that she wasn't online at night and I couldn't sms her. I am so used to she always stays late up together with me!~ and we chat about so many different noble things~ sometimes even JE and news.. even though I don't love them I want to do anything for my BFF. I will definitely try my best to 'love' them. Actually the truth is I don't HATE them and neither dislike them.. They are just not my favourites.. and I am not so obsessed about them. but that does not mean I can't talk about their music, watch videos, and read FF and stuff.. I have a lot of friends who love JE and sometimes I talk about JE with them too, watch some videos and tell them what I think and sometimes I fangirl too.. I LOVE Yamashita Tomohisa's Loveless song *A* and I think Yamapi is pretty awesome in his own way.. xD I am just not obsessed.. I really love my BFFs and I will do almost everything for them.. even try to understand what they think and their likings~ They means so much to me. ^^ I don't know if you guys read my entries but if you feel like you want to tell me anything or think I do something that annoys you. Just tell me alright? I PROMISE not to freak out and abandon you guys because you guys are just like sisters for me~ ♥ So don't worry~

If my BFFS isn't to stressed or busy, I am still anxious to watch Alice in Wonderland with them! I think they will enjoy the movie really mich, just like I did.. like I wrote before I already watched it, but I don't mind watching it again and especially not if it is with my BFFs! I miss them so much! I haven't seen them for so long almost a quarter of a year. so Once we all are online on MSN I want us to decide a date where we can go watch the movie!~ ♥ I could sms too but then I am pretty sure I won't get an answer or the answer will come after 3 days =A=;; I am so impatient.

Even though we don't chat so much anymore or the chat dies easily~ I still do my best for the chat NOT to die.. I know lately I haven't tried that much like I usually do.. I will pay more attention! ^^ Trying harder and listen careful to what they have to say.. Even though it is not always they look very interested in what I have to tell. but I think it is fine.. That is why I like forums.. even though my english is bad I still do my best too.. and usually the forum members understand me ♥ Makes me so happeh!~ They don't live near me and probably never get to meet them I still think of them as Friends! ♥ but right now I don't have to worry because:

1. I think after we have watched the AIW maybe we are going to open the AIW rpg again ^^ ♥ I really hope.. because I am becoming totally AIW addicted ^^;; and that will be a topic we all can talk about together ^^ ♥
2. My BFF is back from vacation~ we can talk about that too!
3. We can talk about The drama Marmalade~ xD (Desirée's name for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ♥)
4. Maybe we can talk about Hana yori Dango too.. Arashi have made the openinges afterall! ^^

Can't wait to my BFF come online again! ^^ to be honest I have been pretty busy thinking but right now I can really feel how much I actually Missed her ^^ I am so Much going to GLOMP her when she log on or maybe I will send her a sms! ♥

That is all for today... this entry should really be posted yesterday but I came home too late.. so I did not get premission to go on the computer D: but now I came out with my feelings.. >> SCHOOL DAY = FUCKED UP LIKE ALWAYS! but I keep remind myself it is almost over~

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

»No Title

Today was TOTALLY BORING! The two first lessons we did not have a teacher or a substitute! We were looking at NOTHING!... *siigh* Do not know If I mention it before but the person I dislike in my class are returning from her vacation... and today I really felt the difference.. now when she is back my classmate(we are not that many girls in my class and there is only 2 of them I actually talk to.. The others do not understand me. It is like if we lived in two different worlds) she does not talks to me like she used to do, ignores me and says that I'm WRONG all the time.. another friend I have in School who is in my parallel class is against me too Really do not know what to do anymore..

We talked about the last school day before the exams. In our school the 9th grade usually waer a costume and then we talked about which costume we should wear. I am thinking about Sadako(The girl from the Ring), A Mimer or a manga character.. some of the boys in my class are seriusly thinking about dressing up like some Dragon ball characters.. REALLY!! Still laughing..

I am totally tired of paper fortelling.. after the two girls from my class did it the whole day I am sick of it.. not fortune telling and tarot cards and other magic fortune/foretell thing just only that paper exercise thing.. *siigh* I will make myself HAPPEH!

I'm done with Hana yori Dango season 2~~ so HAPPEH! Now I just have to watch the movie.. I am really hoping they are getting marred! Tsukasa already proposed! *__*
Hmm now I do not dislike TsukasaxMakino, and I still support RuixMakino. But It does not seem like Rui can forget Shizuka!~~ but they are cute together too.. please be together! and AkiraxOkami-chan! would be so cool! but I do not think it will be announced directly! and SoujirouxYuki.. I think they suit each other in their own weird way.. xD of course It is not necessary that they all are dating but I just think it could be so cute~ I would fangirl so muuuch! ♥ One thing to say I will start watching it tomorrow! ♥♥

