Monday, 29 October 2012


it has been a while, and I know I promised a entry about Närcon and actually I was going to do a Genki entry as well, but truth to be told I don't think my brain will let me do it! Instead I will try to blog more everyday stuff especially now that I got my ipod back

just a small update on my life~ I started in Chinese school and started dancing again! Wish me good luck~

and I'm trying or considering using make up in my everyday, even though I'm scared of ruining the small amount of self confidence I just collected during the last three years.. heh any opinions on this would be nice~

Thaank you for sticking around for so long even without any updates! It means the world to me!! THANK THANK THANK THANK YOU

See you in the very near future~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I really wanted to blog while I was in china, but since blogspot was blocked (a part of google) i couldn't but truth to be told, i didn't do anything really exciting in china. i only went to shanghai for one day and the rest of the time i was staying at my grandparents place, my hometown.

I flew to china the 30th of June and arrived back in Denmark the 17th of July. Even though I didn't do anything special I had a really good time just hanging out with my cousins and doing simple normal Chinese teenage things. we went to see movies, sang karaoke, river rafted, going to hot springs etc. the only two bad things were the all the annoying mosquito which just didn't want to stop sucking my blood and the humid weather. I was really too hot otherwise everything was amazing~ I really miss it, and hope I will be able to go again soon!

some memories
pictures taken by my cousin~

After coming home from china, I started working~ I got a job at a bakery I really like it there, it is really nice and fun! it can be a bit tiring and boring sometimes to wake up at 6 am in the weekends and just stare into the air for hours when there aren't any costumers, but that is why I crime ride and bring my nintendo (* ̄∇ ̄*)エヘヘ

Then the 21st of July and 22nd of July I went to birthday parties. the 21st of July was for Tati where we had masked ball as theme~ I totally forgot to buy or make a mask in time so I had to make one out of cardboard, whatever laces and fabric I had, I didn't have elastics so I had to use my hairpins and a hair slide to fasten the mask on my head it was actually quite fun to make~

The birthday on the 22nd of July was for Trini and Andy we went to the beach to have a bbq party~ there was so much food I couldn't even, I remember it all as eating, playing rounders and just having a nice time with everyone. it is really nice to be back in Denmark and hang out with friends~ I have missed everyone so much!

Heavy coming home from Shanghai, and everyone wanted to give him a surprise~ Trini is not amused~ Pictures by Peter

Next entry will be about NCC at Närcon~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Sunday, 24 June 2012

18 years

Today is my 18th birthday~ I can't really believe that I'm already 18. Somewhere in my mind I'm still 12 and just started going to conventions. Times fly by so fast and things change even though we don't even notice it. I even got all the 'spam' letters from Banks and the government telling me I'm allowed to vote etc. etc. It is so weird~

I celebrated my birthday the 9th of June with some of the friends I have made from conventions and my family. It was more a cosy get together with food and dancing than actually party hard with alcohol. I was so happy to see so many of my friends. Both those who live nearby and those who live a bit farther. I think and hope everyone had a good time and I was so happy to see how well everyone had fun together. I also got so many wonderful present and I can't even describe how happy it made me feel celebrating my birthday with everyone. I almost wanted to cry. So again thank you everyone for coming and for the lovely, inspiring and amazing presents!

I especially want to thank my family for their support so far for everything. Sometimes you are annoying and sometimes you are lovely but no matter what I will always love you, because we are family~

My Outfit from my birthday

This years birthday has been so wonderful~ Even though it has been raining all day~ I like rain though, as long as I'm inside and not getting soaked from it. It is so refreshing and relaxing. Like it is washing all my pain and worries away but Thank you everyone for the nice and sweet messages I have got on Facebook, Skype, SMS, E-mail, letters and Tumblr ;__; I am so happy and I love you all

-WARNING: wall of text-

Now that I have turned 18 I'm also starting to wonder a bit about what to do with my life. I have many hobbies and interest and I don't know how I am going to make time for them all. I feel like I'm wasting my time doing nothing. I'm not even sure what I want to do after high school and I'm in my third and last year after the summer break. Of course I have the break to think about it and yes I have one year after that too, but as it seems right now I don't have any clues at all. I don't know if I should take up my Piano lessons again, Start dancing or maybe even practice singing again. I also still consider if I should learn Japanese or Korean or just stick with Chinese and Cantonese on the site. I also want to be able to draw and take pictures to reflect my thought and feelings. I want to be able to capture memories and feelings in videos and in pictures and of course I want to be able to sew something cute and pretty and maybe eventually make a cosplay I can show off proudly. Origami has also been really inspiring and same goes with other kind of paper craft. I also enjoy watching movies, anime and dramas and from time to time reading a book or two. Baking and cooking are also worth spending time on, I especially love to decorate desserts and make my hair pretty. Make up has not always been my thing but when I see make up artist I feel their beauty and get inspired to do make up myself, even though I know I tend to be too lazy to put it on and remove it afterwards. I love to design things and write advanced codes and design pretty web layouts. Making funny gifs and writing odd stories are also things which I love to do. Sometimes I also miss being scout, sleeping in the nature, feel the nature and explore it. Solve mysteries, sending secret codes and testing my knowledge on Sherlock Holmes. Finding my inner psychologist and philosopher trying to figure out the brain and the human thought. Exploring the stars and the mysteries of the planets and the enormous Universe. Travelling in time to the wonders of SCI-FI and new technologies to the past unsolved mysteries and old myth and folk tales. Learning new cultures and old traditions as well as the different animals and plant from all over the world. Listening to music from all over the world from old to new times, and looking at the different styles and fashion from old times to present. So many things I want to do, so many things I want to know and so many things I want to explore but a day only had 24 hours and a life only have a limited number of days. I don't know where to start and I don't know how to begin. please tell me to see what time brings and just follow the flow, but I just feel I'm wasting my time waiting and flowing.. and in one year can you really achieve so many things? I wonder. I think I better stop thinking about it, I could go on forever and ever and ever, walking around in circles in this mess I made up in my own mind~
-END of wall of text-

