Wednesday, 30 June 2010

»Life so far ~

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Mood: Mixed~
Listening to: Fallen down - Saori Hayami
Drinking: Nothing
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Sora no Otoshimono
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: DRRR and KHR
Doing: Replying CR and dA messages~~

sorry for not having blogged for 5 days.. that's not long -cough cough- so my lafe so far.. on these 5 days.. nothing much should have happened but you're WRONG there is so many things happening right now.. so let me start from the very beginning~

first of all I am begining to geeking a lot lately.. Yeah I geek all the time but I mean more than usually~~ xD first of all I have finished 3 animees.. The first one is:

Angel Beats

It's about this world, the world for people who is dead. It's shortly about the life after dead but something isn't right, there is this Angel, and thoose NPCs(none playing characters) and what does that mean? It is all just a game or something? This boy Otonashi comes to this world without remebering anything from his life before, he meets Yuri who is the leader of an organization which want to defeat the Angel which she believes is controlled and made by GOD. The Angel removes people who just follow the rules in this world, but Yuri won't be removed so she and the organization make operations which is against the rules to make sure they won't disappear. Otonashi ends up joining and they slowly figure out something is wrong, not just with the way of living in this world but with the Angel too. A battle begins The unknown against The organization. But in this world you can't die, you will only feel the pain after the hit/shoot/attack etc. and there after faint, after some time you will be back to normal and everything is as it was before. so Otonashi, Yuri and the others go on adventure and slowly figure out how this world is build, the secrets and how everything works.

Other: produced/made by: Key~ [Clannad, Kanon, Air]
Ranking: ★★★★☆
Type: Anime
Episodes: 13
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen, Tragedy
Links: [Info] [Anime]
Favourite: Kanade, Hinata, Shiina, Yuri, Otonashi, Naoi

I will Recommended it if you like Key!~~ and It have a sad but still cute ending.. xD Sry for spoiling T____T; but I won't say what is happen so it's okay right?

B Gata H Kei

It's about this girl yamada who is really popular at school and is really pretty no she isn't but she has a bad interest.. she is a SEX FREAK... she wants to have 100 Sex buddies.. ^^;; but she is still virgin.. xD she wants her first time to be with a virgin boy so if she fails he won't notice because it's his first time too. In a bookstore she meets a boy who looks really uncool no he doesn't and she ask him directly 'are you a virgin?' counting on his reaction she can tell he is. She just started high school and firgure out that the boy from the store is in her class. She gets his name 'kosuda' and they slowly begins to know each other better. but because of Yamada's proudness she can't be seen with an uncool guy like Kosuda, they both end up with library duty and Yamada keep trying giving Kosuda hint about she wants to fuck him but he just doesn't get it. But after some effort they begin to speak the same language.. but different persons keep interrupting.

After that is said is it totally Cliché but pretty funny~~ I won't say it's the best anime ever but it's not that bad except for the fact that the mangaka have to learn what is pretty and what is not.. =W=; Yamada is NOT pretty.. she is average

Ranking: ★★☆☆☆
Type: Anime
Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Seinen
Links: [Info] [Anime]
Favourite: Chika, Kosuda's Sex god, Takeshita, Keiichi

Sora no Otoshimono

The plot revolves around a boy in the town of Sorami named Tomoki Sakurai, who is one day invited by his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki and Eishiro Sugata (the leader of "The New Continent" discovery club) to come at midnight to witness a strange object seen crossing through their town's sky. Tomoki goes alone and as the strange object comes close, Sugata calls to warn him to get away from it. What falls from the sky is a creature named Ikaros, an "Angeloid". Ikaros imprints on Tomoki after he rescues her from being destroyed by falling debris. She introduces herself as a "Pet-Class" Angeloid and offers to fulfill any wishes Tomoki may have. In time, she begins to pick up human characteristics from her involvement with Tomoki and more of her past is revealed. We soon discover that Ikaros has left "the Heavens" in disarray, and various Angeloids are sent to retrieve her.

Ranking: ★★★★☆
Type: Anime and Manga [ongoing]
Ep/Chap: 13 ep. and 40 chap [ongoing]
Genre: comedy, fantasy, romance, ecchi, Harem, School, Shounen
Links: [Info] [Anime] [Manga]
Favourite: Ikaros, Sugata, Mikako, Tomo-chan, Chaos

Aaaaaand No I started reading One piece again! Don't ask me why I stopped I just did.. -evil glance on the library.. =W=- So full power forward.. sounds better in Danish LOL! xD but i have read 100+ chapter each day.. Or Today I lagged.. Haven't read any.. So I hope to catch up to the latest soon... not to mention I want to read: Shaman king again too, Naruto, death note and Fruits basket.. I somehow stopped which I regret.. death note and Fruits basket shouldn't take long but I'm sure Shaman king and Naruto will @w@ I want to re-watch Durarara too.. Hmm one step at the time XD

