Saturday, 31 July 2010

» Black ★ Rock Shooter

Mood: Touched..
Listening to: Black ★ Rock Shooter - Hatsune Miku
Weather: Sunny
consuming: Juice
Reading: One piece
Watching: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Addicted to: 'Bukuro
Doing: drawing

The Black ★ Rock Shooter anime is finally out!~~ (7 dags ago though... means there might come an episode 2 soon *waiting waiting*...)

The characters is really cute, not so original but still super cute!~~ I have to say I'm totally in love with Takanashi Yomi! The main characters best friend. I love love love her hair~ it's über cute ^^ and she also somehow remind me of my Best friend, both in personality and Appearance. The green eyes and curly black hair~ even though my BFF's hair is brown again, but it was black once~ Yomi is kinda shy and so is my Best friend~ I love Yomi's Black ★ Rock Shooter version too~ even though it's not called that I think it's the dead master or something liek that~ Picture Spam ♥

The main Character Kuroi Mato is kinda cute too, but sometimes I think she is a b*tch... ^^; especially because I feel Yomi-chan's pain! D: but if we should put it into a real life situation, then I could be Mato.. I already love her mobile and almost all of her clothes.. STARS EVERYWHERE ♥ I LOVE STARS! actually it could be me at that age~ I don't liek Basket ball through, I'm more a not ball person, but basket is better than football ^^; Like runing around being happy and enjoying my almost carefree life~ I read somewhere they are 12. And! I also have a little brother like she does~ ^^ but mine is more annoying *coughcough* if you haven't guessed it Mato's Black ★ Rock Shooter version is Black ★ Rock Shooter.. xD LOL Or the Hatsune Miku Black ★ Rock Shooter. To be honest I'm not sure how the whole Black ★ Rock Shooter version thing is connected to them. Others that they look a like and definately are their 'Other selves'

It's pretty confusing anime~ >U> but one thing is sure it's based on the Vocaloid song Black ★ Rock Shooter, by Hatsune Miku

Which I find pretty Cool~~ I don't know how the two things are connected but I think it's something to do with another world and a game of courage [I'm not that clever... *looks at Desirée* l3;;] but We'll wait and see~~ I hope there will come an episode 2. My friend told it's not sure there will.. because episode 1 was pretty long.. I also found the anime pretty sad.. and touching. I'm a bit sensitive so maybe it's just me, but I surely recommend it.. I always do that don't I?... *siiigh* but here is the trailer:

If you have decided you want to watch it, check it out or give it a chance then here is a link: [Black ★ Rock Shooter]

Watch it~ ♥

picture taken from: Black ★ Rock Shooter Wiki

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Monday, 26 July 2010

» Just be friends ♥

Mood: Tired~~ >U<
Listening to: Just be friends - Megurine Luka
Weather: Dark
consuming: Nothing
Reading: Nothing
Watching: The kids next door
Addicted to: Just be friends PV
Doing: Taking snapshot from the KBF PV

Yesterday I came home from Tatiana's 18th birthday~~ ^^ Fun times with both Karaoke[singstar] and Dancig stage Fusion~ Sleepover in a tent, playing Kingdoms heart etc etc~~ Happeh happeh Times~ LOL~ I'm really happy that I talked with Samie on the train on our way home~ She is a really nice girl~ and I somehow felt that she understood everything that I told her~ Lovely feeling~

but when I came home I went in a Just be friends mood... Freaking the video and Rockleetist version on youtube.. LOL.. while searching I also found some awesome videos~

Just be friends PV Original

Rockleetist version English

Cosplay Version

please enjoy~~

After watching the cosplay version I was just like: I WAAANT TO COSPLAY... but since I know two others who also want to I might drop it ^^; instead I make a new layout with it~ and OMGZ making the screenshots took liek FOREVER =W=; especielly the speciel pictures at the 3:50 in the song.. yesh yesh.. after retaking that part liek 20 times I remember the time! xD
So What do you think of the design?~~ Since I liek making GTX I would like to hear how I do~ and what I can make better to next time...

and please take a look at the footer! >U< because I worked hardest on that part.. because it wouldn't do as I told it to do. T_T and what about the entry backgound?~ >< is it annoying? Can you read the text?... Should I remove it?... and the entry bottom.. >_
and and... what about the music?.. .. ... okay okay I relax...