Shugo Chara Encore the first Chapter! My brother told me about it! and when he told what happened I screamed and when I read it, I screamed so much!..... I thiink Ikuto appears in next chapter! *___* IKUUUTO! ♥♥♥♥ I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE KukaixUtau ♥ So Cute together! especially the Kissu! *A* I screamed so much I cannot wait to next chapter.. ♥ but I do not know when it comes out... so I just have to wait!! D:

I JUST DECIDED TO START READING DETECTIVE CONAN AGAIN! OwO even though there are 600+ chapters.. I love crime novel and detective stories. but I will se when I gets time to start~ ;A; I do not want to watch the anime TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.. ^^; and I think the manga is much better! ^^ so hehe~~ I hope I can start in the weekend~ ♥ I also find out there is a Live action(Drama) I am so much going to watch it!!! OMG~ Oguri Shun is Shinichi! ♥ Waaaaaaah Cannot waaaaait! I have a lot of things to do! ;A;

I borrowed the Harry potter and Memories of a geisha soundtracks too so I will be listening to a lot of soundtracks maybe I might be sad or maybe totally hyper! xD ♥

That might be all for today.. ^^;

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Monday, 8 March 2010

۩ Alice in Wonderland 3D

when I first read about the Movie I got totally excited! and something surprised me! I didn't knew that the Mad hatter was the maincharacter.. or that is what was written in the magazine I got. I really think I fall in love with the Mad hatter character, he was so kind and still so Uhm.. Mad.. but I like the fact that he is mad.. If someone shoould make a hat for me it should be the mad hatter! Actually I have my own mad Hatter!~ <3 He is not a professionel Hatter but He can make small cute Lolita hats!~ I hope he will make one for me too! I know I wrote he all the time but The mad hatter I know is a girl in cosplay! but that don't matter! A Hatter is a Hatter! I made a rime! OWO YEAAH ME!... okay maybe not! I saw the movie in 3D and when the Jabberwocky appeared I died... It was so close, I might have screamed if it was not because the hall was almost full. The people behind me laughed all the time and commented a lot.. not that I didn't but I do not think people could hear me when I commented something.

I saw the movie together with my little brother~ His friend said it had a bad plot. I think that too.. If I understood the plot right.. I guess it was; Alice should kill the Jabberwocky.. BORING.. but I LOVED THE MOVIE and the actors were really good at acting the characters.. *A* If there come a second movie I will go and watch it.. but after all Tim Burton is my favourite instuctor~

My favourtite charaters are: The mad hatter(Johnny Depp), Cheshire, Alice, Caterpillar and The white Queen(Anne Hathaway).
Like I wrote before.. I love the mad hatter, he just have nice personality.. not the hottest but I still think I fall in love with the character~ I would love to have a friend like him! ^^~~ Cheshire is just brilliant.. The way he 'swims' in the air.. coming out of nowhere~ I love his eyes~ the colour is so magical~ If I should have a pet it would be a cheshire~ *A* Alice.. yeah because she is THE alice.. xD I don't know I just like her.. or maybe she shouldn't be a favourite just a liking character.. owo;; and the White queen I just think she is pretty cool and so beautiful~ I love the caterpillar(Abosolom?) because he is a smoking caterpillar which is totally clever LOL.. hmm I think it is snape from Harry potter who dub him owo; I think the Live action is SO much better than the Disney cartoon not that I do not like the cartoon I still love it the real movie is just so much better!

BANZAI!.. Uhm.. If you don't know what Alice in Wonderland The real movie is then here comes a short review:
Alice is a 19 years old girl. Since she was 6 years old she always had the same dream/nightmare. About a Wonderland, where the weirdest thing happened like cats smiling. Many years later Alice's father passes away and She is invited to a garden party where Hamish(one of her father's partner's son) proposes to her. Suddenly she see a white rabbit with a waistcoat and rushes after the rabbit.
She follows the rabbit to an old tree and suddenly she falls down a hole. The hole leads her to a strange room which a lot of doors. She finds a key but the key does not suit any of the doors. Then she find a little door the key suit perfectly but she is too big to enter. Then she find a drink that makes her smallere and a cake which increase her size. After shrinking and entering the door she find herself in a enormous garden area. She does not know where she is but infront of her is the white rabbit, the Dormouse, the Tweedles and some talking flowers. The Dormouse is sure the white rabbit has mistaken the 'Alice'. Alice is not sure but explain that her name is Alice but she does not think she is the right 'Alice'. So they take her to Abosolom who shows them a scroll which details regarding the history of Wonderland. The Past, the present and the Future. The scroll claims that on the Frabbulous Day, Alice will return to slay the Jabberwocky. Alice is now in Wonderland and her Future has been choosen. Her adventure begins here..