I was together with a girl from my old class she changed school so I rarely see her~~ We went out shopping.. even though I didn't buy anything except some water~ We were searching for a Bikini to her.. She is going to Italy! D: I want too! but yeah we had fun eating ice cream, walking around town talking about old days and about the new which have to come... se says she is coming to J-popcon her first con but only because of her boyfriend.. Thanks.. so i'm not good enoough? xD JK JK.. I hope she will realize that J-popcon is not that good as she thinks.. but yeaah I will let her see it for herself~

My grand cousin's girlfriend finished her education so I went to celebrate with her~~ Yaaay for barbecue~~ my mother went to China without me so I'm pretty lonely with my Brother.. but I don't miss her at all.. maybe is it because my dad is here to take care for us once in a while~~ xD or maybe because I'm geeking so much that I forgot her.. xD and without her less rules YESH YESH! I'm Happy! xD but she will be back July 8th. So not that much time again... xD

My aunt from China is comin to Denmark too so I went to the airport to welcome her~~ and the day after that we went out swimming~~ xD Yaaay.. even though it was for a short time period because they had to go to my grandcousin's school to see what he is doing.. After that we went to my Grand cousin's girlfriend's parents to eat dinner~~ It tasted sooo goood.. I became so fat! >___> The whole next day I didn't eat anything at all.. I was together with my friend some days after and she told me that it wouldn't help at all.. xD which remind me of my friend and me meet my grand cousin after I talked about how brown he has become.. xD Really I look like a ghost beside him and i'm not that pale at ALL!~ We were just walking around the street having fun not much to say there~~ xD

Waaa waa waa Just enjoying my holiday to the EXTREME no wonder if I'm going to be fat after... I'm lazy all day sitting infront of the computer and eating Ice creaaam xD Exercise Here I come -coughDancingstagecough- ^^

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Friday, 25 June 2010

»Sweet 16 + dimension + Drama ☆

Mood: Saaad
Listening to: A Good day - Amy diamond
Drinking: orange juice
Eating: nothing
Reading: Durarara Light novel
Watching: Kaichou wa maid-sama
Addicted to: Durarara?...
Doing: watching Kaichou wa maid-sama + drawing my DRRR chain

So Yesterday was my Birthday~~ I was so happy~~ the day was super amazing~ and because I had to go to dimension later I wouldn't sit home the whole day so I contacted Yugi and Mawj and asked them if they wanted to go to Cosplay picnic with me~~ We had a lot of fun at the central railway station. First of all me and Yugi were standing away from the others talking.. we looked like some outsiders from the main group, which we actually found a lot of fun xD late mawj joined us~~ and the three of us walked toward the others... still standing with some distance.. being outsiders ♥ Jk.. We began talking about Shinee~~ Lovelylovely random K-pop banc~~ ♥ about Line which Yugi and Mawj knew~~ @w@ Surprise! but Yeah then we walked to our first stop: Sachie~ on the way we stopped because Yugi and me wanted ice cream.. DAMN TAKE ICE _ _; but yeah a three ball ice cream with soft ice and cream puff xD I'm feeling really fat.. but I took Lemon, mojito(lime) and Watermelon~ with watermelon Soft ice Omnomnomnom ♥ When we got back with our Watermelon Paradise(by: Yugi xD) we Meet Ariellah~ ♥ and she gave me a present T_T I was so happy~~ She got me a necklace ♥ So pretty~ My mother took the camera with her to China so No pictures before she comes home T_T; Desirée gave me a present too ♥ a Totally cute cute cute top with a ribbon~ So after we meet Ari went continued our walk to Sachie where people bought like 3-4 bottles of Ramune, melon soda and other kind of drinks.. i was chocked.. @w@.. Uh Uh Uh not to mention there was a Yamamoto cosplayer too.. >0< Me and Mawj went in totally Fangirl mode~~ I took a picture of him too LOL~ Looked like mawj have stalked him before lol xD After Sachie we went to 'The king's Garden' [Kongens have~] I had brought some Really small carpets~ Yellow ones with pigs~ I got them from the time I was in Japan Sakura time~~ ♥ There we were playing cardcame asshole Sabine joined us later or we got to saay hii and hug~~ xD After that I went home~ Dimension here I come~

So wheen I come home it was already pretty late =W=;; so I stressed with curling my hair, putting Make-up on, fake lashes and everything.. but the worst part was that my mom wasn't home.. I paniced.. but we found out I was too early _ _; damn stressnes...
My homeroom teacher made a speech and I swear I was almost crying.. -coughcough..-

After that we ate something my brother would call bunny food.. xD LOL Too much salad after his opinion~ but yeaah we sat outside and ate 'bunny food' and meatballs Om nom nom nom.. the salad tasted bad X____O;; LOL.. but because of our baaad last school day we held a Dimension Party so After I ate Natacha and me went to her home and dressed up~ Fake lashes FTW ♥ but mine failed.. =W=; So I ended up taking them off.. I was so Emo.. I felt so ugly without them.., because with them I looked like a cute little doll..
But the whole time I was waiting for a certain person.. almost everyone went home after dimension to change or to bring their Alcohol to the party~ to be honest I didn't buy any. I don't like it anyway.. It tastes awful.. but our class money bought some so I just drank that~~ Hoho.. FAILISH OTZ...

