Monday, 13 May 2013


So I'm currently working on a new layout to get myself motivated to blog again. Right now I'm in the middle of exams so I think it will take a while before I'm done with the layout changes but hopefully around July I'll be all set up and ready to go! Especially since I plan to go to Asia this summer vacation so being able to blog about the trip would be nice!

I don't know if I will make the blog a more text based blog, since I'm really bad at remembering to upload pictures and take them for that sake. That is actually also the main reason for me not blogging here cause I feel obligated to put in emojis, pretty text hovers and pictures to make it be blog like, but I think I will change that fact and make this a more text based blog, of course I will keep emojis to keep it less heavy but I think most of my 'picture' entries will be directed to either tumblr, instragram or facebook.

I actually updated my page so if anyone is interested in finding my other blogs/accounts and what so ever here is a link [Hitode@Flavours] and I made a small Japanese practice blog on tumblr too, and hopefully I will be able to put in a picture once in a while if anyone would be interested [Jpblog@tumblr]. and while I am at it, here is the link to the my blog posts on tumblr [blog@tumblr] or for more personal small relate entries go here [Personal@tumblr].

And to end it all, I changed my URL from Liinohon to Umisekai. Well I'm still saving the URL name and right now it just redirects to the new URL, so no worries about remembering anything new. If you wonder why I changed it.. Well I dunno just  needed a change maybe? I'm trying to find a net name though I don't really think I will find one which satisfy me so right now I just stick to Hitode and Agentmanga, everything will be just fine with that.

Well that is all for now, I will be back later sometime with layout change! ^^)/

リ ー ナ  O U T