I really cannot make a short Review.. I'll go on a little more and then post a link where I got the synopsis.. because I am so bad at writing reviews! and I HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE I am just tired so I can hardly remember anything.. ^^;

Alice sees this, and adamants that she is not the person in the scroll. Suddenly they are attacked by the Knave of Hearts and some red-carded soldiers. Alice runs for her live believing it is a dream. Some ways off, Alice encounters the Tweedles again, who attempt to help her, but are soon captured by a giant bird that takes them to the Red Queen's castle. Then Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat. Cheshire leads her to the Mad Hatter's place, where she meets the Dormouse again, as well as the March Hare. The Mad Hatter is pleased to see Alice. but short time after the Knave of Hearts is close by. Then the Hatter choose to stuff Alice into a teapot, to hide her from the Knave. -___- I do not make sense.. next time I will just copy paste.. that is why you only should write in your native language.. you can call this an exercise or an opportunity for me to practice~

The whole History

I want to read the original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis carrol too, I somehow think I will understand the whole story much better if I do!

Other Names: Alice in Wonderland..
Author: Tim Burton
Same author: Corpse bride, sweenty todd, Edward scissorhands etc.
Ranking: ★★★★☆
Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Links: [x] [x]
Favourite: The mad hatter, Cheshire, Alice, The Caterpillar and The white Queen

Sunday, 7 March 2010

»Greek mythology

I'm only missing 3 episodes of Hana yori Dango season 2 (F4 returns?...) It's so good that I couldn't resist! ><; I have been freaking pretty much lately that I did not have time to chat with my friends.. I kind og feel like I failed them... Sry guys.. and maybe that is why one of my friends missed a person she didn't like that much.. because the hated person spoke more to her than I did at the moment.. I'm so sorry.. The only messages I could send was smileys and one syllable words.. Now I understand why my BFF thinks it was annoying.. or think it was a depressing.. sorry! HONTOU NI GOMEN NASAI DESU! I hope you can forgive me... After I watched Hana Yori Dango I promise to pay more attention to you!~

In the end I always end up with homework.. I can't wait to summer vacation... all my continuation school activites will end in the end of March.. I am so sad! I will miss all my lessons so much.. or maybe not my Piano.. I skipped the class so many times.. It was too late and too far away..and rhythmic Piano was not my thing.. I told the teacher that I would stop, but she said I should give it a chance and didn't needed to practice.. but in the end I still had to.. not that I didn't wanted to just did not have the time to it.. I love playing the Piano it is so relaxing and it makes me happy.

Today I came home from my father. When we walked my brother told me; You sound like our Cousin STOP it!... and I was just laughing and enjoying that I annoyed him.. I spoke japanese as good as I could which was pretty lame. after all I am not japanese. Even though I sometime wish I was.

My mother came home late again.. I hope someday that I will have a love story.. The dramas make me cry and want to try a real love story. But I guess it is impossible for me. I am too weird.. Lol..~~

My mom approved the fact that I wanted to buy Myth: Eternal gift! I want to buy My seasons too! ;A; I love Zelda C. Wang's art~ especially the Alien Mushroom and Myth! The mushroom is so cute! *__* I want a plushie!~~ ^^; maybe I should try sew one and show her! ^^ It was My BFF who showed me Myth and I totally fall in love with the Manga! I regret so much that I did not discover the manga before so I could buy it! but Zelda said that she maybe would Sell Myth: My season agaiin just without the bonus/extra stuff~~ but that is totally fine~ ^^ After reading Myth I also got a bit interest in Greek mythology!~~ I also want to ask Zelda where she got the inspiration to the characters~ Because Hades does not look like Hades from Hercules! xD LOL... but yeaaah Homework is calling~

JUST HEARD A SONG I THINK IS THE CUTEST FOR A HANA YORI DANGO FAN VIDEO! *A* but I suck at making MVs ><; but maybe I'll try OwO It is a DomyoujixMakino video with the song A thousand miles~ Makino actually went a thousand miles to USA from Japan to see Domyouji~~ ^^ searched on Youtube if I could find a video with the song.. could not! D: but but then I got spoiled... about the ending ;A; but I will still watch it.. I am a RuixMakino supporter.. but I think the video would be so cute!~~ maybe I should request it of someone who have time and like domyoujixmakino.. xD; LOL!~~

Mata Ne~

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

✖Weekly updates

Okay first~ I'm only going to tell a little about what happened in each episode/chapter/Update and say my opnion about it.. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Shugo Chara Dokki Dokki

Type: Anime
Number: 22
Link: Episode

Of course there was Shugo chara Pucchi pucchi first! The first one was Chin, ton, Shan with Temari~ She should turn Ran, Miki, Su and Iru into a Yamato Nadeshiko(Perfect girl/lady) I laughed my ash of.. xD After Watching the Drama Yamato Nadeshiko it just pops out everywhere.. also when I listened to music suddenly my Itunes showed: Yamato Nadeshiko xD It MAGIC! or maybe not.. xD The song was a Shugo chara Orginal Soundtrack Guess whos... Fujisaki Nadeshiko/Nagihiko's.. I think It's more Nadeshiko than Nagihiko because it when Nadeshiko dances... (I know they are the same person.. ><)