Later I stole Anton's Sunglasses.. yeah at night I know.. but it was so much fuuun xD He laid his arm around me to try taking them back.. but I'm a bit taller than him so He had problem doing it xD Yeah I'm such a meanie.. if it wasn't because that was the reason it could be a bit romantic ne? ♥ Or am I just dreaming too much, living in my own world.. ♥
I ended up drinking some alcohol enough to make my head hurt.. but I was totally sober.. 3 minutes later I was totally cured.. Drinking is no fun really.. Booooring it's totally like drinking Soda.. bu yeaah..
Caroline got Drunk pretty easy so she began calling Alexander all the time.. =W=;; -coughIdon'tlikehimcough- I don't know him.. but I always hear bad annoying fact/things about him.. but so today I got to meet him.. my first thought was: OMG.. Ô__o; He was just as I Imagined.. I'm so mean I know.. but really.. but he is going to be in my class and I already dislike him.. and I think he dislike me too.. so we are even.. but Caroline did not want to go back so I sat there with her, Natacha and Anja for 2 minutes, but me and Anja gave up and went back.. when Natacha came back without Caroline I became a bit worried.. She doesn't think when she is drunk @w@ so I dragged Emil with me get her back also because I thought that Emil looked like Alex so he wanted to see if they really looked like each other.. after they met I was voted down.. and I could actually see that they didn't look like each other.. Emil is so much more AWESOME.. xD LOL.. but Alex have a good taste in books Artemis fowl ♥ But I had a lot of Fun talking to Emil when he was drunk: We talked Naruto Yay... NOT.. Or actually when I talked with Emil it was fun but when I talk to uhm.. yeah N00bs.. It's just to annoying.. everyone should have a chance to start but please work harder T_T;; but I slept at Natacha's because she lives so close by~~ Hohoho We were so tired LOL ♥ sleeping at 4-5 O'clock! ♥

When I got home Today.. I checked my Facebook It said: 90+ new messages.. not to mention my E-mail ♥ They all said Happy birthday!... ♥ T_T I was so happy.. ♥ ♥ ♥ I love you all~~ but of course there was some messages which were so much more lovely and made me more happy~~ because they were longer and not just a Happy Birthday.. Thaaank you Everyone I luuuv ya! ♥ ♥

And then when I logged on Msn a drama started... -saves logfiles- Something with misunderstandings and exaggerating.. I HATE DRAMA'S T_T I only like those on movies which isn't real... But the one blaming me for smoething I didn't do, the other exaggerating so the third got hurt so the third hurt me and yeaah Drama.. I think I will go to my Emo corner.. ♥

Sadly there was no midsummer fire for me.. because my family don't celebrate midsummer eve but my Birthday is on midsummer Day we might celebrate midsummer eve a bit.. but only because of my birthday~~ Happy Midsummer everyone.. if anyone says that...

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

»Happeh B-day Anja~

Mood: sleppy
Listening to: Things I'll never say - Avril lavigne
Drinking: Pineapple juice
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Chatlogs~
Watching: The girl who leapt through time
Addicted to: Drawings
Doing: Chatting on ID, SH and msn~~

so today I were at Anja's Birthday party~~ It was so Hot that I could die~~ we ate brunch together and drank Strawberry milkshake~~ Sitting in the sun the whole day~ talking, chatting and reading magazines~~ The only one who couldn't come was Anita~~ pretty sad~~ but I think she will be able to come to mine~~ ^^

I also finished watching the girl who leapt through time~~ SO LOVELY I cried but I'm pretty angry at the ending.. really =W=;; but I love love love the music~ downloaded it already such a geek huh? xD Oh..

I'm pretty tired~~ and Time waits for no one~~ so goodnight, another short entry~~

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Monday, 21 June 2010

»Summer with friends ☀

Mood: Happeh
Listening to: 5 Centimeters per seconds
Drinking: nothing
Eating: nothing
Reading: nothing
Watching: 5 centimeters per seconds
Addicted to: Durarara
Doing: going to sleep soon

Today I went to meet with Tea, Mawj, Line, Emma, bremmer and Sofie~~ We first met at the little mermaid which isn't there lol Mawj and Sofie was coming later. Out of all places we met there was because Tea hat to buy a present to some kind of wedding or something and the gift should be a little mermaid figure. we sat by the sea talking and enjoying the warmth, even though I thought I would die of heat.. T_T wearing black colours just made me BURN..

Later we meet with Mawj~~ and went to town Yaaay for shopping~ I had to buy a present for a girl from my class.. she is celebrating her B-day tomorrow~~ We went to a lot of cafés~~ but actually we found a music shore really fast. TD Music or something..

