Wednesday, 28 April 2010

»Sakura Flowers and Friday ♥

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Today after school I went to the square to look at the Sakura trees~ Last week when I went to mini Hanami with Zaa-chan and Hannah-chan the Sakura at the square weren’t bloomed~ but today when I went there the flowers were so beautiful~ I couldn’t control myself so of course I took pictures~ People looking at me, maybe they thought I was a tourist or just weird. But to be honest I don’t mind! I am so used to be the weird one~ I hope I have some free time on Saturday to go watch the Sakura trees at Langelinie Park~ they might bloom now~ I will take a lot of pictures~~ *w*

And on Friday there is a sleepover at my old classmate~ Even though there were some misunderstandings and problems about the night I still think it’s going to be fun~ Sadly am I not that excited as Svscon~ and I the pessimist can already see all the bad things which will happen~ xD or I can imagine them~ but somehow I am still looking forward to it!!

Svscon is soon~~ I AM DYING!! *ghsklghajvhadbvhdfbkjadhfæubjadhfnbjadhbladjbfhldf-nbadjbf* My mom bought my wig yesterday I really hope it will come in time ;w; Because I really want to be Chrome at Svscon~

Nothing in particular happened except I am stressing about exams and feel like I am much closer to the boys in my class~~ don’t know why don’t ask me! ><;

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

☂ Catching the weather

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After chatting with people on Facebook yesterday I was sooo Happy.. Seriously I was thinking about it the whole day >0< like Anton from my class watch ANIME?!... I AM TOTALLY CHOCKED! and I still am.. TwT;; but somehow I am happy too because then we can talk about it or have something to talk about~~

but yeah I was thinking about it the whole day~~ and maybe the dream I had yesterday had an influence too.. 8(>////<;)8 I was freaking out all the time almost screaming being totally HYPER... and the fact that I met Yugi this mornning helped a lot too! We finally did it!! We have talked about trying to meet each other in the mornings but I think I am too sleepy to notice...

[changing to Danish ... ><]
Såå idag var en total fed dag! også fordi i fysik timen så legede vi med magneter altså ikke kedelig magnet undervisning. Vi seriøst LEGEDE! Elsker bjarne han er en herre sej lærer 8DD. Det var også helt utrolig i Dansk der var ULTRA stille.. min klasse er normalt en larme klasse.. man kunne bare se vi alle sammen var DØD trætte og ikke orkede noget som helst! xD

Jeg gik lidt tidligere også fordi jeg skulle til ørelægen! D: total nedern! men alligevel var jeg glad for at de havde et blad med noget Alice in Wonderland i~~ bare lidt trist over jeg ikke havde noget tetris spil med.. så kedede mig efter det.. og vejret omg omg totally love, men mærkværdigt! SNE på denne tid?.. jeg var så SUR over jeg ikke fik et billede af det. Det var så smukt total eventyr hogwart agtigt!! også fordi bygningen var så stor og næsten slot a like! xD også regnen tidligere i dag var total smuk og super fantastisk!~ *_____* Tænkte på Tokio Hotel Monsoon! xD elsker reeeegn~~ men nu skinner solen! mon der er en regnbue? OwO;; er så trist over jeg ikke fik billeder af i dagens vejr ;W;

men det har ellers bare været en dejlig og god dag med et total hyggeligt og rart vejr.. måske lidt vådt men godt ♥

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Saturday, 17 April 2010

☀ Hanami first day

Today was the first day of Hanami! Met up with Celia-chan, Trine, Line-sempai and two of her friends! ^__^ Kristine and Emma o,o KEEP forgetting the other girls name... I am sry! TxT I am failing in sticky brain OTZ. The Weather was HORRIBLE! TxT A little bit sun but mostly windy and cloudy. The flowers were not even blooming... I was disappointed! D: but but but I was almost fainting when I saw a Hibari-sama and a Pineapple-sama cosplay! *0* I COULD DIE! I really wanted to stalk them.. *w*;; Their cosplays were so amazing and pwnsome good made! ♥ Especially Hibari’s Tonfas! ♥♥♥ To be honest I was sad that Pineapple didn’t had a trident! But it is hard to make so I understand! Still happeh about Mi-chan is helping me making one! I hope It will turn out good and then I can use it *0* There was a Squalo cosplay too! From when he was young! 8DD Totally すごい! Dunno what to do! TwT Everyone were so amazing.. there was a lot of people wearing Kimono Like Liv, Sirup and Mie~ So envy! I want a kimono too! I think almost everyone were freezing! X0X Soooo cold I even think I caught a cold! I don’t feel well right now! D: I really hope nothing happened... but The most of the day I was walking... my feet are BURNING! Not like Tsuna-chaaan but almost.... xD I feel like I am too KHR addicted/fangirling right now! I was really happy that Mawj was there so she could fangirling with me... ALMOST FAINTING AND SCREAMING... Too addicted... I even joked about making a fanclub for Josephine when she cosplayed Hibari and she has cosplayed Hotaru as well ♥ My totally beloved favourite characters!! But with stalking and having fun I was still disappointed about the Sakura trees not blooming... Last year’s Sakura trees were soo beautiful~

