Sunday, 24 July 2011

Manga and Anime Addict

Just a small quick entry, which hasn't anything to do with anything.. I'm still behind the schedule.. but I'm working on it... *writing on the next entry from 20110715 - 20110720*

but do you guys remember how I always tend to finish manga and anime really fast?.. Well I'm too lazy to make an entry every time and such.. so I have finally pulled myself together to update my Myanimelist So if any of you are interested in which manga and anime I read/watch (not completely updated ^^;) or have completed then visit my Myanimelist

My Anime List

My Manga List

and for those who haven't noticed it... I have a flav account too.. which connect all my accounts from different sites~ please take a look?

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

20110711 - 20110714

From this entry on I’ll start writing the date in the title or the start date to the end date, because I’m always a week or more late and I want to blog about everything.. so I think it will be easier. If not I’ll just go back to naming my entries! ^^b

Monday the 11th of July I went to my friend Yoshu’s.
She promised to teach me how to make satin ribbon roses (that’s why I bought it the other day)
I’m a bit n00b at everything Cosplay related and since I’m Yoshu’s #1 fan, I thought I would make her teach me the secret behind her rose making skills. I have tried making one using a tutorial by Cosmag, but I didn’t understand it at all, I thought it was confusing
So now another chance to learn! ^^
I’m a really quick learner, so it wasn’t much ‘work’ to do it was more like something we did on the side while talking and having a good time. My final result~

It was actually my first time, visiting Yoshu and it was really nice and you feel so welcome in her house~ I’m looking forward to next time because we are going to watch Disney movies! Thanks for a nice day~

Tuesday the 12th of July, I had an agreement with a friend, or in my head it was a date lol
We ate ice cream and we or I did a lot of shopping ~

After I finished shopping we went to his house, to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, because I still haven’t watched them! >U< and well a lot happened on the train and we got to talk things out. And well shortly said I’m now in a relationship~
The movies btw are awesome! Scary but awesome!.. Jack Sparrow’s personality is om nom nom nom for reals!~ You can’t say what he is thinking if he is on the good or bad side, haha~
After watching the movies I got picked up by my parents and in my opinion I ended in a really embarrassing situation.. >U< ehe… Next time I’ll just take the bus home lol~ Wednesday and Thursday were spent with my friend Tatiana~ She picked me up at Albertslund station, and WTF? There are two stations named the same.. so it gets seriously confusing, and of course did I end up at the wrong Albertslund station, but hey we are awesome so of course we solved the problem!

Our day went with a lot of geeking, talking, milkshake drinking and laughing~
I got to reread Honey hunt which is a super cute shoujo series I could seriously die for the guys! They are so adorable.. and the story and ;___; waaa it’s so cute, actually not really melancholic but just touching.. or so do I think..

We also watched Yosuga no Sora which I really don’t recommend… It wasn’t bad or anything.. it’s just you wouldn’t expect it to be a harem, ecchi, visual novel anime until you reach to the episode where the main character has sex with all the female protagonists.. not recommended.. oh and it’s really cliché.. and one of the characters make you want to kill her.. seriously I H A T E her, the series would be so better off her!
but I liked the art and you might ask, how did you guys pick it? We were searched for some romance shoujo anime and we liked the art so Ta daaah… the site just forgot to put mature, ecchi and harem on the genre list..

but otherwise we had a lot of fun with joking and such~ I’m totally in love with cats now! Not that much that I want to cry *joke joke* (Tat you know what I mean xb) but really She has the cutest fattest cat, I might even consider marrying them xD LOL

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

☆ Friend or Foe? ☆

Thursday the 7th of July I went out shopping with my grand cousin’s girlfriend~
The weather was so wet and grey, and of course it started to rain as well ☂ but luckily I brought my umbrella so we just hid under it.
We went to Lyngby shopping centre there weren’t many people so it was easy to walk around.

We went to a lot of different shops and I bought a bag from H&M, different useless crap from Søstrene Grene and some satin ribbon for later use. Otherwise we just walked around and talked about how sorry it was for us not being in China with the rest of the family celebrating my eldest grand cousin’s wedding.. but hey we can have fun in Denmark too
And it is nice to be home for once~ I’m usually always out on my vacations.