Then the Operation Let Hikaru laugh! xD He actually tried.. xD He LOOK SO EVIL! just like Tadase chara change xD He will be a perfect King and "descendant" to him! Hikaru Gambatte I KNOW YOU CAN SMILE!! ^__^ I TRUST YOU! Amu and Rikka were surprised when they saw it! xD Those episodes are too short! D: hmm I guess how Hikaru's Shugo chara will turn out like?! OWO; can't wait to see~~ and LOL Hotaru-chan is afraid of height! and how can Hikaru not shout when he ride a rollercoaster?! I would DIE like HELL!~~ and the mirror house WHUT?! Hikaru you are too clever! xD just look at the mirror and laugh! But I Miss Ikuto! after they ride the teacups I missed him a lot! IKUTO COME BACK TO AMU AND MAKE SOME AMUTO! ;A; I want to fangirl~~ please?! ;w; I hope he will return to Japan soon, and that he maybe will find his father could be soo cool! hmm and what about Utau given up on ikuto?! I hope there will be more Kutau and Rimahiko.. but the characters we see the most is Amu, Rikka and Hikaru D: and sometimes Nagihiko owo; I LOVE HIKARUXRIKKA and they are so close! ;A; <3 Rikka please stay by Hikarus side Itsumo! l3 There have been a lot of moments too! like holding hands, Rikka blushing etc. I think they will make a cute couple, especially if they become the new King and Queen~ *O* *imagine* Aww! Can't wait see that happening next. I was wondering about the X-eggs in Rikka's room. They didn't looked happy, I'm worried about they would do something terrible to Rikka! D: PLEASE DON'T DO! hmm or maybe amu will help remove the x on them! Let us wait to next week!

Mahou Sensei Negima

Type: Manga
Number: 281
Link: Chapter

Okay the last 3 weeks I have not read Negima but today I did read them all and yeah.. I cried.. Graig, Aisha, Cheif, Tosaka, Rakan disappeared they didn't die just disappeared.. Poor Nodoka, Ako and Natsumi-chan! The one who helped them when they first came to the Magic world/old world, just disappeared. but thanks to Nodoka-chan's artifat she found out that she could bring them back and how to save the world, meanwhile Negi, Chisame and Fei just found out that the Asuna they are together with is fake, or a illusionist or a person who can change appearance and take the persons personality! Of course we as reader knew it long way before, but negi just found out! They are right now in 4 groups if I remember right. Negi, Chisame and Fei. Paru(Haruna), Chachamaru and Sayo. Asuna, Mana, Yue and Misora. and the others like Setsuna, Kazumi, Kaede, Yuna, Akira, Ako etc. Team Haruna are on their way to the meeting place and we see for the first time Chachamaru use her adeat! Looks cute and have a cat gun! and I'm so Happy that Yur remembered everyone and Nodoka again!~ Yue and Nodoka is my favourite friendship couple after all! ^^ The manga is just being more and more confussing~ Can't wait to next chapter!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Type: Manga
Number: 280
Link: Chapter

As we saw in chapter 279 Uni and Gamma disappeared! ;A; I was crying again.. because I really like Uni a lot and actually I think UnixGamma is a cute couple! Gamma liked Unis mother too so it's so cute! but I would still wish for them to come back! Everyone were so sad and so was I Uni is my favourite girl together with Chrome Dokuro in KHR so of course I would be sad if she died/disappeared. I would make a update on the Anime too but I haven't watched all the newest episodes yet.. Too many and too long~ The worst is that I haven't seen the Arcobanelo missons yet.. My brother told me It was really funny and I read on Reborn Wiki that Belphegor is going to help Mammon/viper with his misson and they are going to be girls! <33 I'm going to fangirl that girl too only because it's Bel in disguise~ Okay maybe not.. because she don't look like him at all.. and I can't believe it... Byakuran is gone.. I LOVED HIM SO MUCH.. the way he always smiled and said Shou-chan and ate his marshmallow... why the name.. Marshmallow please come back.. but yeah it would be totally lame if he suddenly changed side. but Byakuran wasn't evil, he was just a boy who was bored and wanted to have something to do. and of course we are humans and we disire a lot. He just chose the world domination. but I'm happy that he could die with a smile.and he only died in the future.. there is still hope for byakuran. Shoichi can go back to the past and make sure he won't be evil~ and make sure he won't meet the cervello~ The future act is going to end soon and I don't think KHR end after that. Me and my brother talked about a future act 20 years later.. but of course they return to the past have some rest and happy days but then maybe cervello or the persons behind Cervello will take over Byakurans power or do something themselves. They are everywhere and always on the enemies side. Something about the Cervello isn't right! So I'm really excited to see what happens in the next chapter of KHR!~~

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Type: Dorama
Number: 8 unsubbed
Link: Episode

