Sunday, 28 February 2010

»Different Versions

I got this Idea from my BFF! She made a Juliet is bored version. so after some thought I actually found it pretty cool, so I'm going to make some versions. Then it will be easier if there is some entries people don't want to read, then they'll just go look for versions ^^; so Here is the Versions I'm going to make:

☆ The Otaku Corner
☀ Convention
♥ Fashion
♪ Music Addicted
☂ Dorama
✎ Boredom
✿ Creativity
☾ Magic
۩ Library

Yeaah XD There's a lot of categories.. but someitmes I'm really bored it might be a good thing ><; So Please look forward to it! <3

Mood: Tired of School and homework
Music: World is mine - Kaito
Consuming: Nothing
Creativity: Writing~
Addicted to: Television
Doing: doing homework and watching TV~

Saturday, 27 February 2010

»Do you remember that time?

Feel like an old woman LOL! xD "oh oh my dear? Do you remember that time, 50 years ago when we first met?"

Aww no I'm not that old! It's only 5-7 years ago. The time when we were small and unaware about what would come? We were happey and had such a good time. I Miss the time we spent together on msn. It's like I'm being frozen out of the circle. It's always hard to be in the middle!~ I'm an older sister so I'm usually used to take the choice! Being the oldest and be in the middle isn't the easist thing ever. Right now I would wish I could do anything for them. and for Yaya-chan too!~ but I just don't think logic enough.

I found a video with the english subs to Toeto. I feel like it's Desirée's theme song right now. Julie I don't know. because I actually chat more with Desirée than Julie. Yaya-chan and Julie share the same feeling now I guess. I mean. Best friend is an important word for some people, for other people it is just an title. For me personally the words is very important. Yeah it's an title but it's also a job which demand a lot of time and imply a lot of caring~ But the last few days I don't know anything anymore. So I'll pay to God even though I don't believe in religion. but sometimes it works.

I started playing Pokemon again. I chose Pokemon pearl, because it's the only game where you can get Mismagius ! <3 My favourite Pokemon is Ditto but my brother said it's hard to catch! ;A; I WANT A DITTO! ♥ . Maybe I should have chosen Chimchar . I got my First Bagde~~ Yeaah~ My brother is bullying me saying I'm suck! because it took me so long to get there ;A;

My Team so far in catching order~~

Mood: Hyper and tired?! WHUT?!
Music: Blue Moon - Nana Mizuki
Consuming: Grapes
Creativity: Nothing
Addicted to: Lyrics~ *^*
Doing: Chatting with Yaya~

Friday, 26 February 2010

»Heartbeat like DOKI DOKI!

My heart is beating really fast, I don't know what this feeling is. I just read something and I thought "I'm going to die. I'm leaving this hateful and violence world", but then I saw a light which tried to pull me back into the dark. The sound inside my head whispered: don't come, you aren't allowed to come here. JUST GO HOME!

In some minutes I thought I became insane. Okay maybe not. But it really was a weird feeling. My heart is still beating and the musics beat match perfectly! I have headache even though I talked with my BFF again. It was a nice conversation. I don't know if I should say; it's cold and nice at the same time or this don't feel right.. something is wrong. something is missing. I believe it might be the meaning behind the words. The meaning behind the words isn't there or it's just not the same as always. The warm happy feeling I feel when I'm chatting with my dearest! The hearts brightness are fading away. The love and caring between us are death.

I just had a deja vu. It's like this whole day is repeating some years later. This happended before. I still remember it. My First Hanami some months before that it happened. Actually I was really sad about it and of course I'm now too! It's totally the same. Last time the one of them didn't feel bad about it and it's the same now. This useless fight... why must it go on? and why must it repeat? Because of the one of them or is it the other.. or maybe it's me for not being a good friend. A friend they can't rely on? Actually they don't tell me anything anymore. I feel so empty. Maybe someday I'll go and follow Tea's advice. I think things will chance after summe vacation. I already have some ideas.