-sweat sweat- but hope you liek it.. T______T;

Just be friends ♥

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

» Such a beautiful Rain

Mood: Fascinated
Listening to: To the same heights - Key sounds Label
Drinking: Water
Eating: Nothing
Reading: One piece
Watching: The falling rain
Addicted to: -
Doing: searching for pokemons

In Denmark the heat has beaten me up totally.. it's just too HOT and I am sweating a lot.. and I get tired very easily.

right now is it raining~ A lot.. just looking outside make me smile I love rain as long as it doesn't rain on me.. but if I'm inside and looking out then rain is wonderful~~ I love to go for a walk after rain, the air is so fresh like the rain just washed everthing away. The best is to lie on your bed with a good book and listen to music while it's raining outside.. greyish weather is no no but greyish rainy weather is YES!~

Rainy days always make me think a lot... about life, friends, family and such.
I also have some weird love for umbrellas *___* They are so beautiful.. I especially like those with ribbons, laces and those which are transparent. I have a blue and a yellow one and on with a little ribbon~ waaa~~ I'll go outside

See yaa~

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

» Melting~

Todays weather was so damn HOT! =W=; again I was wondering why the f*ck I ended up wearing black.. I met up with Line and Emma at the Central Station. It's was damn hot.. when we took our first steps out I TOTALLY regreted that I didn't brought my Umbrella, Fan or a water bottle.. Like a magnet I totally attract all the warm from the sun because I was wearing black, not to mention my hair is also black.. We walked down the pedestrian zone~~ and again we saw the headless umbrella woman! ^^ She is so kind~ Still reminding me of Celty~ NO MORE DRRR.... TxT;

Our first stop was at Baresso, We sat there for pretty long time just Talking~ xD Mawj said she would meet up with us later so while we were waiting we talked about K-pop and Berlin and more K-pop xD

then we went to Tiger. I brought some Strawberry glasses because they reminded me of those in Nana~ but it was so obvious that it was bad quality ugly stickers.. but hopefully they will stick to the glasses..

Then on our way back to the Central Station, we stopped at a book shore which sold cheap manga so I bought the rest of Chobits. I love clamp cuteness FTW~~

Then Line and Emma ate Chinese food or Emma did because Line changed her mind and ended with Mc D then mawj called and said she couldn't, she just came home from holiday! D: sadly.. but we made a promise to meet another day soon

Emma didn't want to go to the beach so she went home while Line and I went to Amager beach to take a look and enjoy the good weather~ delicious~ We sat by the broard with our feet in the water~~ the water was obnoxious~~ too much sea weep X__X and other disgusting things. We sat there for 2 hours or so just talking and me collecting sea shells~~ I'm a collecter~ ^^ when we were about to go home I slipped and got water all over my clothes ;___; so I went home totally wet.. but it surely was a happy and lovely day ^^ such amazing weather

Mood: Melting~
Listening to: Garu Garu Go - Big bang
Drinking: Cacao~
Eating: Shawama
Reading: One piece
Watching: Phineas and Ferb
Addicted to: Nothing
Doing: Blogging

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Friday, 9 July 2010

» New Music ♪

Mood: \( >)w(< )/
Listening to: Haru Haru - Big bang
Drinking: nothing
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Nothing
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: Nothing
Doing: Trying to make GTX

I dag var jeg hos Zaa-chaaan~~ ^^ ♥ Jeg kom desværre til at køre lidt for langt med bussen!.. Jeg ved virkelig ikke, hvordan det skete... var ellers 100% jeg holdte øje med stoppestederne!~ men heldigvis kunne jeg bare tage metroen et stop tilbage!~ Yayness! ♥

Det er faktisk ret lang tid siden, siden sidst jeg besøgte Zarah!~~ Så det var virkelig dejligt at se hende igen~ Hver gang jeg er hos Zarah bliver mit musik bibliotek opdateret! xD Det er helt utroligt, så meget musik hun har~~ *O* Denne her gang blev jeg opdateret med noget K-pop og nogle lidt anderledes J-pop end det hun plejer at sende mig~ Så nu har jeg Big bang, Super junior, Wonder girls, Maki goto, Koda kumi osv. ^^

Udover det så var vi total gået i manga og anime mode~ :3 Jeg har jo set Angel beats, som også er lavet af Key [skaberen af Clannad, Kanon, Air TV] Jeg elsker deres animeer~ De er altid 1. sørgelige 2. rigtig søde 3. memorable ♥ Yayness!~~ for ikke at nævne, at den sang som Lia har sunget til den: My soul, your beats er total dejlig~~ Jeg har taget so much liking til sangen, at jeg gerne vil lære at spille den på klaver~ Så jeg skal på node jagt!~~ =3 men glæder mig til at Zarah har set den så jeg kan snakke med hende om den~ Måske man skulle overveje at cosplaye den~~ Ville nok vælge Kanade~ ♥ Über cute Angel-chan~ ♥

Vi kom også ind på Death note~ Jeg har jo fået læst den... endelig.. xD og vi ved alle sammen at Zarah elsker Light~ ^^ Jeg fik dog en svaghed for Matt~~ >U< bare synd han *beeep* og ikke er med i så lang tid D: Jeg er faktisk en smule i tvivl om, han er rødhåret eller blond.. i animeen er han vidst blond og i mangaen er han rødhåret?... Et af de mange spørgsmål, som plager mig!...

