Saturday, 17 August 2013

20130817 ★ Unlucky lvl MAX

Today I went to work after some time and WOAH I could definitely feel that I haven't been to work for a while. Working in a bakery and needing to wake up at 5 AM is so hard and difficult. I'm totally thinking of quitting image but I'm so bad at denying and doing things which could dissatisfy people. I tried to quit once but that ended up with me just going on holiday instead image

Yesterday I went to Killing's "birthday" party which was super fun and enjoyable~ image It was nice seeing some people I haven't seen for almost half a year, especially because I didn't go to Jpopcon this year or I wasn't there for very long. I even had to leave early because of yes the stupid work!! image also I really dislike some of my colleagues and the worst part is that I haven't even met them. I just had a bad experience with one of them telling me on paper I didn't do my work properly and she was acting all high and mighty image Oh well I'm gonna quit anyway also because it is too far away.

Outfit from Killing's Bday~ 
Some days I just look like a Fish

But Today I was so UNLUCKY I think it is the most unlucky day in my entire life. image Firstly it started raining when I had to get to work at 5 AM.. so I had to take the bus... which I of course missed. So I had to wait 20 minutes and got late for work. Then a lot of the customers were so rude and ill-mannered. I'm so surprised about Danes sometimes. How can they just walk in and pretend they owe it all and then they even scold me for the bread not being the same size as last time or the price rose. I'm not baker! OR the owner. So please stop scolding me -sobs- some of the elderly men are so scary. I never dare to say anything I just smile and nod pretending everything is perfect image When I finally finished work a bit earlier, two guys walked in after closing time begged me to let them buy something which resulted in I had to redo the dishes and recount the coffers. Usually I am prepared for last minute buyers who never come.. but of all days they had to come it had to be today. imageSo I got free from work later than usually which just sucked since I had to meet up with Melanie to buy things to cosplay.. Well when I thought things would start to get nicer my bag strap broke.. it didn't just broke but the metal part cracked image and because I didn't bike to work I had to carry this Idontevenknowhowheavy bag of mine. I had to hug-carry it. It was so awkward image Even the people gave me weird stares. I then met up with Melanie and we went for pig-coloured bandage hunt and we went into 3-4 Matas and NONE of them had it.  (ಠ益ಠ) I might go to the drugstore on Monday but ARGH.. and then the bus just drove as we arrived to the bus stop. Though the worst of all My camera broke imageWhen my bag broke I dropped my bag on the ground which probably damaged it and because the bag was broken it was so inconvenient to carry all my things. The Juice, bread, extra clothes from the cold morning etc. It was a chaos to carry it all at once and I kept dropping things but when I got out of the bus almost home, of all the things I had to drop I dropped the Camera and it seems like the inner screen cracked.. and I bet it is super expensive to get it fixed. Luckily my mom didn't scold or blamed me for breaking the camera. When I was younger she would get so angry and I was so happy to hear her voice after all the things which had happened with my grandfather and after this day I could use a hug from my mom telling me it all would be okay. image Though I have till she is coming back from China. 

Even though I said I would post WIP pictures of my cosplay I can't because of the broken Camera.. I'm so sorry but actually something good happened today ~ While walking down the shopping street we encountered Yul Anderson. I think he is an American free time pianist but I just really like his music and he kind of cheered me up image my refound interest for Piano instrumentals and playing the piano has been rather huge. I'm sad I don't owe a better Keyboard so I'm thinking of save up money to buy one, but first I have to figure out if I should fix or buy a new Camera and what model if the second case. image 

In case you are curious, yes I did ask before taking the picture

Oh Right I didn't finish my cosplay cause well I suck at sewing and some unwanted surprises came when I had to sew the last part! Also we had some problems and trouble figuring out if we wanted to paint or sew the numbers on... The fabric might not be the most paint friendly but we just want to do it as precise as possible but I don't know anymore.. I feel like I put too much effort into this dammit costume.. also the sleeves and the collar are bullying me image I hope we manage to finish on time~ Now have some Danish Bakery Eye candy~ 