I don’t even wanted to take pictures from this year.. maybe I will go to Langelinie next week to look if the Sakura has bloomed ♥ but yeaah the first day went with STALKING HOT ASIAN BOYS with Celia-chan, Tanya, Yugi and Trine, Stalking Mukuro, Squalo and Hibari ♥, Eating Yugi’s AWESOME おいしい Cake~ and go around looking for people! And say hiii!! Met a lot of people I haven’t seen for ages! TwT made me really happy. The first day was totally enjoyable except for the cold/freezing weather~ I got a new friend too!~~ Name: Simone Cosplay: Megurine Rin. [Spelled?] and she has cosplaying Chrome~~ ♥ We had such a great talk~ I even got her phone number but sadly she doesn’t come tomorrow but I hope we will meet again at Svscon! Hmm... I missed Desirée by my side~~ but the thought of her being happy at home made me happeh <3 ^__^ Hope she will make it next year~~ and hope the Sakura is blooming then.
And as a request from Liv I will go upload all the pictures on Facebook! xD if you want them please tell me then I will send them to you~

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Friday, 16 April 2010

» Environment week over

Hoho this is the cupcake I bought yesterday! ♥ ♥ ♥ I still don't know what to put inside~~ actually I only bought it because I thought of Desirée's small cute cupcakes TxT so I couldn't resist! Maybe I will put candy or stars inside.. I dunno~~ but I just think it was cute~~ 20 DKK in Tiger~ there is another model too a yellow one~~ but personally I think the pink/Purple is much cuter! ♥

And now the environment week is over! Kind of happy because it was boring but saad too! D: I am going to miss the no homework thing! D: School started at 1 pm! owo~ totally nexus!~~~ I even got time to search for a carpet and for the ingredients and recipes for my Lunch box tomorrow! ♥ ♥ Couldn't find the carpet TwT My cute Pig Carpet from Japan!! ♥ ♥ but I have a back up~~ my mom is not going to come tomorrow! So saaad but I am excited to meet all the others~~ Minna-chaaaan let's have a lot of Fuun! ^__^ ♥ ♥ I am going to empty the camera so I can take a lot of pictures~~ ♥ Still have the pictures from the year before last year~ have to take a lot~~ ♥ ♥ Hope everyone will come in Cosplay or J-fashion ♥ Will be perfect for my picture collection ♥

but back to topic.. now when the Environment week is over I have to do my homework! T0T totally boooring Dx I am totally in some Otakuu fliip have to read or Watch something @_@ or else I will just die slowly inside... Recently I have read a lot of Shoujo always end up crying! D: So I really really hope I still have enough time to do both homework AND Watch/Read Anime/manga.

Right now I am not reading any manga at all but my list is really looong! so no time for resting~~ The anime I am watching really closely right now is Gun X sword~ It keep remind me of other animes Like Chrono Crusade! Rosette searching for her brother Joshua.. A character from Gun X Sword is named that as well... and if that isn't enough it reminds me of Final Fantasy Unlimited too! the travel from town to town~ And Van somehow remind me of Kaze-sama! because he always do the same pose and say the same thing when he uses his attack/weapon.. Kaze using Magun and Van using the sword/Dann. but yeaaah I won't get caught! just watching it to the end.. Next Anime on the list is: Nabari no Ou something with King? hmm Like the boy main character!~~

That's for today Jaaanaa~~ みんなちゃんまたあしたね! ✿ 桜祭り ★

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

» Super Shiny Shiny mood

WEATHER WEATHER WEATHER IS SOO SHINY SHINY!~~ Having a walk every night recently because the weather is sunny and warm ♥ My next entry is going to be under Magic~~ Because the weather and horoscope is a big part of my life right now~