men jeg blev og spiste hos Zarah~ Det var rigtig hyggeligt, fordi vi selv lavede mad~ Ved ikke om, det er en ting, vi bare har, men vær gang vi er sammen, laver vi mad~ Jeg tror det startede efter vi lavede bento sammen til CR! xD Furuba Bento~ ♥ Den blev så sød... men tangen smagte ikke godt til sidst!!! D: Den blev slatten.. men denne her gang lavede vi pasta med bacon-kødsovs! ♥ Moms~ Smagte rigtig godt *O* Muuuh.. bliver helt sulten af at tænkte på det nu! >____<; Det var i hvert fald en super dejlig hyggelig dag~ ^^

Har først lagt mærke til at det hele er skrevet på dansk nu... =w= nægter at rette det... Whatever..

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

»Another Tag - A blogging game ☀

Mood: Happy~
Listening to: Ben10 TV
Drinking: Nothing
Eating: Cherries
Reading: One piece
Watching: An Anime soon~
Addicted to: Dunno, Nothing?
Doing: Wanna make some GTX T_T

I got tagged by Zaa-chan in some kind of Blogging game~
How to 'play it'
You have to post a picture of the sun and answer some questions about summer And then you tag 4 people!

Sun picture:
I don't have one.. =W=; ... -google- or waaait~

3 things you especially like about summer:
my birthday 8D... JK
☀ The light evenings~
☀ The shining sun/The warm weather
☀ Bathing at the beach and eating ice cream

3 things that can suck about summer:
☀ Bugs... especially spiders and Mosquito
☀ Being sweaty fast
☀ It's too HOT

What do you enjoy doing in the fabulous weather?
☀ Sleeping late
☀ Sleeping in the sun
☀ Sitting in the sun reading
☀ Sitting in the sunand listen to music
☀ Having picnics
☀ Bathing at the beach etc etc~~

Fave flower?
✿ Sun Flower, Rose, water lily, Sakura, daisy... I love almost all kinds of flower ✿

Fave color?
☀ Light blue
☀ Black
☀ White
☀ Pink
I think all colours are awesome~

Fave summer dish?
Barbecue and Ice cream.. xD

3 fave ice cream flavors:
☀ Lemon sorbet/Mojito
☀ Watermelon sorbet/melon sorbet
☀ stracciatella

Destination for the travel of your dreams:
☀ Japan
☀ South Korea
☀ Singapore
☀ England
☀ Spain
☀ Greece

Best travel you've had:
Japan ★

Bathing clothes:
Bikini~ I need a new one~ xD

Plans for summer 2010:
☀ Having fun with friends~
☀ Making memories
☀ Sewing cosplay
☀ Going to England
☀ Celebrating my Birthday
☀ Celebrating Tats birthday
☀ Going to Germany
☀ Genki 10
☀ Cleaning my room xD

☀ Desirée
☀ Yaya
☀ Celia
☀ All the others are already tagged~~ T____T; everyone who wants to do it

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

» One piece ♥

Mood: Happy go Lucky power ★
Listening to: We are - TVXQ
Drinking: Water
Eating: Nothing
Reading: One piece
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: One piece
Doing: Looking at the new RPG

~Danish Time~~
Sooooooo I går tog jeg hjem til Celia~~ Vi var først i Rosengårdscenteret~~ Vi gik rundt liek i hele centeret flere gange og snakkede bare om stort set alt mellem himmel og jord.. mega hyggeligt.. vi kunne heller ikke rigtigt bestemme os for hvilken vej vi skulle gå og hvad vi skulle xD Så hver gang var det liek this:
Lina: Hvilken vej?
Celia: Det ligemeget hvad vil du?
Lina: Uhm jeg er lidt ligeglad hvad vil du?
Celia: Jeg er også ligeglad
Lina: *Tager Celia i hånden og trækker hende af en random vej~*

også ender vi i en blindgyde og går tilbage xD og når vi så skal noget:
Celia: Er du sulten?
Lina: lidt ikke rigtigt er du?
Celia: Lidt, hvad vil du have?
Lina: Dunno, er ret kræsen, hvad vil du have?
Celia: Uhm er lidt ligeglad
Celia: vi kunne prøve *nævner noget*
Lina: Det kan jeg ikke lide
Celia: *nævner noget nyt*
Lina: Kan jeg heller ikke lide
Celia: OMG LI-CHAN, uhm hvad med Natros

og Celia lol'er af mig xD Eeeej det var mega sjovt i centeret~~ Synes 'mr. Goodlooking' var mere skræmmende end han plejer at være når jeg er i rosengårdscenteret T____T;;; Han talte faktisk til os.. det fordi Celia er Sexy xD ♥