Walking around town buying stuff like a lot of cupcakes and ice creams~~ Being FAT omnomnomnomnom~~ But on our Way home we meet an AWESOME uhm.. thingie? xD person maybe? Me, Tea and Line The Asians playing tourist and made Sofie take a picture.. xD here it is:

first thought of the headless person, which turned out to be a woman! O0O I have never guessed that.. but the first thought was: CELTY! she is not black and a biker but headless.. xD I was freaking a bit with Mawj.. xD LOL we were just like: OMG YES RIGHT? SHE IS LIKE CELTY RIGHT? AND HER VOICE TOO! Faaaangirling~~~~ her voice was so nice and kind~~ she didn't speak Danish though.. or I don't know she only said Thank you ^^;

And now is she waving~~ xDDD LOL I think she is awesome~~

Ranking: ★★★☆☆
Type: Movie
Genre: Romance

Later after that I went to the cinema with Natacha my movie Buddy~~ We Saw Dear John.. It was really melancholic.. T_T I didn't liked the war thing.. but the ending was Okaay I guess.. I recommend it for people who wants to cry and want to be angry on someone.. [I got angry on the girl =W=;; stupid girl...] Hmm what else to say? =W=;;

when I got home I watched 5 centimeters per seconds.. The end.. >___>; i'm being lazy blogging lately huh...

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Sunday, 20 June 2010

»Weekend at Desirée's ♥

Mood: wonderful wonderful
Listening to: Things I'll never say - Avril lavigne
Drinking: nothing
Eating: Nothing
Reading: nothing
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: Drama oh drama ♥
Doing: Nothing

So I arrived thursday, June 17th. we had a lot of fun, talking, walking, playing computer and stuff~~ really enjoying ourselves.. we went to bed early because on friday we were supposed to go to Desirée's School~~ HUR HUR HUR HUR!
So When we arrived to the school I was just like; WOAH o0o So small~~ I am used to be on my MEGA GIGANTIC School~~~ but I found the school pretty cute LOL especially the playground with swings.. my school don't have those.. TuT but yeaah it was so weird going to school again.. I had vacation uhm.. the 11th I think? so I am used to wake up late. being lazy lolz..

we went inside and wow no girls.. Desirée you're amazing going in a class with only boys~ The boys didn't say much.. and the teacher told us to do whatever we wanted *0* Cooomputer time~~ ♥ let us just say we geeked a loot~~ xD in the break I got to meet Bati and Frederik~~ They are nice people~~ ^^ btw I removed = 3= Bati's face because I didn't knew iif it was Okay for me to post it on my blog~ I should have put a black box wiriting CENSOR or something LOL x'D How meaaan... we had a lot of fun HUR HUR HUR~~ then when school was finished we went to uhm if I remember right? The town~~ visiting Desirée's sister café~~ OM NOM NOM NOM Lime pie~ ♥ ♥
but it was so embarassing.. I pulled the tablecloth and wooops my soda pop was all over me and on the floor. Luckily was it only on my skirt and leggings and we went to the toilet to clean it.. I'm such a clumsy one~~ TuT; but then we walked around in town~~ looking in the shops.. but ended with buying nothing~ When we returned to the café, Desirée's parents were there already and told us to go to the second-hand shop while they were eating lunch~~ in there we found some really cute and pretty things~~ Desirée bought a little 'drink me'-bottle to Alice and a tea cup~ and I bought to bottles which I am going to make into lucky items~~ I will post a picture later when I'm done~~ ♥

We also went to the other second-hand shop near Desirée's house~~ we found nothing though so we bought candy in Nette~~ xD LOL They have Mikado ♥ DRRR~~ HURHURHURHUR ♥ When we returned home were we talking about making a chatroom~~ it's been so long since last time~ ^^ we came up with a lot of random funny ideas but some of them are harder to make than others.. so I think we are making them slooow~~ actually am I a bit angry about having so many OCS.. I have to figure out which i use and which is useless.. =0=;; especielly because I might concidering redrawing my DRRR Chain~~ ♥

Saturday~~ we went to the rosengårdscenteret?.. uhm.. it was raining sooo much~~ *U* but we ate strawberry cake/pie~~ So oishi~~

and 2 seconds later after omnomnomnomnomnomnom ♥

Goooone~~ Muahahaha... and after that we went out shopping~~ I bought 2 cloth.. and Desirée bought me a beautiful present for my B-day on Thursday!~~ hohoho I can't wait to open it.. LOL ♥

when we got home we saaaaw DAH DAH DAH DAAAH:

Rain man~~ If I remember the order right~~ xD It's a goood moooovie I finally saaw it YEAAH~~ ♥ people all about me are talking about it so I was YEAAAH I FINALLY SAW IT!! Raymond is so cute xD not hot, beautiful cute but the personality like he says when there is danger: Oh Oh~~ xDD ♥ Liek a little kid... xD

Hmm~~ We also went for a lot of walks in sunny, rain and cloudy weathers~~ IT sure was sooo much fuuun YAY ♥ Can't waaait to see her again~~ ^^ Hopefully again in the summer holiday~~