Notice! I saw the episode unsubbed so I could have misunderstood something.. I'm not japanese or speak japanese after all.
Ranmaru's childhood friend, who was the first girl to turn him down(?) is visiting the boarding house. And she has a cold glance! LASER BEAM! OwO; Poor Sunako who have to serve her tea!~ Kyohei decides to go see his family again after taking Sunako to a meadow, where his mom usually took him when their house was surrounded by girls. When Kyohei meet her mother again, she apologizes for what happened in the part. Kyohei invites his parents to dinner/Lunch at the boarding hause. He ask Sunako to teach him making fried shrimps(not sure if I'm right?) In the meanwhile Ranmaru found out he is going to be enganged with his childhood friend(who I didn't got the name on ><;) and of course he just shout out "NOOOOOO" that would be the end of flirting~ then a night the guys and the girls seperate~ the 4 guys went to the café to drink and talk about Their problems and what Ranmaru should do(?) The girls(Sunako, beamgirl and Noi) are in Sunakos Room and Noi are making them Drinking! I guess they talk about Ranmaru and Beamgirl, Sunako and Kyohei and Noi and Takenaga. I think Machiko should be there too! D: The next day Ranmaru goes on a date(?) with Beamgirl, Beamgirl isn't that cold toward him, but when another girl kisses him(don't know reason) the beam girl is hurt and runs away and poor Ranmaru is sitting there alone in the restaurent. Maybe a little bit hurt too?~ In the boarding house Kyoheis mother come and Kyohei has made the food!~ They eat and talk a little but suddenly the mother get a flashback(?) and remembered when the surroundedness and when they went to the meadow to get some peace. She is going mental down and get to the hospital.. End~ o__o I think the subs will come soon~ then I can found out if I understood everything~ btw couldn't take any pictures.. bad quality and I didn't knew what to take pictures of.. ><;

That's all for Weekly uppdate this time~ ;A; Took so long and it was hard to whrite so much.. ><; See you Next week Again Deshuu!~~ From the Haru no Haru haru interview Dangerous!~

☂ Dorama 『Ver. 03』

Todays Dorama is~~

Hana Yori Dango season 1 + 2

I'm the weirdo who always cry no matter what.. even if the story isn't melancholy or touching I just cry.. I don't really cried I only had tears in my eyes some of the time.. I think the drama was good.. I haven't watched season 2 yet but I will definitely watch it.. I am a positive person who like all kinds of things.. or most of the time.. xD; didn't make sense.. I love to say "It's good, I like it, aww soo cute" etc. even if it's not.. but then when people tell me I'm like: "Now you mention it,, I think you're right" and my opinion change! xD; If I remember right I first heard about Hana yori Dango when I was to a dorama night! We were up the whole night watching Hana kimi(Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) and when we finished it we talked about seeing Hana yori dango next LOL.. XD but yeah that next time never came ;A; I'll go call Camilia right away ask her to hold a dorama night again ^^

I think I watched the end of Hana yori Dango when I was in China xD LOL on a hotel with Chinese dubs! and I when I came home I totally Like: ZARAH!! I FOUND A JAPANESE DRAMA WITH MIZUSHIMA HIRO AND SANO FROM HANA KIMI!(always forget his name.. Oguri shun.. xD; *searched*) and then I went on CR and they told me it was Hana Yori Dango.. We were a bit disappointed.. mostly because it wasn't Hiro but Matsumoto Jun who played the main character~ and then I forgot the dorama for some time and NOW! I'm finally watched it ^^ only the first season but WTF I'll go watch season 2 after I finished my entries.

Summary of Season 1:
Makino Tsukushi is the only poor student at Eitoku Gakuen, the school of the ridiculously rich and privileged that is ruled by Flower 4 or F4, a group of four boys who come from extremely powerful families: Domyoji Tsukasa, the leader and heir of the Domyoji World Finance Group; Hanazawa Rui, the introverted son of a large company; Nishikado Sojiro, a player who is the heir of a tea ceremony school; and Mimasaka Akira, a madam killer with ties to the underground. If a student gets on the F4’s bad side, he/she gets a red notice and is bullied and driven out of school.

Makino hopes to pass her days quietly-- without drawing any attention to herself-- but one day, she stands up to Domyoji in defense of her friend. The next day, Makino gets the dreaded red notice. Even though she is harassed, Makino decides to keep going to school because she is a “tough weed”. She declares war right back on the F4. Her resolve gets the attention of her crush Hanazawa Rui and oddly enough, rouses romantic feelings in her worst enemy, Domyoji Tsukasa.

Okay Dramawiki is better than me to write reviews and summarys.. *copy paste...*

Summary of Season 2:
I hasn't watched it so I just take the summary from DramaWiki. I can't say my opinion.. but my friend told me it was good! ^^ MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!
After Domyouji leaves to New york. After confessing to Domyouji, Makino has not spoken to him for a year. Rui and the other members from F4 help Makino meet Domyoji again by going to New York for the christmas holidays. Though F4 and Makino meet Domyoji again, he has become a completely different person, and so they leave for Japan.