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Friday, 16 August 2013

20130816 ★ Life so far

I got into my first priority at Copenhagen University (KU) Which I'm super happy about though at the same time I feel so nervous! What if I don't make any friends or people think of me as a weirdo for being an Otaku and Fujoshi? It's not like I'm even trying to hide it, in fact if I get the chance to talk about anime and manga I wouldn't even bother holding it in. I'll go all out with my burning feels and passion for this childish and cartoonish obsession sadly most of my friends don't watch anime any more or watch it rarely and when I'm updated with the newest anime each season it makes my fangirling opportunities fewer. Though I'm not saying NONE of my friends watch anime it's just that they are few. Luckily I tend to live on tumblr and get whatever guilty fangirling pleasure there~ But if you ever need some recommendation to anime or just watch anime in general please do not hesitate and drop me a message!  (if you are curious then I'm pretty obsessed with Free!, Brothers Conflict, Kami nomi zo shiru sekai s3, Shingeki no Kyojin and Dangan ronpa lately~ + I'm looking forward to Kuroko no basket s2, Magi s2 and Kyoukai no Kanata so much that I want to cosplay from them all keke image)

I finally got around to update my collections and 'plan to cosplay' on tumblr so if you are curious about what I might/might not cosplay in the coming time then you can have a look [+++] but it's not completely updated yet. imageBut let me just say that Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata should be there too~ I adore her outfit and she looks so cuute! I'm not finished reading the Light novel yet but I hope I will before the anime starts airing. but isn't she just cute? VV

Also for the upcoming con Genki con. This year I'm going to be working at Maid Cafe So if you have time and are going to the con, then please do drop by and say hello~ AND after not cosplaying for a long time I finally got around to make cosplays! image I bought the wig and lenses and I really really hope they will get here on time! Else I'll cry my eyes out... I'm not completely done but I hope to finish them in the coming week. For this year's Genki con I'm going to cosplay as: Kise Ryouta Teikou ver. (Kuroko no basket) and Morgiana Mahrajan Festival ver. (Magi: The labyrinth of Magic) image

Kise & Morgiana

 I really hope I can pull them out and do them well enough and just because I'm a tard then I forgot to take any in progress pictures. The only thing is this VV

Who needs a fancy mannequin 
when you have an adorable little brother ♥

Though it still needs some modifications and I haven't sewn the shirt together yet. On the picture I just did Pin Magic or with common language used pin to fasten the fabric image but I'm meeting up my Melanie to finish it so yeah~ I will throw another update at you on Saturday~

Other things in my life are well today I missed the party at KUA (Copenhagen University Amager) imagewhich seems to be a very important event for new student to get to know their classmates to be. My dance lessons started early August and I dance every Thursday from 6pm-10pm and Sunday 2pm-4pm so yeah I missed it all because of my dance lesson. I'm so scared that I won't make friends and everyone already bonded. image I know it is too early to panic and all but I'm just so unsure about it all. It is the next 5 years of my life afterall. Also I have been so depressed lately and I cry so easily. Since my Grandfather passed away 20130809 the smallest thing which remind me of him just makes me cry. My mom is in China right now to do help out with the funeral and all. I'm so sad I couldn't go but I'm doing my best to stay strong. Afterall it is my first encounter with death and I know my Grandfather would have wished for me to smile and enjoy life as always but that doesn't mean I can't cry to let it all out from time to time no? image Though I'm trying to keep my mind busy to avoid getting a mental breakdown. I'm sadly one of those people who tend to overthink every small detail so to keep my mind busy I try to keep myself occupied with Gaming and Piano playing. Right now I'm totally OBSESSED AND FANGIRLING all kind of Otoge or in English "maiden's game" maybe? It is dating games for girls and well I adore the character designs and love voice actors what can I blame? image My two guilty pleasures right now are Hakuouki Shinsengumi kitan & Amnesia. But I'm playing a lot of 7th Dragon 2020 & Dangan Ronpa too, even though the second game for both series are out I still stick with the first one till I have completed them. BUT WOAAH I WANT TO PLAY SUPER DANGAN RONPA & 7TH DRAGON 2020 II image and pokemon Black 2 too. so many games so little time /sobs. Also skipping Piano practice for over three years really make you rusty. image I can barely remember how to play anything. I can still handle für elise though and I just finished kaze ni naru - the cat returns. I'm aiming my next project toward the Spirited away songs. Especially itsumo nando demo & ano ni no kawa e 

Well that is all from my life so far! but I still have tons of things to do and these days everything is so stressing. But I hope I will survive somehow. See you next time~

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

End = New Start

So I was all going to update soon and new layout and all those things yet I ended up doing none at all. I still want to make a new layout though.. and with summer vacation I think I can! I just have to believe~  Well here is a small update on my life.