Short ending.. became lazy.. I'm 2 two days behind in my blogging schedule~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

☆ ☀ ♥ ♪ ☂ ✎ ✿ ☾ ۩ ✖ » ~

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

»No more school.... + JE meet up

Mood: Sad making..
Listening to: Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnom nomnomnomnom ♥
Drinking: Cacao
Eating: Pancakes
Reading: Nooothing
Watching: Noothing
Addicted to: Durarara Chat _ _;;
Doing: editing picture for the DRRR CHAT _ _; I'm damn fugly

Today I woke up and I was in chock. I have known this for a while now but I first really Realized it when I woke up after my dream today. It'll be the last time I go to school on the 24th. Last time EVER. The last school day with caramels and shaving cream I was so happeh that it was all over, but now I actually realize that I am going to miss SOME of my teachers... but only some of them.. to be honest I think I am going to cry on the day... It will be sad I will miss you tears and Happy a new beginning tears..

My dream was short about: Our dimension. Where we graduate from middle school to high school~~ I was sitting with some girls from my class and some from my parallel class. We were talking and laughing.. I can't remember what we talked about somthing with Sex and the City I guess... I think the story is kinda boring Sry.. _ _ but to be honest after I watched some episodes with my mom (don't know why but she likes it... ) I found it kinda fun.. I might concidering watched the whole serie.. LOL.. but yeaah out uhm.. is it called home room teacher/class teacher?.. but the teacher who has the biggest responsibility for us was sitting next to us. I think he is an Awesome teacher and might be gay.. but I don't mind at all. He is sweet, kind, helpful and understanding. Since I started on my school later than the others he has always helped me with the bullies, problems in school and even with some problems I had at Home! I would say I love him.. but that might sound a bit gross?... but He is my overall favourite teacher ever! I am going to miss him so much.. He knows me so well and understand me. I actually remember him crying in my dream and after everyone left the uhmm hall/stage or something I remember myself standing alone, crying.. I didn't wanted it to end. Or I didn't wanted to have some new STUPID teachers.. and I almost began crying IRL after I woke up LOL.. but to be honest at the 24th I don't think I will start crying~~ I will graduate with a smile~~ ^^b

Okaaaay Sadness over now JE meet up~~~
I am not a JE fan, but I have been invited to 2 JE meet ups now.. LOL.. I think it's because I know people~~ I am very open-minded(or open and open-minded.. I don't have problems talking to strangers.. You stalker Lina LOL..) and Social.. so Yeah xD I couldn't go to thefirst one because I didn't had any money and because it was faaaar away.. xDD but the next JE Meet up is at the 19th in Tivoli.. and LOL I remember a friend from Odense (Trine~~) telling me to come even though I wasn't fan because she was coming too.. and LOL that daay am I in Odense~~~ x'D so when she finally come to copenhagen am I in Odense~~ Aww Sorrry Trine~~ xD ♥

So yeaaaah Tomorrow am I going to Odense~~ ^^b I am going to visit my BFF Desirée~~ and I am staying to Sunday~~ and I am going with her to school LOL~~ it's going to be damn funny!~~ xDDD *have summer holiday so don't remember how it is to go to school* I have become lazy DAMN HOLIDAY! >U> See what you have done to me _ _ and I have become fat! _ _ no more ice cream to me... even though it getting hotter and Ice cream is GOD's gift to human race.. I have to take a break..

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Saturday, 12 June 2010

»Childhood memories

Mood: Smiling, crying my heart out
Listening to: This
Drinking: Nothing
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Knite and 1000 Words
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: Memories
Doing: Thinking of something I can write on the RPG _ _

NOTE: I KNOW! It's my third entry today, but I use this blog as a Diary so I write as much as I like in the language I like.. actually this blog is not reading stuff for others it's more like writing down thought and memories I keep inside~~ It's not one of those LOOK FASHION or to tell other people about my life, but I am happy if anyone want to read it and comment ^^ It gives me a feeling of there is people who actually care to read. but I know some of my entries are long and boring without any pictures.. In the future I will try to do something about that~~ and I will even take time changing the Top picture

Time is now: 01:21 am.. and I just felt like finishing the entry..

I am Asian, or to be more exact Chinese, and I grew up in a little town with a lot of love C: okay screw that..
I grew up with Chinese culture and when I found this on deviantart first I was amazed by the beautiful and amazing illustrations. I really couldn't believe my eyes, that someone could draw so amazing.. I really got caught by just one glance.
So already from the very beginning I loved it. And then after reading only the two first pages, I began to cry. Call me a wimp or whatever I know.. and I believe that if you read the two first pages you might think, "Why did she cry?" and I will tell you, because of this Lyric:

Little swallow
wearing a flower coat
flies here every spring

I ask the swallow
why do you come?
The swallow replies
The Spring here
is the most