Some time later, Domyoji's mother annouces that they will be returning to Japan. There, they hold a giant super-rich and classy birthday party for Domyoji and announce something very important. Domyoji, like in the first season, is engaged to a rich girl and heir. The only difference is that they are to be wed soon. What will Makino do? On the side, Rui begins to fall in love with Makino... will this become a love... square?
Rui --> Makino --> Domyoji --> Shigeru (arranged fiancee of Domyoji)

Yeah for DramaWiki ;A; Thanks for the summary thing! <3

Other Names: Boys over flowers
Ranking: ★★★☆
Language: Japanese
Episodes: 9 + 11
Genre: Romance
Links: [Fact] [Watch]
Favourite: Makino Tsukushi, Hanazawa Rui, Domyouji Tsubaki, Nishikado Sojiro and Okami-san!~~

»Nothing to do

Today I woke up at 2 pm~ don't think I'm lazy or sleep too much! I went to bed at 6 am ^^; Watching the first season of Hana yori Dango~(Boys over flowers) I'm going to make a Dorama Entry about it! ^^ And the Drama after that will certain be Hanazakari no Kimitachi e(short Hana Kimi, For You in Full Blossom)~ They are both live actions from Mangas~ I haven't read them.. ^^; Don't like the drawing style..

Actually I don't have much more to say than, I'm going to watch Alice in Wonderland on Monday and I'm going to make the Weekly update today! ^__^ I'm at my dads so I have a LOT of time~ <3

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Friday, 5 March 2010

»New site up!

As you can see I put up a new design my BFF made for me! Please visit her blog Cuteclownfish Thanks you so much Desirée <3 We have something with Fish at the moment xD I'm a starfish or sometimes I am a Golden gold fish! OwO; we call each other fishes just for fun... usually people with bad memory are called goldfish because goldfish forget things easily.. I actually have a pretty good memory xD I just like goldfish! they are so Cute! Once my BFF called herself KawaiiPandaQueen(Cute Panda Queen) and when I made a pokemon account somewhere, all the names I wanted was taken ;A;! but yeah so I would call myself Goldfish/Starfish because we had that fish-thing..xD In the beginnning I didn't think of a starfish as a starfish... I LOVE STARS so I just thought> A STAR SHAPED FISH CALLED STAR FISH! OWO; but when I searched on google my mind say CLICK! there is already a starfish.. xD; Stupid me.. but then I thought of KPQ and wanted to make a name which sounded like that so I thought of Kawaiistarfish! xD so I just copied my friend but she said it was okay.. and then the name Cute Clown fish came as well.. she think she is a clown who is clumsy and stuff but I don't think she is! D: but the clown fish is beautiful so It's okay!

If you know the Disney Movie Finding Nemo, Nemo and Marly(His dad) are clown fishes.
xD when I saw it again I called it Finding Desirée(My BFF's Name) LOL.. xD So yeah she is a clown fish I am a Starfish and our 3rd BFF is a HATEfish.. She don't like fishes ;A; She could be a turtle or something not that fish like.. ^^; Right now she is on holiday but I'll ask her when she comes home which fish she want to be.. maybe a ILOVETESSHI fish! xD; <3

But Thanks to her for making the Design.. L LUV YOU! <3 :3 The starfish drawing in the bottom is REALLY CUTE! <3 please take a look~ <3 I am thinking of making a sakura spring layout in April or maybe before~~ I said to Julie(my second BFF) that I would make her a Layout if I got graphic bored~ so let's see in the weekend~~

Me and my brother talked about going in the cinema and watch Alice in Wonderland tomorrow! Soo tomorrow I'll tell ya about it! I think it will be the FIRST Library entry!~ ^^ IT looks so good ;A; <3

I'm btw making a new version Called ✖ Weekly Updates~ I WONT make a Otaku version and Dorama version each week when the series are updated I'll just do it in the weekly updates~ :3 It might be at friday or saturday~ depends on when the chapters episodes comes out.. KHR(Katekyo hitman reborn) came out today, shugo chara tomorrow and I don't know with Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi henge with Subs.. xD; but I think it will be tomorrow this week! ^^

but about today! I have a crush on a guy, and I have had the crush in almost 2 months and I don't want it to be love.. because I know after the Summer vacation I won't see him anymore so please just let it be a crush which disappear soon! ;A; I DON'T WANT IT TO TURN INTO LOVE! but I feel really happy when he smile to me and talk to me, my heart isn't beating but I just get the warm feeling~ Could be friendship too but I don't really talk to him even though I wanted to. He's good at drawing graffiti and have humour! ^^ But He is smoking and acting cool infront of his friends but he is relaxing and know where the limit is for teasing.. he tease me a lot because I'm an Otaku ><;; but sometimes I think it's fun too. When he acts cool he isn't a B*tch just a bit impertinent and teasing more than usual. Sometimes he send me weird glance but it is something I can overcome!.. Please let this only be a crush which disappear soon!~~

UPDATE NEW SITE IN THE MENU~~ LAYOUTS!~ Please take a look~ ♥ どもありがとうございます!