I have been watching anime nonstop the past many months.. following all the new ones when they came out, fangirling them and seeing them becoming known in Denmark which actually is super fun.   I mean when I ask people if they know the series or watch any of them they usually go: Nope never heard of it and I tend to be so sad and disappointed about no one knowing it Luckily if I wait 2 months when the series is complete then it usually overhyped which can be both good and bad.. usually bad cause then it is too much yet I like to talk about my fandom with people so I guess it could be better than worse  I got more into drama too ~ mostly Chinese though since I understand it and well I would like to get to know my own culture more. but Korean, Japanese, Thai, HK etc drama are welcome too. American series / dramas don't really catch my attention .. I wonder why. but if any of you know a SUPER AMAZING MUST-SEE one feel free to recommend it.

Other than Anime my entire life have been around school and dancing. I graduated from College the 26th of June. So now I'm done! No more school for me.. for some months!
Graduation hat ~ tradition in Denmark!
and of course my hat is marine Blue because of my love for Science
I am hoping to go to KU (Copenhagen University) after the summer vacation. I really wanted to study some kind of language but I guess it would be too meaningless for me. Since I don't want to work with language or culture. I want to know and learn about it but I don't want it to be my life the next 5 years. Instead I sent my application to -Molecular Bio Medicine- Super hardcore try hard study. I'm not even sure that study will suit my taste but I love biology and I am getting pretty interested in how the body works and in Neurology etc. + my mom was so excited about me considering choosing some kind of doctor-medicine education that I think that was the final push. The application is sent. The only thing I can do now is wait for the answer.  

To be honest I'm a bit afraid too. It will be completely new people who aren't used to my fangirling side and maybe a bit exaggerating side. What if I will feel left out or stamped as weird already from the first day? I don't really know what to do with myself. I just hope everything will be fine and I made the right choice! 

I also just came home from dance camp! So I'm so sleepy and tired. My muscles ache and I feel like stretching out all the time. It has been so many years since my last camp, and with the age difference I felt younger. The age went from 11 to 21 with most people being in their early teens. Sometimes I really felt my age and I was worried about not being able to fit in Luckily I shared room with some lovely and nice girls. We were pretty different in personalty and dance level. In the beginning it also felt like we were separated into groups but that wasn't the case at all. They were all open and sweet and it didn't feel awkward at all being the oldest. Each night we would polish our nails with an aqua colour and glowing in the dark Nail polish which ended up being the reason behind our room name "Glowing in the dark".

Perfect aqua coloured nails~ 
Snapchatting with sweet Emma and beautiful Tamara
Aisha and Aju~
Your mom jokes and funny moments~ 
Sharing a room with those lovely girls made me totally a faggot.. I can't stop using "your mom" jokes and being weird. Not to mention my sudden love for Justin Bieber music -blames all on Laura and Putri- but hey Justin does make SOME good songs.. I really liked some of the songs we danced to~ Like "Get Lucky" - Daft punk, "Take care" - Drake ft. Rihanna, "Find your love" - Drake, "Crazy little thing called love" - Queen and "Play hard" - David Guetta ft. Akon and Ne-yo. Did I ever mention my love for Akon, Rihanna and Ne-Yo?! well I love those guys a lot! I didn't know Drake before camp but I developed some love for him too during the camp.  I am so touched of the song "Take Care" I listen to it on repeat~ It is so sweet and touching /cries/ The dances was cool too~ I was in 7 out of  12-ish.. I wish I had been in Play hard too because of the song and the dance, but since it is burlesque I kind of understand I wasn't picked for it. I'm not sexy. I have ze cute Asian face and that is not meant for sexy dancing lol  but I guess it is okay anyway since I learned the steps kekeke~ But other than that is was so much fun and really enjoyable.. If I can afford it might go again next year (otherwise I would like to go to Japan expo~)

Good morning camp.. 9:25
What is a summer dance camp without "Chair Dance"?
Dance dance dance~ 

After an entire week of dancing~ 
Chilling in front of McD before going home~ 
Emma, Ronja and I~ The mixed cultures 
I had a super fun camp~ Thank you all for making it so amazing and enjoyable~ Especially Aju, Ronja, Filipa and Emma for listening to me and being there for me when I got breakdowns and felt I couldn't handle 'some things' anymore. Thank you guuys~ 

I was told by someone dear that they didn't mind me writing a lot of text while blogging since it is my blog and I can do whatever I want. Post wall of text, post only pictures or don't post at all. It is my choice only and I feel really grateful toward her for telling me this. She actually told me to write MORE text filled with my feelings and thought. I feel less worried about blogging now and I think I just got some motivation~ Thaank you ♥

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