It's from a Chinese song, and my favourite Chinese singer sang it[not original singer]. It was my favourite Chinese song and my mother used to sing it for me and translate it word for word and tell me stories about the swallow. Just after I read the first 2 lines my brain went just like: I know this song, I used to listen to it when I was smaller. and through the whole story I kept singing the part again and again, from beginning to end. Like it was on repeat... I really wanted to listen to it, but because I am at my fathers house I couldn't go get the cd and play it.. and because my Chinese sucks I couldn't find it on Youtube.. + my chinese keyboard is broken.. maybe I will post it later~~ I am so much going to hear it and take all my old childhood stuff out again when I come home.. [actually am I going to clean my room anyway so.. yeah~~ way to go] but I also got touched by the story. It is the truth that in Beijing people say the sun never shines and the Stars never come because of the smoke. Happily for me, my family does not live in Beijing so when I am in China I can see stars and the sun Shines~~ but I will totally go on reading it! oh.. I didn't tell it was a webcomic did I? but it is a webcomic by Yuumei on dA. I wont say anymore.. I just recommend you to read the comic. Pictures are taken from Deviantart.. *Feel like a art thief.. >u<*

Chapter one               Chapter two

Another thing I found on Yuumei's profile was this oneshot comic 1000 words:

also when I read this one I began crying.. If you clicked on the This in the top at Listening to. Then you should know a little about it. Because the melody is a melody made to the story. To be honest I would like to know if there is any method to download it... =U= because I think it's über noble and I like to listen to is. It makes me sad yes, but somehow it makes me happy too.
The story is about a girl, who want to draw because of her parents divorce or something like that. Too tired to give a review. Just read it yourself.. it's really cute! <3 but my parents are divorced too, it was not the reason why I wanted to draw, but I also meet a person[a Teacher] who I asked for help to learn to draw. I was like the girl. Wanted to draw something speciel close to my heart. but because I am such a stubborn girl I gave up easily, but somehow reading this comic really gave me the urge to want to be better at drawing and do my best. Also because I often have a lot of drawing ideas but usually I can't make them into reality because I am never satisfied with my work. but Yuumei really inspired me and watching her work really fired me up, and I will keep trying to draw to become a better artist!

Zelda has also inspired me a lot and i love her art especielly her webcomic Myth It's about greek mythology. I LOVE greek mythology, it's so exciting and different from other history-like stuff. North mythology bores me.. hmm so I think Myth is really Original and amazing~~ and I would really like to buy the books if it wasn't because of my mom... Zelda's other webcomic something flower is also good~~ I think you can find it on her dA~~ to lazy to go find and post it..

so Childhood memories turned out to be drawing idols which turned into Fandom.. LOL.. too much fangirl inside of me huh? now listening to: The same melody~~ It's really cute if anyone knows how I can download it please tell me~~

Last note: I AM GOING TO MAKE A NEW WEBSITE/GROUP/CLUB so please look forward to it.. LOL

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

» Crossover Anime intros ☆

Listening to: Complication - Rookiez is Punk'd
Drinking: Nothing
Eating: Sour cream and Onion Chips
Reading: FMA fanfictions
Watching: Crossover anime intros
Addicted to: Durarara
Doing: Replying dA and CR messages

When I logged on Msn today My Mukuro-sama ♥'s PM was this video:

A Crossover between Ouran and KHR~~ xD I think it's amazing!! I LOVE IT! ♥ especially because it is 6927 xD ♥ *fangirling~~* but there was a period where the only videos I watched was crossovers with KHR~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ and of course there were some Related videos~~ and I found some new and some old OOOH MEMORIES! ♥ xD

The first one was:

TEEN TITANS! xD Cute Chibis~~ I regret the fact that I never finished Teeen Titans! D< so maybe someday I will~

This one reminded me of DRRR because of Dokuro-chan is ALWAYS mentioned in the anime LOL xD

even though I can NEVER believe in Chrome doing such stuff against Mukuro-sama!! xDD ♥ but I still find it somehow cute! xD

Code geass is PWNSOME! and one of my favourite Animes and Favourite NDS game~~ and of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE 6996 ♥ so this video was just love~ ♥

I watched this one in Naruto version too and I have the song from long time ago! XD I found it really cute! >U< ♥ especielly Viper/mammon and Fraan~¨ xD there are some Weird pictures too but the Arcobanelo and Varia - LEvi is soo cute! xD ♥

I found one with my Favourite Otome game too~~ Heart no Kuni no Alice but since it's almost only clips I didn't feel like posting it... >U< if you still want to watch it go here: HnKnA X KHR Opening


TORADORA LOVE LOVE LOVE ♪ The wonderful song and with KHR images is it just a wonderful damn Amazing video! *W*

Last video~~ DANJOU!~~ Onna, Otoko, Otoko, Otoko, Onna, onna Otoko, onna!~~
Boy or Girl... Pooor Hibari-sensei can't figure it out! xD

Last comment: Wanna go crazy? xDD then watch these videos again and again and again xD
[x] [x] [YamamototheGenius] [x]

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» Embarassing Tag

Mood: Sun is shining <3
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Eating: Egg and Bacon
Reading: RPG entries
Watching: Crossover anime intros
Addicted to: ...
Doing: RPG

I got tagged by

What is your name?
Agentmanga! OWO; okay maybe not.. Lina *Lastnamehere*

How old are you?
15 turning 16 the 24 June~ .3 Sooon <3

What is your gender?
Male with a fe infront~~ ^___^

What is your natural hair color?
Used to be black but the damn SUN made it Brown _ _;

What is your natural eye color?
RED! >D Contacts really help covering!~~ okay brown -shoot-

How tall are you?
165 cm... or maybe 168..