LOL der var også den her onde ekspedient.. eller onde og onde, tror mere det var mig som gjorde han blev lidt 'ond' Fordi jeg gjorde opmærksom på det han sagde.. xD Vi var i bog&idé for at købe One piece ♥ og da vi gik op til kassen, spurgte ekspedienten om det var en gave også røg det bare ud af min mund: CELIA HVOR GAMMEL TROR DU, HAN TROR DU ER?!.. jeg tror nemlig han synes hun er for gammel til børne tegneserier! [Det som jeg havde skrevet er blevet slettet af blogspot så ved ikke hvor meget jeg har lyst til at skrive det igen..] hmm og celia var bare liek: nej da, man bliver aldrig gammel for manga. Totally AGREED~~ ^^b

Efter det fik vi nogle Lækre Nachos -coughmedaltmuligtjegikkekunnelidebough- lol, men de smagte goooodt~~ dejlig dejlig~~ og efter nachosne valgte vi at få Coldstone is~~ ♥ delicious~

Om nom nom nom ♥ Blev rigtig feeed~ tør faktisk ikke veje mig 8(>0<)8 men problemet der var bare det tog mig næsten 20 minutter at bestemme hvilken is jeg ville have! T___T; Celia som havde banan chocolade something var næsten færdig, da jeg endelige havde bestemt mig~~ ^^; Fordi de ikke havde Lemon is, som er min normale combo med Daim chocolade, vidste jeg ikke hvad jeg skulle vælge.. endte dog med Jordbær is med Skumfiduser (som var for hårde.. yeah brok brok brok) Kiks og hvid Chokolade~~ Om nom nom nom ♥ Lækkert *U* men intet slår altså lemon is >3<

Derefter tog vi hjem til Celia, hvor vi hyggede os med lidt computer spil og One piece~ Vi kom til at tale om alt muligt, og mange forskellige emner, det overraskede mig faktisk, at vi havde så meget at snakke om, men det gjorde bare hele tilværelsen super dejlig og afslappende. Derefter fik vi pasta salat~ Utroligt med hvor meget jeg kunne overraske Celia med, ved bare at fortælle hende hvad jeg ikke kunne lide ^^; Efter vi havde spist gik vi ind for at se film~~ Super movie night~ ♥ Der var så mange valgmuligheder.. ~~ det var virkelig svært at vælge.. jeg skulle bare sige: Jeg er sart og kun kunne fjerne halvdelen af dem lol.. xD men vi endte så med at se X-men~ Ja jeg har aldrig set X-men Okay!... det var mega hyggeligt. Dejlige film.. lidt skræmmende nogen gange.. Jeg kan virkelig ikke fordrage Rouge.. =W= Annoying brat.. Lol det var egentlig lidt overraskende for mig selv, at jeg brokkede mig SÅ meget, som jeg gjorde.. jeg er vandt til at se tegnefilmen så jeg blev ved med at sammenligne med den.. Historien er ret meget anderledes. Vi nåede ikke at se den tredje film så den gemte vi til Dagen efter~

Den næste dag~ Vi vågnede utroligt sent.. xD Virkelig virkelig sent.. men vi gik også sent i seng så det er vel Okay~ ♥ Vi skulle selv lave morgenmad/brunch..~ Hvilket blev ret mixet amerikansk retning ting ting, med pomfritter og pandekager!~~ Rigtig usunde! xD men det smagte godt! ♥

Derefter så vi X-men 3~~ og jeg er så enig i Celia om, at den ender så åbent!... De burde virkelig lave en 4'er~ Derefter tog jeg hjem~ Efter et fantatisk døgn~ Jeg savner allerede at være der! D: One piece FTW

Who's gonna be the next crew member?~~ ♥

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

» Picnic ♪

Listening to: What dreams are made of - Hilary Duff
Drinking: Fanta Exotic
Eating: Nothing
Reading: One piece
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: One piece
Doing: Reading One piece

So Today I went on a picnic with Line. We were at a little garden/park near the Ballerup Station.. The Park was small but there was a cool fountain and chairs and benchs. Line had brought a carpet, tea, cucumber sandwiches and her ipod. The Cucumber sandwiches tasted different from what I'm used to so it was something different...

The tea was black cherry tea~~ It tasted good but it needed some sugar.. xD I can't drink tea without sugar lol xD Sadly we hadn't enought boiled water~ but we enjoy ourselves anyway

There was some cute Ducks~~ xD Trying to dive.. always turning their butts in the air.. xD They were so cutie.. xD If I had my Camera I would have taken some pictures of them T____T -evil glare at mom and mobile..- There was also a man.. I think he might be a bit Pedo... or maybe not xD He made me feel pretty unsafe! Leaving the park and coming back again all the time.. but happily nothing happened.. and we could leave safe.. xDDD

Another Short Entry~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T