Friday, 13 June 2014

20140613 ★ When did time pass so fast?

It is already june and I was so sure I would make myself blog some more but of course I ended up not doing so. It has already been 3 months and well what have happened in my life during those 3 months you ask? SO MUCH, I don't even know where to start.

I have been going to Korea, where I met up with my Korean penpal, travelled alone for the first time. Lost my ipod and tried staying at a hostel. Met new friends and experienced a lot of differences in culture. Walked around with strangers and went to live Jazz cafés. Not to mention of course I went crazy fangirl and waited outside of SM builing in the belief I would meet EXO. Only got a short glimpse of Tao in a rush haha.  It was a blast and I already miss it a lot. I took so many pictures and saw so many things. I don't even believe I really went. It all felt like a dream. I have to admit I'm a bit sad I never got around to blog as I intended to do while I was away. Same with my Vlog just never got around to edit or upload it.  Did record a lot of videos though. I don't think I'm suit for Vlog around the world but maybe more "I'm just talking" Vlogs.. (which reminds me I found the coolest anime reviewer on YT ever. she speaks so fast and omg the things she says!! image )  I dunno well I have been told I should definitely try Vlogs since I talk like a waterfall lol

then I have been to Copenhagen Sakura festival which was super enjoyable. This year they didn't hit the sakura trees at their best but not at their worst either. I saw a lot of sakura in Korea so I went mostly for the people. I only went Saturday and didn't see some of the people I wanted to see the most but I did enjoy myself a lot anyway. I got to dance bon odori (盆踊り) which is the thing I look forward to the most each year. I love the dances and I always feel so elegant while doing them. Once again I didn't get to wear a kimono or a yukata which is a dream of mine. I hope one day I can go to the Sakura festival in a Kimono while dancing bon odori image I made my own bento with Kim bab (김밥) and small onigiris (おにぎり). It was super delicious and if it didn't take so much time I wouldn't mind eating it everyday for school lunch.   I also got to meet new people, which is rare these days. I have the feeling I know the entire Japan loving community but that is of course an exaggeration. I even got introduced to this dance group and I ended up joining cause well who don't want to see beautiful ladies shake their ass and do smexy moves? Well I do want to see that so well now I'm in a dance group too. 

Other than that I have been going to small parties or went clubbing with friends. Nothing super special other than that. but sometimes everyday chilling is all that is needed. I'm going to Japan Expo & China this summer. I don't know if Blogspot is blogged in China or not, but I will do my best to see if I can manage to make one or two entries since I'm staying for so long. Also if I have time and energy I will try to do small entries about Japan expo.

For now better go back to studying. 2 exams left and 206 bones, 203 joints and a lot more muscles to memorize. I hope I'll have more time and will to put in a fight.
(Ps I hope to change my theme /sobs/ and make an entry with pictures some time soon~)

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