Friday, 25 May 2012

Beach dancing

Last Friday I started the day going to dance fit in fitness world. It was a mix of hip hop and funk. It was entertaining but I would have liked more koregraphy with both arms and legs. I have to admit I find Zumba much more entertaining. It was good training without doubt and I think I will join again~
Of some reason I have started to dance again which I'm really glad about. I love danceing and moving my body~ I am just a bit shy when it comes to showing it to others.

After fitness I went out shopping with Ari. We went to different places such as H&M and Bianco footwear. I bought an eyeliner, a concealer and a moustache ring. There was only one left so It is a bit too big even though the size was small but I really like it. Ari bought some really cute dresses, I hope I can see her wearing them soon. You can really feel that the summer has arrived~

After shopping I went to Amager beach with some guys from my class. We grilled and enjoyed the good weather. We didn't bathe but just eating, relaxing and enjoying ourselves~ it's nice after a long period of hard work in school

I left earlier from the beach go a carneval at fælledparken I wanted to dance latin mix with the zumba team from fitness~ we actually wanted to go to the brazilian tent but this year there was only one south American tent which only played mainstream music... We did dance though and I had a super nice time~ and fortunately there were not as many creepers as expected haha~~


リ ー ナ  O U T

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I finished my last written exam friday so now I only have orals left I can't really believe that I'm almost done with my second year and only have one year left in high school~~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Later friday cute Tati-chin drove me to this year’s Svscon in Herning. We arrived a bit late but I don't really think I missed something important (other than awesome cosplays. The hunger games cosplay (ノД` )) I borrowed Tati's saki (Higashi no Eden) wig so I wandered around as a redhead

Tati and I before arriving at the con Me as random redhead and Tat as Tsukimi

Saturday I wore my Regret wig from Are you Alice I don't think many people recognized me at first, I guess it is weird for Asians having blonde hair after all σ(^_^;)

Picture taken by sweet Line

This year's cosplay show was one of the best ever. There were only 16 groups and this year there were only one vocaloid and one hetalia group this year. Their acts were pretty fun/cute, so I didn't die of auto repeat the standard this year was really high too. It was incredible and I am amazed about how much it keeps rising~ I can never reach their standards my favourite groups were; twisted disney princesses and howl's moving castle but really Assassin's Creed, Scooby Doo do and Ao no Exorcist was really nice too

Ari and I before the show

The rest of saturday went with walking around the con taking pictures and joining quizzes and events~ later at night I played mafia~ I have missed playing it so much, usually we hold it at Rasmus' place once in a while but since he is at an adult education college we haven't played for a long time.. so playing it at Svs was so nice, meeting new players who pwn me is fun~~

Sunday was really relaxing~ I only joined two events. Svscon's future and hobo cosplay. The hobo cosplay event was so much fun, my teammates (Louise and kyouki) and I made vocaloid - kagamime rin magnet and tiger in his old super hero suit from tiger and bunny. The other groups made mario, pikachu, katniss and c.c etc etc it was funny and hilarious~

Me as Magnet - Kagamine Rin
Picture by Sascha

Barbara as Pikachu~
Picture taken by Line

Picture by Line

The con was really really relaxing and nice~ I really enjoyed my time even though I caught the usual after con sickness.. I can't believe it is over already ~ I already miss it all and looking forward to Genki '12~
Special thanks to; Ari, Tat, Casper, Sabine, Lea, Kristine, team aveøre, Line, Pernille and many many more for making the con awesome
And people who weren't attending but were there mentally; Johanne, Melanie, Kathrine, Sabrina, Aybike, Sille etc. even though you guys weren't here I sent all of you a thought~ I hope to see you guys soon

Do Not make the weeping Angel Angry else she will become the grudge...

Thank you all for a super relaxing and nice SVSCON 2012

P.S if you can read Danish or just have an interest in Danish cosplay
Then I think you should check the Danish cosplay magazine Dkos out~ first release is out 1st June~ I believe the magazine has a bright future and will be a helpful and enjoyable magazine for all kind of cosplayers in Denmark~ I can't wait to read it myself~ [Facebook]

リ ー ナ  O U T