Are you comfortable answering some more private questions?
Sure sure just ask! 83

What is your sexual orientation?
Hetero~~? 83

Are you a virgin?

Have you ever had plastic surgery?
Nope~~ 83

Do you feel awkward?
Nope! :3

Have you ever kissed in public?
Only Family.. :3

For how long? And what was it like?
Uhm? *cough*

Hugged in public?
Yeaaah isn't that normal?.. Baka Questions >U<

For how long? And what was it like?
Warm and gentle.. so cold when it's snowing @w@;

Had sex in public?
which part of VIRGIN do not understand? =W=

I really are going to SHOOT you soon -____O;

How awkward do you feel now?
Not at all... ? o__o;

Ready for this question?
Which Question? o.o

Have you had sex with somebody of the same gender?

How many times?
I am not going to answer that Question..

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

»Exams over + FMA finished + NEW KHR CHAPTER

☆ ☀ ♥ ♪ ☂ ✎ ✿ ☾ ۩ ✖ » ~
Listening to: Koe wo Kikasete - Big bang
Drinking: Topform
Eating: Sour cream and onion Chips ♥
[I'm going to be fat! D:]
Reading: Kuroshitsuji
Watching: Durarara episode 22..
Addicted to: Pupe! I want the new items! ★
Doing: concidering to make a new layout just because you can have two menus now! ♥ ♥ ♥

So today... my LAST EXAM IS OVER!!! *U* it was the social studies exam I got 12~~ Top mark~~ All my exams went to well~~ or my writing exams didn't but I still hope it's okaaay! ;U; but this means I have holiday today!~~ beloved summer holiday~~ I am going to RELAX TO THE EXTEME! ^__^ and clean my room and the house before my aunt come.. _ _ *siiigh* there is an opportunity for me going to be a babysitter for my little cousin~~ she is so spoiled >U< I hope she is better now than last time I went to China.. but hope hope!~~ nothing more to say about that, unless I wish everyone a Happeh Summer holiday!~~

and I ended the FMA manga~~ LAST CHAPTER IS OUT! T___T READ IT HERE I would post pictures but the chance for Spoilers is too biig >U< So I will just let people read it themselves!! >< I was so happeh for the ending!~~ and I wish there was one last chapter for make the final Touch! but Karina and me were so happy... maybe I will concidering watching the anime too~~

THE NEW KHR CHAPTER IS LOVE!!! I don't dare to write more.. Don't want to spoil too much! but SHIMON IS LOVE!! AND OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG YAMAMOTO-KUUUN and TSUUU-KUUUN!!!!! Please read it yourself~~... Here is a link

All for now... FAILISH OTZ nerding too much pupe.. I WANT RAINY ITEMS!!
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Friday, 4 June 2010

☀ Summer has come Layout

Mood: Summer Summer and I LOVE SUMMER
Listening to: Hot air balloon - Own city
Drinking: Mild Multi Juice
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Nothing
Watching: Durarara episode 22 Raw
Addicted to: SUMMER HOLIDAY!~~
Doing: Making a lot of GTX~~

New Design is up~~ :3 to be honest am I not too happy about it.. but in the end I think It turned out well~~ I love Shelty~~ Durarara Pairing FTW~~ hmm what is next thing coming up?.. Tanabata maybe? xD hmm but yeaah what do you guys think? ^^

I would appreciate if you please tell me what I can do better next time~~ As a GTX maker I want to be better by criticism~~ I actually tired something new~~ Instead of Text link menu I made buttoms this time~~ ^^b I wish everyone a Lovely summer holiday~~

and Old layouts? Find them here:

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» DRRR Seiyuu's ♥ + Danish Exam

Mood: Happeh
Listening to: Addicted - Simple plan
Consuming: Hot wings~
Reading: DRRR chap. 12 and KHR chap 292 ♥
Watching: DRRR Episode 22
Addicted to: KHR and DRRR Seiyu's *0*
Doing: replying on dA and fangirling about seiyu's

Jun Fukuyama
Totally favourite Seiyu~~ ♥ ♥ It's my beloved favourite characters~ Like:
Lelouch - Code geass
Grell - Kuroshitsuji
Watanuki - XXXHolic
and not to mention:
Shinra from Durarara~~~ ♥ ♥
no one from KHR though.. but OMG I love his voice XD