BTW; I (Trini) dyed my hair brown or maybe it is more purpleish or that is what some of my friends say haha~ but now I think I will be going back to studying ;__;

リ ー ナ  O U T

Friday, 25 May 2012

Beach dancing

Last Friday I started the day going to dance fit in fitness world. It was a mix of hip hop and funk. It was entertaining but I would have liked more koregraphy with both arms and legs. I have to admit I find Zumba much more entertaining. It was good training without doubt and I think I will join again~
Of some reason I have started to dance again which I'm really glad about. I love danceing and moving my body~ I am just a bit shy when it comes to showing it to others.

After fitness I went out shopping with Ari. We went to different places such as H&M and Bianco footwear. I bought an eyeliner, a concealer and a moustache ring. There was only one left so It is a bit too big even though the size was small but I really like it. Ari bought some really cute dresses, I hope I can see her wearing them soon. You can really feel that the summer has arrived~

After shopping I went to Amager beach with some guys from my class. We grilled and enjoyed the good weather. We didn't bathe but just eating, relaxing and enjoying ourselves~ it's nice after a long period of hard work in school

I left earlier from the beach go a carneval at fælledparken I wanted to dance latin mix with the zumba team from fitness~ we actually wanted to go to the brazilian tent but this year there was only one south American tent which only played mainstream music... We did dance though and I had a super nice time~ and fortunately there were not as many creepers as expected haha~~


リ ー ナ  O U T

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I finished my last written exam friday so now I only have orals left I can't really believe that I'm almost done with my second year and only have one year left in high school~~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Later friday cute Tati-chin drove me to this year’s Svscon in Herning. We arrived a bit late but I don't really think I missed something important (other than awesome cosplays. The hunger games cosplay (ノД` )) I borrowed Tati's saki (Higashi no Eden) wig so I wandered around as a redhead

Tati and I before arriving at the con Me as random redhead and Tat as Tsukimi

Saturday I wore my Regret wig from Are you Alice I don't think many people recognized me at first, I guess it is weird for Asians having blonde hair after all σ(^_^;)

Picture taken by sweet Line

This year's cosplay show was one of the best ever. There were only 16 groups and this year there were only one vocaloid and one hetalia group this year. Their acts were pretty fun/cute, so I didn't die of auto repeat the standard this year was really high too. It was incredible and I am amazed about how much it keeps rising~ I can never reach their standards my favourite groups were; twisted disney princesses and howl's moving castle but really Assassin's Creed, Scooby Doo do and Ao no Exorcist was really nice too

Ari and I before the show

The rest of saturday went with walking around the con taking pictures and joining quizzes and events~ later at night I played mafia~ I have missed playing it so much, usually we hold it at Rasmus' place once in a while but since he is at an adult education college we haven't played for a long time.. so playing it at Svs was so nice, meeting new players who pwn me is fun~~

Sunday was really relaxing~ I only joined two events. Svscon's future and hobo cosplay. The hobo cosplay event was so much fun, my teammates (Louise and kyouki) and I made vocaloid - kagamime rin magnet and tiger in his old super hero suit from tiger and bunny. The other groups made mario, pikachu, katniss and c.c etc etc it was funny and hilarious~

Me as Magnet - Kagamine Rin
Picture by Sascha

Barbara as Pikachu~
Picture taken by Line

Picture by Line

The con was really really relaxing and nice~ I really enjoyed my time even though I caught the usual after con sickness.. I can't believe it is over already ~ I already miss it all and looking forward to Genki '12~
Special thanks to; Ari, Tat, Casper, Sabine, Lea, Kristine, team aveøre, Line, Pernille and many many more for making the con awesome
And people who weren't attending but were there mentally; Johanne, Melanie, Kathrine, Sabrina, Aybike, Sille etc. even though you guys weren't here I sent all of you a thought~ I hope to see you guys soon

Do Not make the weeping Angel Angry else she will become the grudge...

Thank you all for a super relaxing and nice SVSCON 2012

P.S if you can read Danish or just have an interest in Danish cosplay
Then I think you should check the Danish cosplay magazine Dkos out~ first release is out 1st June~ I believe the magazine has a bright future and will be a helpful and enjoyable magazine for all kind of cosplayers in Denmark~ I can't wait to read it myself~ [Facebook]

リ ー ナ  O U T