Btw Have a nice Weekend Minna-chaaaan!~

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

»Thinking too much

Yesterday I came home at 22:00~ so late ;A; and I still got homework to do, so I went to bed really late.. I blogged too... ^^; my mom wasn't home so it was easy to stay up.. not like now.. my mom is sleeping though but she might wake up at any moment and then it's goodbye entry.. xD;

but today in school I was really tired we had 9 lessons... so I stayed in school from 8:00 to about 15:40... at first I may not pay much attention but I knew that I was excluded.. In the german class I really felt excluded.. Like the girl from my class tried to take the person in school I liked the most away from me... just because the person she usually talked to was on vacation.. but I guess it's just my imagination.. but when they 'excluded' me I began thinking.. Like I usually do and often do too much.. I thought of 1 Litre no Namida I became really sad and I couldn't stand to be together with them.. so I run of to the toilet in the break and sat out there in pretty long time.. I actually think I cried.. LOL too sensitive.. Listening to Going under - Evanescence wasn't the best idea either so.. yeah..

The rest of the day I hardly talked to the girl from my class... she slept the most of the time.. and I was like; slepping, listen to music, drawing, looking at different people infront of the school etc.. Then in the 3 last lessons we saw a 2 hours long documentary.. It was about school shooting. I almost began crying.. some of the things were horrible, other melancholy and some too scary for me.. Like war and stuff.. School shooting is INSANE! I understand the desire of revenge and the feeling of being bullied but taking other peoples life isn't the solution!

In the movie there were cartoons too! one of them were~

South Park!
some of the bullied didn't shoot people but made a Cartoon with their Anger.. a really violence one! xD I actually talked with the boys in my class about it.. I Laughed my ass off! xD Seriously! It was so much fun! ^^ I saw some episodes with them and I never thought it would turn out like that! I am thinking about watching it or only some episodes... I don't think I'll be a fan just watch some episodes for fun! I might ask my Grand Uncle(He is a teen.. not an old mand who don't have a life.. xD) if I can borrow his DVDs ^^ So funny.. still laughing a bit when I'm thinking on it!

I meet my old crush on the way home.. didn't talked to him, just looking and smiling... He has changed a lot and still has the cute look but yeah not my type anymore I guess.. but maybe someday I hope we can be friends at least ^^;

It's Thurday today so I was at Japanese classes too! My friend already went there so I needed to walk alone in the darkness ;A; SCARY! so not to freak out I began thinking AGAIN! first my mind went to my dream.. I might not go too much in details since I don't want to be killed.. In my dream my BFF threaten to kill the person who has did the horrible thing, after her opinion.. and sorry to say it but It was me who had did 'the horrible thing'... I didn't tell her the truth in the dream because I knew she really would kill me or freeze me out if she knew it.. I was an exchange student in Japan, and had lived there for a pretty long time and I needed to go home in a week or so. Let's just say something happened with a band and something turned out wrong. I had failed my BFF.. but.. I don't regret it because if she was my BFF she would accept it.. but I'm not worried(Okay maybe a bit..) because I'm 100000% sure I won't meet that band, they are too famous and popular for that to happened.. and in the dream I was scared to tell her because she would criticize me and tell me that it would never happened... but it did.. but I'm not worried in IRL.. because I know I won't meet the band ^^ and even if I were to the changes for the thing to happening is 1 to 100000000000000000000000000... xD

I began thinking about another dream I once had.. my other BFF and I were in the forest and my BFF walked into a weird house with poisined sweets and tea.. It was Alice in Wonderland The mad hatter place but without a Mad hatter.. The sweets made you forget things and made you sleepy.. actually I can't remember more about the dream.. but It were so realistic.. like a beautiful house or balcony in the middle of the forest.. but yeah..

The last thing I thought of was friendship... I actually categorize people.. Like:
Best Friend(BFF)
Very good friend
Good Friend
Activity mate
and Strangers

of course there is family but that don't count.. I began thinking about if me and my BFF's wasn't BFF's anymore.. my mind became really dark.. or 'mean'... It would be weird.. and that reminded me of my BFF not answering my sms.. if she don't want to answer the questions just say it?! and then I thought.. I'm just too stupid.. if you don't want to answer a question you don't answer... *siiigh* but I still wish for she will answer me... Don't want to scream out.. I'll just use notesblock~

but yeah I finally came to Japanese... I think it was the best lesson ever.. I was so Happey.. I talked to Liv again.. Usually I don't talk so much with her at Japanese anymore... I think maybe it's because the girl who usually talk with Liv wasn't there today.. I don't know If I should be happy or sad about that.. because I actually Like Line but right now we don't talk together.. I still remember the reason.. I was hurt by her, but she didn't do it on purpose. Unfortunately I hurted her too.. but I'm the type who isn't good at forgiving people or forget what they did, so the thing is still on my mind everytime I see her.. but she told me she had forgiven me so I hope someday I'll be such a good person as her! I'm still Sorry Line.. Line-sempai.. It's just so hard for me to forget it. I talked a lot with Liv at the way home too!~ talked about education to avatar(Cartoon) to Yugioh! to Bakugan to yeaah a lot of stuff!~~