The 9th of July I went to a mafia meet up~
Mafia is a RPG game (I think), where you get an role you have to play. There are villagers who are innocent and have to kill the mafia to win, the mafia is those who kill innocent villagers at night, and the mafia wins when there are only as many villagers left as there are mafias. Then there is a doctor who can save a villager at night, from being killed by the mafia and then there is a sheriff who can ‘look’ people up if they are a mafia or not, both sheriff and doctor are on the villagers’ side (obviously). There are other roles too, but the most common are those four.

I met up with Line-chan at Vanløse station and then we went together on our bikes to Rasmus’ house~
The weather was really hot so biking was really nice, I think I would have died if I had taken the train or even worse the bus

When we arrived we started out with gaming Crash team racing or something and Tekken 6 while waiting for the rest to arrive. I seriously suck at car games, so when I played Crash team racing, I always ended on 4th place I even had to use Line as help because I sucked so hard!

People arrived shortly after and the game began!~ I’m way too curious so I just talk a lot and say a lot of random things to make people talk more and when I get killed I just die inside because then I have to shut up(dead people don’t talk) and well I suck at doing so in these kind of situations! Hehe..
One of the best thing about mafia is the names people come up with, some of them are so random and I usually laugh my ass off when reading them out loud. xD
The rest of the day went with playing a lot of mafia and later eating Pizza~ (and even stealing some cherries once in a while xb)


Sunday the 10th I went to my friend Natacha’s place. We started with chilling at her house, watching some youtube videos and talking about everything we haven’t talked about yet~
When it was about time, we went to the cinema to watch Bad Teacher, which was hilarious.
It’s about this woman who is shortly said a bitch, she doesn’t care about anything else than herself and money. She gets a work as a teacher and even though she only thinks about herself she still manage to help the students. She also tries to impress one of the other teachers because of his money but figure out he is not worth it and then she learns about real love yatta yatta yatta~

After the movie we went back home to Natacha’s. I was going to sleep over so we did a lot of girly stuff like doing our nails and watch more girly movies! ^^ It was so cosy and it has been so long since we last hang out so it was so nice spending time with her again~
Plus next year (after the summer vacation) she is going to attend the same high school as me~ I’m looking so much forward to it! ^^

made by Natacha, just wanted to show off lol xD

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Friday, 8 July 2011

Kung Fu vs. Drama

Wednesday I visited a friend to watch a lot of neglected Drama~ I usually watch drama in periods, but to tell the truth I took a really long break from it, because well I had some bad memories with my last drama, but I think I might be back in action

We Watched Dream High, which I think is a really cute story (I'm complaining a lot while watching it though but otherwise I like it )
I’m totally shipping Go Hye Min (Suzy) with Song Sam dong (Kim Soo Hyun) and Hyun Shi Hyuk (Taecyeon) and Kim Pil Sook (IU) with Jason (Wooyoung)

IU and Suzy are some of my favourite K-pop idols, so watching it (I’m not finished yet OTL) made me really happy, IU is ADORABLE while Suzy play a b*tch = 3=)p but I can’t really hate her
And well there are other characters I hate too, but there are too many to list them LOL~

The story is about the school (Kirin art high) which train teenagers in art performance, dancing and singing. The main character Go Hye Min (who is a b*tch, she is really mean and arrogant, and always think she is better than everyone) is a singer in training and sings opera but because her family is poor, she can’t go to her dream school Julliard and have to get accepted into the Kirin art high to pay back her dad’s debt, and on her road to success there is love problems, bitch fights and money issues which she has to solve somehow~

Well~ I had a lot of fun and I bought a lot of drama with me home, so I think I’ll be geeking that for a while~ so look forward to drama spam?