Today was a totally BORED day -__-; environment weeek~~ .____. Totally left out.. BORING BORING BORING.. and totally sad making.. felt totally ignored.. but I also felt totally nerd.. talking all the time and answering all the questions.. Hmm when we painted I couldn't paint much because I wasn't allowed and when we made the "air pollution in China" I was scolded by the others for wanting to do the header.. and when we eated Lunch I was scolded again for not explaining math good enough ;A; It's not my fault people don't understand my explanation and sry for talking too much and fast.. Really wanted to screaam and cry.. recently The only thing I want is to scream.. and apologize.. I feel like dumping it all on Line-sempai and I don't mean to do that.. I am Sry Line-sempai.. I am just hopeless... T____T

but the after classes were so enjoyable TwT I was so happeh~ We had 3 English lessons~~ Watching the movie: Once were Warriors~ Began crying.. or almost.. it was so saad but that wasn't the reason for my happiness ♥ My crush was there~ We talked and just looking at him made me happeh~ ♥ Love makes blind I know but I was so happeh my heart beated so fart ♥ ♥ ♥ Remind me of Heartbeat - Stereo Skyline ♥ ^^ but also another boy from my class we had fuun making a bit fun of the movie.. xD after classes the sun was shining~~ laughed so much of a joke about saying hello~ so Random ♥ ♥

Yesterday I finished the enjoyable manga Koko ni iru yo! ♥ Same author as Watashi ni XX shinasai ♥ Still waiting for chapters on WXXS but koko ni iru yo is completed. It's about Sumino-chaan who blogs about her life. she is overlooked but people who comment on her blog help her and then slowly she gets courage to talk to people and her love life is starting too ♥ If I ever was going to make friends on my blog I would cry of happiness~~ because sometimes online friends are as good as offline friends~ After Watashi ni XX Shinasai I waant to make phone/online stories too TwT I want a mobile where I can update things online~~ maybe I will put some of my FF on

I went to singing for last time today~~ don't think I will start in the new term. I really enjoyed it! I think It went pretty good! so hoping maybe next year I can start again~ ♥

Thinking about taking a walk later~~ but that's for today~ Tomorrow! DTU~~

またね、ここにいるよ ♥ 毎日、Commentは100%OK ♥

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

✿ Hana-chan's Blog Design

Done with Hana-chans Blog layout~~ ><; Let me just say I was lazy and out of practice~ Haven't made any GTX the last many months T___T but I hope Hana-chan will like it anyway! I tried to make it as simple as possible~~ Sometimes I have a problem with OVER spammning it with a lot of shiny shiny brushes~

but here is a little exsample~ :3 Click to visit and see it in action or whatever you say! XD

Excited for Hanami and want to use more pictures in my blog... T___T;
+ I have to make a layout for Desirée too when she finds some pictures X9

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Doing: Charge my Ipod~ Have to go for a walk later ♥

Saturday, 10 April 2010

» Gathering memories and B-day party

Today I started doing exercise! xD~~ Almost fainted because I didn't ate any breakfast before~~ So stupid ne~? I guess that is just how I am~ but after eating breakfast I felt OK again~ ^^

After eating breakfast I went out to take a walk together with my brother~ Gathering memories from old times~ TwT I almost began crying seeing the old school, after-school centre and play grounds! We even climbed the trees and I got the opportunity to take pictures ^^

After coming home again~~ we helped decorate everything for my brothers party. The flag kept falling down even though I taped them 5 times T_T They were evil!
but then the guests came and we had a good time talking and eating together~ ICE CREAM TO DESSERT! owo So Happeh Rainbow Ice~ *W* and I got even more memories when Kim and Mi-chan began playing Playstation II ~~ playing old games which we used to play when we were younger T_T I could cry of Happiness! Having such a good time talking and playing~~ and I was happeh too that Mi-chan Liked my present! ^^ ♥

After everyone went home I read manga xD LOL! Citrus love and Boyfriend! owo just figured out that I have boyfriend last chapter in my Nagayoshi Chapter~~ ♥ and I want to make a list for what I have watched/read and which I am missing/want to watch/read xD too many @x@ my Grandcousin always ask me: Don't you ever get tired of Manga? Then I always reply: Don't you get tired of Football? xD It's the same thing ne? xD After my opinion it is! D:

But I had a lot of fun watching football with him afterwards xD Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona!~~ Of course I am with Barcelona! ^^ I SUPPORT CELIA-CHAAN 100% My brothers friend Marhawii or how it's spelled support FCB too~~ xD Smsing with Celia about Football sure is something new~~ but yeaah~~ I think Kim and Celia-chan will have a good talk~ talking about football and how much they like FCB xD ♥ Maybe I will try to let them meet at my sweet 16~ It's soon soo yeaah have to think about it fast! but of course Celia and Kim would say FCB won!~ Yeaaah or something xD don't like football at all xD

That's all for today~

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Friday, 9 April 2010

» Happeh Birthday Mi-chaan

My brother must hate me.. I mean xD calling him Mi-chan.. it's just so girly.. xDD Mi-chan comes from Michiru/Michieru, Michael. ^^ Today is his Birthday! ^^ Happpeh B-day mi-chaaan~ but it's first tomorrow when we are going to celebrate the party, I will give him his present! ^^ I know he don't read my blog so I can write it here ne? or maybe I should just wait to tomorrow~~ and then I can write how he reacted~ X9

I don't think I ever wrote Happeh Easter on the blog~~ wrote to pretty many on CR xD but yeaah I still miss my easter holiday! D: Vent ouy shopping, watching movie, visited Desirée got visit from my childhood friend 'n stuff!~~ I am pretty saad that I didn't got the opportunity to see Line, Ida or zaa-chan~ Even though I talked with Line about it... I was too busy~~ pretty saad~ I would have loved to go on the Cosplay trip with her~ but I was at Desirée's Sister's xD searching for Easter eggs~ ♥ Still hasn't eaten all of it xD I think I will become fat if I do! > 3<;; Try to resist the delicious taste of Chocolate ~~

Starting in school after Easter vacation wasn't that baad~~ Maybe I was a bit tired... Didn't got enough Sleep though D: but I felt that I became closer to my Crush~~ I am begining to talk more to him~~ Which actually make me happeh~ We had cleaning duties together~ but never got an alone moment with him because of the teachers and his friends *siiigh* Which remind me of I AM ANGRY AT HIM RIGHT NOW! Today he just run away when I told him we had to clean up the class~~ T___T but in the end I didn't clean myself xD but the worst part is that he drew on the drawing I planned to give to Pernille~ Feeling totally like a dollmaster drawing the dolls xD I got a psycho/doll fliip in school today! I think it was because I had to draw or imagine how Rion should look like~~ so I draw a doll to Pernille and I eased all the ugly and weird drawing my crush drew at it xD I even ended up drawing a cheshire wannabe girl version thing owo; even gave it a tail after Anja told me it looked like it~~ smiling too much xDD but Next week we have environment week~~ About the climate and CO2~~ my group is the only one which has to visit DTU~~ maybe I will meet my cousins.. oonly maybe!

btw Rion is my OC on a new RPG Desirée just made~~ based on the Little Red Riding Hood/Little Red Cap Y'know the little girl with the red hood. Something about the live after the death and stuff~ and then a wolf which chose whereever you go after that heaven or hell. I actually began thinking on The lovely bone~ owo The LONELY bone.. xD About Susie dying and wandering around the world between heaven and earth~~

I actually Wanted to write a story~ using Rion and some other of my OC in a story based on real life~~ owo but didn't got the patience to start~~ so only thinking~
Stories in mind right now:
Realistic shoujo Love story
Harvest moon
The ability to rise from the dead
The lovely bone death story with Rion
私の夢世界 ☆
True seasons
Love written with blood + extra stories
Only a dream away
Varia Story [From a dream]
Mysterious Twins~ [Cliché? maybe a bit Arisa~]
Something Chocolate cosmos ♥
etc.. I am just too lazy to write~ maybe I will begin later XD writing blog is enough writing for me so far! xD

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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

☆ 2 New Series

Kaichou wa Maid-sama
After watching/Reading Kaichou wa maid-sama~~ I felt totally happeh!~~ and saad about I don't have a love life.. TxT I am just the emo person who reads shoujo LOVE stories... but I totally fell in love with it! Actually thinking about cosplaying Misaki-chaan owo because I might be a bit crazy like her.. ~~ Not sure if she is tsundere... but I like her personality~ ^^ It's so cute!!