Toshiyuki Toyonaga
He is Mikado from DRRR and Chikusa and Irie from KHR TOO! ♥ xD
He RULES~~ ;U; He is seiyu for a Prince of Tennis Character too 0w0 can't remember him though~~ xD

Daisuke Ono
OMG He has been Seiyu for so many characters @w@ but but HE IS SEIYU FOR:
Albireo Imma - Mahou Sensei Negima ♥ MEGA PWNSOME CHARA~~
Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji ~~
Shizuo Heiwajima - DURARARA!! ♥ The awesomeness himself!! *w*

Mamoru Miyano
The blondie girl lover seiyu!! xDD Like:
Ouran High School Host Club Tamaki Suoh
Durarara!! Masaomi Kida ♥ ♥
Kingdom Hearts Riku
Soul Eater Death the Kid
Vampire Knight Zero Kiryu, Ichiru Kiryu
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Ling Yao

Hiroshi Kamiya
OMFG It's my beloved Nii-chaaan~~ Izaya *0* ♥ ♥ ♥ and and
Koji Minamoto - Digimon Frontier ♥ one of my first anime crushes ever! xD ♥

Kana Hanazawa
Anri-chan and Kobato Hanato~~ and and she is seiyu for Sakura from Kaichou wa maid-sama too~ xD CUTENESS!! ♥

Miyuki Sawashiro
Shoujo power~~ I am just saying it... I mean has dubbed for: Galazy Angel, Pita ten, Di gi Charat, Rozen maiden~, Negima etc.. but most important ~~
Celty from DRRR!, Yano from Kimi ni Todoke~~, Maria Holic Dorm Leader aka God aka Boss [the most awesome Neko girl ever!! xDD] and Yoru and X-dia from Shugo chara ♥

Seiyus are amazing~~ *w* especially those who dub a lot of awesome characters like Jun Fukuyama~~ ♥ I have never imagined that Watanuki and Lelouch had the same voice actor! xD but Thanks to all the awesome Seiyus that makes anime worth to watch~~

Danish Exam
I got an A++/12 in Danish *___* OMG I was so happeh... I didn't knew what to say... >< I wanted to scream but I was drinking water so I guess it would have been a baaad Idea! xD but Seriously totally happy T____T I was so nervous.. only 2 left ♥ English and social studies... Wish me good luck ♥

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

☀ New Layout

Listening to: Uhm.. nothing?
Consuming: Nothing
Reading: Heartevents <3
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: Graphic but my skills.... -siigh-
Doing: talking to myself... I am gone INSANE.. INSANE I TELL YOU! :V

MUHAHAHAHAHA I have a new layout in thought.. actually I already made it.. ´I got it accepted by Desirée-chaan so when I get time.. maybe after my exams or so, then I will put it up LOL!~ Not that I don't like looking at Belphegor[KHR] but because I am a GTX maker I just have to make some GTX once in a while.. and because I haven't been able to do so, my skills are hmm dying..? or not as good as they used to be __ __ I am failish... OTZ *shoot*

which remind me of I have to make a layout for Zaa-chan too ;U; and Sa-chan asked me too so Training *0* I haven't updated my website for years so my HTML skills are gone too.. or not totally.. It have to be refreshed.. and blogspot's HTML is not HTML... bur XHTML.. Which I can't figure out... I want two menus.. __ __ SAKU TELL ME HOW YOU DID.. Oh Well..

I am going to have HTML in school after summer holiday, so refreshing it will be totally a good idea!~~ not to mention I have to refresh my Japanese too and my texts for the upcoming Exams.. Which are tomorrow.. so WTF am I not in bed yet and sleep well so I can get up tomorrow and take my Danish exam?.. Hmm

I really dunno, and the fact that I am talking to myself may mean that I am tired.. even though I already slept a bit today.. ;U;

but but.. DURARARA SPOILERS ARE SO SO!!!! Y____Y EXCITING!.. I already spoiled the whole story so far.. not the anime but the light novel.. but yeaah.. I would spoil KHR too but I don't think it's possible! _ _ okay I can't even spell.. I am going to sleep now before I get too mad C:

so night people~~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

before she gets mad! REALLY MAD I TELL YOU! 8DDD

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

»Physics Exam

Mood: joooy
Listening to: Hot air Ballon - Owl City
Consuming: Chinese food ;U; Lunch ♥
Reading: Nothing
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: DRRR Ikebukuro chatroom
Doing: making a new blog layout..

yeasterday I went to physics exams.. I got top grade~~ A++? or is it only A+? in Denmark it was 12~~ I was totally Happy, I was so nervous to begin with.. but it turned out pretty well~~ next time is it Danish.. I am so nervous... feel like I am goin got faint >0<''' but I just have to study a lot~~ Hmm...

Desirée has made a new site~~~ ♥ Can't waait to see it done~¨ I got my own Bel-gucchi~ ^^ so cute!! >//> ♥

new Design~¨ __ __ I will try not to fail it..

my shortest entry so far hmm? xD

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