Look at him, he is adorable~ ♥

Thursday I went to the cinema and watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with a friend
Do you remember the first one with Po and the furious Five? (*´Д`*) Hehe this one was funnier and pretty good of a second movie to be~ I laughed my ass off so many times and I have now concluded I want a baby Panda! Po was so Cute as baby
I want to hug him and never never let go, but I don’t think I’ll be able to feed him, he eats so much (●´____`●)ゞ I so much want to buy those two movies and watch them again and again and again and pausing every time I see Po and go AWWWW~ haha
I also have to admit that Tigress and Mantis really made an impression on me, especially Tigress~ She is so Cool, Awesome and Hardcore and then she become so soft ;__; I also liked the scene with Po’s past and of course master Shifu being Master ‘master’ xD Shifu in Chinese means master~ I even started to cry, Po is too adorable not to cry over! >U< Or maybe it was just his past which touched me haha! I’m not sure, but there might come a third movie, dunno~ but if there do I want to watch it


Inner peace everyone ★ミ

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

K-pop, Beach and Sommercon

Giving up is always an option but never my choice.
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I don’t think I have mentioned, that I got summer holiday? When I have vacation it means I get even more lazy than normal, meaning less blog entries even though I get more to blog about and that causes long entries! ~ So Warning, Long Entry on the way!

2 days after my birthday meaning the 26th of June I went to a K-pop meet up at Langelinie Park in Denmark I have been looking forward to it for some time because some of my friends I haven’t seen for half a year or so were going to attend

We had cake, Kimchi, Nocchi and a lot of Korean music, and the weather was nice It was kinda like our own little Korean Festival haha~ We even had some ‘dance-off’ every time someone knew the dance to a song, they would start dancing It was so nice and everyone had fun.

The two picture above taken by Felicia Nahmwhan Lindegaard

Later some of us went out to eat. We decided on a Chinese restaurant, it looked delicious, but I dunno if it were because I didn’t eat anything xD I got a lollipop before we entered the restaurant and that kind of killed my hunger. Hehe~ After we finished eating we separated and went home. I’m looking forward to our next K-pop meet up


Then the 29th of June I held a small get together birthday with some people from my school
We weren't many because some of them went to the Roskilde Festival and one of them went on Scout camp. But it was okay ~ because then I have an excuse to hold something again in the very near future!

First we did some shopping before going to Amager Beach. It was so HOT and it was really humid.. We found a spot on the beach near the sea and after 3 minutes I DIED or rather melted. Even though I brought an umbrella to shadow the sun, I was burning.
The two guys from my school seemed to be fine, but it ended with the three of us, swimming around in the sea to cool down. Or the two of them did, I just walked on the Shore, sometimes going in the water to my hips not further. The Sun was burning, but the water was Ice cold!

So I ended up lying under my umbrella and cover my body with a towel on the beach~ I didn’t wanted to get a tan, but I’m sure if I wasn’t lying under my umbrella and was covered by a towel I would be really tan! >__< I get tan so easily… After lying in the sun for 3-4 hours we started to grill sausages and bread~ It tasted really good and I think I learnt how to manage a onetime grill XD


and Finally, the previous weekend, 1st-3rd July, I went to Summercon~
Which was one of my best con ever~ I usually have a lot of expectationsm and I had this time too~ but somehow it turned out as one of the best cons ever~

I look liek crap, but Celia is so adorable on this picture! >U< Picture taken by Ali Jehad

I got to meet a lot of new people and getting closer with old ones~ I felt I had free time and didn't had to run from person to person all the time~ I also really liked the fact, that there weren't many people, only 120+ few.
I'm a bit sad I didn't get to take many pictures, and that some of my usually con buddies was missing~ I send you all my thought and love where ever and whatever you guys were doing~

I totally fell in love with the game MAFIA, it was so fun! *O* I want to be mafia again next time, so I can kill people "legally" ehehe~
So that has become another reason for me to look forward to Genki!~~

Actually the only thing I think was bad or less good about the con, was the weather. Friday was hot and nice~ Saturday morning was raining, afternoon hot and humid as hell and evening there was a cloudburst which caused floods in the entire Copenhagen area, which caused train, metro and bus problems. It rained as hell, almost the entire night There were even Thunder and Lighting... NIGHTMARE and KAOS I tell you >U< Sunday was better, it was still humid and hot but later it started to rain, not like Saturday though (but sunday night, when the con ended there were a hurricane! >__<, I hope everyone got home safe~~) Picture taken by Ali Jehad

Thanks for a nice con everyone~ Look forward to see you all again at Genki~~

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