I also concidered to start working as a maid TwT I think the maid uniform is so cute~~ but sadly there is none cute maid cafés in Denmark D: and I think there would only come old perverted men... Actually I have a maid costume~~ but I think It's too small now.. xD Afterall I bought it in Japan for 3 years ago.. but maybe I will try it tomorrow or soon~~ ^__^ I want a kimono... TxT *random* but if there ever open a maid or otaku/costume café in Denmark I want to work there~~ especially if you have to rode roller-skates~~ LOVE those ♥ but my mom throw my roller-skates out.. So meaaan.. she said she would buy me some new.. but it never happened.. still wishing and waiting for the sewing-machine ♥

Short plot:
Kaichou wa maid-sama is about a girl named Ayusawa Misaki. She is very poor, strong and hardworking girl. She works part-time as a maid on a café called Café-latte to help the family. Misaki is going on an almost all-guy school and is the student council president. She is known as the demon president, because she is strong, fight against the boys and it really strict when it comes to the rules on the school. Misaki keep her part time job a secret, because she don't want the boys to look down on her as a weak girl. but after the boy Usui Takumi finds out. He begins to threat Misaki all the time at work and at school. Usui keep telling misaki that she is cute and he likes her. but Misaki don't know if she should take it serious or not. The relationship between them begins to grow and love moments start to happen~~ ♥ ♥ ♥

A totally LOVE LOVE LOVE ROMANTIC Shoujo manga/anime~ ♥

Other Names: Maid Sama!
Ranking: ★★★★☆
Type: Manga and Anime
Episodes/Chapters: 1 epi. ongoing - 47 Chap. ongoing
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School life, shoujo
Links: [manga] [Anime] [info]
Favourite: Ayusawa Misaki, Usui Takumi, Kanou, Yukimura, suzuna, Hinata Shintani, Aoi

Mayoi Neko Overrun
Hoho Just began watching and reading this manga/anime~~ Loooks totally cute!! xD somehow remind me of Toradora ♥ It looked really cute and I didn't know what else to do so yeaah~~

Watched episode 1 and read the 3 chapters owo I think I will go on reading/watching it~~ NOTICE IT'S NOT HENTAI.. and the Ecchi mode isn't bad. Just normal Love hina ecchi I guess owo; You won't die if you read/watch it if you dislike nudeness! owo~

I can't give a plot with such small informations ><; but the only thing I can say: Watch/read it yourself! xD

Other Names: -
Ranking: ☆☆☆☆☆ [Can't jugde]
Type: Manga and Anime
Episodes/Chapters: 1 epi. ongoing - 3 Chap. Monthly
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Harem
Links: [manga] [Anime] [info]
Favourite: Don't know enough

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

~Memories ♥

Hoho~~ Dear oh dear~~ I LOVE memories TwT Makes me sooo happeh ♥

The Childhood friend
Yesterday I was together with my childhood friend! ^^ It seems like she became a Otaku like myself! xD or maybe I am a bit more Nerd/addicted than her! xD but yesterday she came over and we hat a lot of fun~ Of course we where on the computer, watching anime, reading manga and watching movies! xD We looked all the most popular/best/worst etc. manga and animes xD we searched for FMA and KHR trying to find out which ranking it had!! xD and which was best! XDD I was totally saad that I couldn't find KHR on Animenewsnetwork D: or it was ranked pretty low but It's pretty new? hmm..hmm?.. and it's forst now that everyone actually begins to like it ne? xD but KHR was ranked 1st place on Animeseason!! xD I was soo happeh ♥ but FMA totally owned ANN!! xD~~ We watched Kaichou wa Maid-sama! ♥♥♥ Totally in love witht the story >//w//< let's just say we nerded a lot!!! owo;; we even watched Wall-E ♥ after the movie she had to go D: but we had a totally nice day! ^^

An Old classmate
I also talked a bit with an old classmate! ♥ It's been so long and we used to hang out almost everyday after school! Nerding and shopping having a lot of fuuun! TxT; I was pretty saaad when she transfered to another school! but we are already Talking about seeing each other again soon!~~ ♥ but I am happeh that she is having a geart time at her new school ♥ ^^ Let's see each other again Soon Ida-chaaan~~ We are going to make a Otaku night~~ with a lot of Sugar and Anime!! and don't forgot Anime dances too! ♥ ♥ ♥

Mood: Smiiile deshuu~
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