Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dinner and birthday

The 15th of April my friend brammer held a birthday dinner for some of his friends.
we ate at charlottelund castle restaurent~

The food was quite Danish (?) and there was a lot I disliked because I'm picky haha but the food I liked, was delicious Especially the dessert was quite tasty

even though most of my friends didn't like the ice cream, I found it rather nice. A special taste indeed, a sour taste xD but well I really do enjoy eating sour things.

It was a really nice evening and I really enjoyed it It was so nice to see everyone again~

My outfit

And some pictures from the evening

Then the 21st of April Brammer and Johan threw a 18 years old birthday party at svanemøllen.

I went to Celia's house earlier to watch ‘Captain America’ but instead we just ended with chilling~ I was biking to her place and omg forests, hills and crappy rainy weather haha first rain, then hailstones and lastly sun haha. I forgot to check geocatches but I will definitely bike there again to find them

Later I went to Zarah's place to warm and dress up for the party. Trine, Trini, Tea and Rasmus (who came later) were there as well~ it is so much fun to dress up together. We even played some drunk games like waterfall and pyramid

The party was fun~ xD it was really cosy but sadly the alcohol made me tired rather fast but I still enjoyed it~

I slept at Zarah's place, but since she wanted to go clubbing in town I went with her~ but well I'm a minor so I couldn't go in, I guess I look waay too childish xD I didn't want to ruin it for Zarah so I went to her place by myself~ seriously I was so scared, I am so paranoid and to walk in town alone.. Not my thing, I even got lost ;___; or I thought I was lost but in reality I just started to panic when there were less and less people on the streets. Because in the beginning I was fine, it was later I started to become paranoid~ but I got there safe and sound and had a nice day

Pictures from the party

リ ー ナ  O U T

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Keukenhof and Flowermanics

I finally managed to put my pictures from my Holland trip on my computer, so here is a small picture entry of the flowers at Keukenhof in Holland~ Keukenhof is a flower park display with many kind of flowers mostly Tulips and orchids~
I wish I had taken a picture of my mom and her boyfriend's face expression when we arrived haha, so gorgeous XD They both love flowers so much that we spended like 3-5 hours in the park xD


Outfit from the day at Keukenhof

Some pictures from Amsterdam and the hotel

Lastly short about Geocatching
Yep you need a GPS or be a cheat like me and use Google maps! XD It works fine too!
It is free to play, the official site is Geocatching They will explain everything and how to get the coordination of a catch etc. Of course if you have questions don't hesitate and ask, I will do my best to answer the question and explain~
btw I found two catches in Holland / Germany hehe~ I feel a bit proud now xD

リ ー ナ  O U T

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Holland / Germany day 1

As mentioned yesterday we drove through Germany to Holland
Our first stop was Flensborg which wasn’t anything special since it is a lot like Denmark hehe~ but I was out geocatching which has become one of my new hobbies~ it is a kind of treasure hunting taking place all over the world but since I’m still n00b I didn’t find any of the catches I even went to the places and searched so much.. but I’m not giving up I intend to search on our way back to Denmark too, if there is time

Our second stop was in Hamburg. It is a nice city~ we only stayed for a couple of hours though, and most of the time was spent in the botanic garden, after my mom and her boyfriend’s wish. It was freezing cold and a bit lame and boring, since almost none of the flowers was bloomed, but those which were was really pretty. Especially the sakura trees and the tulip trees

It was so freezing and my fingers were so cold, that I almost couldn’t feel anything. So most of my pictures are shaky or blurry! but I found my first out-of-country geocatch!~ I’m so proud! I even got my family to help me search for the second one, but unfortunately we didn’t find it.

My brothers computer can't load my camera card so no pictures for now ;w;

Today I am going to Amsterdam to watch more flowers lol~

リ ー ナ  O U T