Monday, 21 February 2011

Winter holidays

You and I left our troubles far behind, troubles far behind
But I still have just one more question on my mind
For all my pals who live in the oceans and the seas
With friends like these well, who needs enemies
Owl city - The bird & the worm

Today I started in school again after a weeks holiday~ I was really busy so I didn't really had time to blog D: and since my lesson is cancelled I felt like blogging~~ ^^


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

JellyFish Princess - 海月姫

Tokyo niwa ha, ohimesan ga imasu
Tsuyoi, utsukushii otoko no ohime ga

Tsukimi - Kurage Hime

Goodmorning Everyone~

Last night I worked on my new layout, inspired by KurageHime~ That explain the title, Jellyfish Princess~ I was really inspired and fascinated by the anime, about how Tsukimi a dull Fujishi could transform into a beautiful princess~ a Jellyfish Princess ^__^ I was told that Tsukimi was a bit alike me~ and well after being told that I got really into Jellyfishes x3 Well sometimes they are really beautiful other times they are just disgusting.. to be honest I would never be a Jellyfish Fujishi and won't touch them, but I have been drawing them all over my papers lately~ ^^ They are pretty easy and Funny to draw~

The Jellyfish is btw drawn by my friend Desirée

Almost everytime I change my layout is after I helped Zaa-chan making one~ It kinda motivate me after making one I feel like making another one~ I love to be creative and design the different layouts~~ Everytime is a challenge~

but btw I hope you enjoy my layout, and I hope the text it readable~

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Monday, 14 February 2011

» Happy Valentine's day ♥

If you want a pretty, every wanna pretty
Andoendaneun mameun
No no no no
If you want a pretty, every wanna pretty
Eodiseona dangdanghage geotgi

happy Valentine's day everyone~~ x3

Taken by: MLFA

Yesterday I spontaneous went to a loli meet up~ well the truth is I was going to meet up with my friend Kristine to give her Valentine's chocolate, but then she told me there was a loli meet up and then well yeah I attented, not dressed up as loli at all... not even J-fashion stylish.. but I don't regret going.

First up we went to ARoS, there is a new Rainbow at the top! +w+ but we didn't go up because it's not finished I guess?.. I'm actually not sure what we were supposed to see~ I guess we just walked inside randomly~ ^^; but random is good at times ♥ We started with eating cakes~ *O* It looked to delicious and it tasted really good~ sadly I can't eat buttercream, to much fat after my opinion, just like I can't eat cheese cake..

After eating cakes we walked around and looked at the different arts.. Everyone was dressed so cute and beautiful as lolitas~ Even some people at the museum started to ask if we were dressed up for a special reason, some people even praised the lolis~ Well what can I say? They were really all so pretty ^^b

The only exhibition I actually found cool/cute was the small bears~ the only reason is they looked cute and when you wore some special glasses there would be a lot of rainbow all over them~ Yaay for Rainbows! x'D but just being with the lolitas was wonderful~ ^__^ I had a lot of fun and even though I only thought I would stay for a couple of minutes or half an hour I stayed for like 4 hours or something around there! but I don't regret it~ I'm actually really happy for staying because I feel like I got to know the people better and they all seems like sweet and lovely persons~ ★ I would love to spend more time together with them~

Today I held a small birthday for my mom and her boyfriend~ the people was nice, but they were 'old' or should I say older than me, so I kinda found it difficult to start a conversation, they were all university professors or students, and then me a simple high school student.. well yeah.. but I got the premission to make the cake Wee~ I personal think it was waay too sweet.. but I hope the others liked it~

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Monday, 7 February 2011

» Friends and TANGLED ♥

And so i'll read a book
Or maybe two or three
I'll add a few new paintings
To my gallery

As always my Entries come up too late ;___; It is just that I can't make myself blog on a weekday and usually I just don't have the time.. but I'll try to blog on the actual day! *^*)b 頑張っています ★


Thursday, 3 February 2011

» Celebrating Chinese New year


Another late entry ;____; the chinese new years eve this year was February 2nd. and this year it is the Rabbits year~ people born in 2011, 1999, 1987 and 1975. Just count 12 backward if you are older. My mom is Rabbit and I have a 2 uncles who are Rabbits as well so we kinda celebrated their year too~