When I came home.. for about 45 minutes ago.. I was thinking about blogging.. and about BFFs again.. I still think we have some unsolved problems.. but none of us dare to bring them up because we are scared to lose each other.. or some of us are.. Don't talk for others.. you can't read their minds.. even though I wished I could!.. Then I would understand my friends much better.. Right now I'm thinking about something Line told me.. Do you know the feeling, like you have friends for different purposes.. Like some friends are better to hang out with, some better to talk to, some better to be serious with, and some better to etc... and Yeah I actually know that feeling.. and I think it's odd and mean because a friend should be someone you can do all the stuff with... not just some of them.. sometimes I just fell like I'm the HTML-source/Graphic-maker/Website nerd friend for some people.. and yeah I am good at that stuff but that doesn't mean I can't do anything else..

Normally BFF is a person close to you, a person you hang out with a lot and it is the person that understands you the best.. My BFFS and I live far away from each other.. Usually the BFF is a person in your class or someone you see often.. In that case is doesn't matter if the person changes and becomes more mature because you can see the development and get used to it.. not like if you live far apart the changes must be a shock for you when you see each other again.. People ALWAYS Grow and change.. It's part of live.. we just need to accept it and be happy for the person.. but we don't love a persons for it appearance but their personality. The appearance can change and you can still love the person, even though you had a shock but if the personality changes it might be harder to love and accept a whole new person. Of course you could start with not giving up, if that person really is important to you, you should keep trying, but I wouldn't exert myself in vain, if I know that the 'new person' won't accept me or trying to understand me neither. Love goes two ways not one.

First time I ever described my feelings so much in english.. there might be a lot of grammar mistakes and maybe also spelling mistakes.. I'll read it tomorrow for mistakes too tied!

Goodnight people~ sweet dreams.. I think I'll get a nightmare tonight though.. ^^;

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☂ Dorama 『Ver. 02』

Todays Dorama is~~

1 Litre no Namida

I Gave the Dorama 5 stars because it's so melancholy! ;A; and really good. It's based on a real story. I definitely cried 1 litre of tears. It's a good Dorama if you are sad or if you want to cry your pain away! It really makes you think about life and I don't want to give up anymore. I will try not to let my pessimist site take over I'll remember Aya-chans smile! and smile more myself! ^^
I started watching it because a girl from my class told me about it! We saw it together and I remember the long nights where I couldn't sleep because I cried so much and because I was scared.. I was scared of the incurable disease the main character had. Actually sometimes I'm still scared of it, I am not sure if there is a cure for the disease today.. I really hope so.. I feel so sorry for persons who have it!

Actually I'm really scared of diseases.. especially the incurable ones. Even though I know how to avoid them, I'm still afraid of them. I am even afraid of the curable diseases.. Not a cold but other deadly diseases or diseases where you are in pain the whole time. Because in Denmark, the doctors may not kill you if you suffer.. it would count as to commit murder. but it's so melancholy so if you want to cry then I recommend it! xD;

The Story is based on a real story. It's about a 15 years old girl Named Ikeuchi Aya.
She is an ordinary girl, but suddenly weird things happend to her. She falls suddenly, react slowly and walks strange. Aya's mother take her to see a doctor and the doctor tells Aya's Mother that Aya has spinocerebellar degeneration. An incurable disease where the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, move or eat anymore. In the beginning Aya's mother don't believe the doctor and go research herself. She is keeping the disease, a secret from Aya and her siblings. Aya is trying to live a normal high school life but then she overheard her parents speak together(If I remember right ^^;) and she finds out that she has the spinocerebellar degeneration disease and that the disease is incurable.

I'm not good at making cliff hangers but please watch it! I don't think you will regret it! ;A; and maybe it will make you think more about life! <3 and remember not to give up that easily! <3 Everyone please keep trying! <3

See you again Desu!~

Other Names: One Litre of Tears, A Diary with Tears
Ranking: ★★★★★
Language: Japanese
Episodes: 11 + a special - completed
Genre: School, romance, family, human
Links: [Fact] [Watch]
Favourite: Ikeuchi Aya - Sawajiri Erika, Asou Haruto - Nishikido Ryo, Ikeuchi Ako - Narumi Riko