The 2nd I went to Parkour as usual but before that my mom, Martin, My brother and I were going to eat at a chinese restaurent, but it was closed every wednesday so I ended up eating Mc D. lol I felt so damn fat ;__; and I failed a bit to Parkour as well.. but other than that after Parkour I got to eat my favourite Pizza! Garlic Pizza *O* because I had to go to Parkour I couldn't dress up! ;__; but

the 3rd I was invited to my mother's aunt's New years eve dinner something~ This time I got to dress up~ It is a tradition to wear something red at New year because red symbols fortune!~ The only thing you do to these New years eve celebrations is eat! x'D so now a food spaam

Because of my Grand cousin's Fiance's mother had Birthday we also got layer cake! x'D It has been soo long since I last time tasted a layer cake with out whiped cream *O* and it was really tasty because it was really sour. The raspberry cream was a bit sour but the marzipan around the cake was really sweet~ a perfect combination~ om nom nom nom

There were so many other desserts as well but I kinda forgot to take pictures, I just started to eat lol.. ♥ Sometimes I hate to visit my mother's aunt because there is ALWAYS SO MUCH FOOD and A LOT of desserts... I am seriously going to get fat.. and I am still going to eat the next two days ;__; Saturday is Waffles and Sunday is my grand cousins Birthday so well more food.... I have to do A LOT of exercise if I want to avoid getting fatter! but luckily I'm going to Parkour monday.. and I have the feeling it is going to be really hard >__< My outfit~ I didn't had anything red really so used Pink instead ♥

BTW I can't wait for this awesome Weekend to start ♥ Friday with Julie, Saturday with my class and Sunday is my grand cousins Birthday + the day I'll se TANGLED ♥ ♥ ♥ Look forward to entry spaam ♥

+ I GOT A THUMBLR Cute Starfish

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

» Birthday at Svendborg

Late post is late! D:

So the previous weekend I went to a Svendborg to Celebrate 'the twins' Bara and Barbara and Kyouki's Birthday~ ^^ I met up with Mie at Copenhagen Central station and we headed toward Svendborg together~ I was really glad that I could go with her, because then I had someone to talk with (no ipod ;__;) and because then a had a chance to get to know her better~ ^^ I really enjoyed her company and she was really easy to talk with~

When we arrived at Svendborg west station Bara picked us up and we walked to her and her sisters apartment~ Everybody else was already there, it was so cosy and bright~ We sat down talking to everyone and laughing at Samie's random comment ♥

then we got some muffins while we waiting for the cakes~ *O* They were so AWESOME~ Liv who is about to be educated as a conditor made such AWESOMENESS cakes~ and om nom nom they tasted good! strawberry and mint chocolate is yummy!~ We also got hot cocoa to the cake total FTW ♥

Made by Liv~

Made by Liv~

For dinner we ate tortilla~ om nom nom x3 it was really delicious, I think I ate 3 @___@ I feel kinda fat now, after eating cake, muffin and now tortilla haha~ After eating we playing some games, like 'fortune-teller' and 'guess and grimace' or maybe in english you could call it 'mime master' ^^ it's the pick a note, try to make other people guess what is written by miming it without saying anything~ It was so funny.. some of them were really hard to guess haha! but we had a lot of fun laughing our asses of ♥

Later on we watched it cloudy with a chance for meatballs! xD I really love that movie and to rewatch it in English was pretty funny~ ♥ I really like flint and his total crazy ideas! xD Spray on shoes? lol ♥

I went home the day after~ and well because I'm a bit stupid I looked at the wrong time on my paper, so I didn't get to my train in time ;__; actually I got an whole hour late.. I had looked at Odense to Copenhagen, but I had to go on the train from Svendborg first *sob sob* but well I took the chance and took another train home without buying a new ticket... I felt like my stomach was going to be eaten and I felt nauseous.. and well I didn't got checked, which was a bit of a shock to me.. but well I have learned my lesson. LOOK CAREFULLY what is written on the paper ^__^;

While being sick to my stomach I enjoyed the beautiful sky~

but I had a wonderful weekend with some nice people ♥ and I can't wait to see many of them again to Okashii ♥

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