1. No contact between us at all!
2. blocking or even worse deleting each other on msn.
3. Never talk or meet again. Forget everything about each other. Ignore each other at cons and on the street.
4. Be like Tinna and Julie or even worse. but I think I'll be Terkel the third wheel. It must be weird to be in their place now. Because I know how their relationship ended. and I really don't ours to end like that. I really just feel like a third wheel which is waiting on the two first wheels to roll.
5. It's going to be like last time. I'm going to be third wheel.. even more than I'm now. but I know this time it might be harder. They both are elder now and have new friends. I'm kind of feel like a mother watching her daughters grow up and fighting, but this mother is old now and can't help anymore. It's up to the daughters to find the thing they have in common. the fact that there is a person who love them both really much and don't want to lose them. So for that person I hope they will be able to find the love and friendship again, at least for her sake.

If nothing is happended before Summer vacation I'll follow Tea's advice or just do as she said. I hope we will find the happiness together again because you guys mean so much to me! Don't force me to choose or deselect the both of you!
Just remember no matter what happended in the future I'll Love and remember you guys! <3

Mood: Nervous making
Music: そばにいるね - 青山テルマ feat. Soulja
Consuming: Water
Creativity: Album covers
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Doing: Thinking/Wondering

Monday, 22 February 2010

»The Truth hurt

»Today I was a really relieved and yet disappointed... the truth really hurt. but I'm totally like; rather being hurt by the truth than live in ignorance by the lies.
hmm yeah I don't know what to say... I'm hurt I'm crying, not screaming though but I really want to.. It's 22:42.. not the best idea I guess.. I'm done writing my eassy but there's still a lot of gramma mistakes.. My mom is pushing and Yaya-chan isn't online! ><; Where should I ask for advice?! Maybe Tea! Hmm I don't know if I should ask Desirée or not. I already told her, but I don't think she knows how to solve the problem.. and Kish isn't online either and to be honest she might be too busy to listen.. or maybe she'll just think that I'm childish... afterall I'm the oldest in our group.. Hate it! D: but what to do? ^^; It's not a thing that I can redo..

»I talked to Ariellah too, soo long time no write! ;A; I was really Happhy, she told me something that I'll put into my heart! We talked about the cons like svs, okashii and hanami~ I hope we can see each other soon! <3 I really miss her! She's so kind and noble! TAT; We talked about cosplay too! I'm missing self-confidence.. but I'll definitely cosplay and I'll put 100% into the cosplay! ^^
I talked with Thien too! ^^; of course it was cake, and now also chocolate~ ^^; He likes dark chocolate who would have guess that?! :3 but I'll make some for him once he come to Copenhagen! ^^

»My mom is a bitch... Sometimes I just want her to die.. I mean.. WHERE DO SHE COME FROM?! The Middle Ages?.. Sigh.. I'm not going to finish today... but i'll finish tomorrow.. Going to bed night!

»Continue! Okay.. I was really angry at my mom yesterday... but really sometimes she really annoys me! D: but I love her afterall she's my mother! ^^

Mood: Hurt and disappointed
Music: Never had a dream come true - s club 7
Consuming: Air and Water
Creativity: None
Addicted to: Stalking!
Doing: Friends's blog entries, Chatting, watching vampire thing

Saturday, 20 February 2010

»Don't feel like blogging

» To be honest I don't feel like blogging... I love and burn for websites but blogging is to much writing I guess.. but I love to make the layouts even though, it isn't always they fit perfectly.. Afterall this is my second really serious blog theme..

» My first Layout/Theme was Nono Love » to my friend Zaa-chan! Visit her blog ^^ I think she still has the layout or else I'll post a picture later!

» This is my second layout, A day in Wonderland. Actually my friend Yaya-chan helped me with the name. and I finally found out how to put the music in the menu.... -__-; to be honest it was pretty easy.. Sometimes I'm just soo stupid.. LOL.. Thanks Tse/Tea~ ^^

» And Finally me and my BBF talked out about our 'problems' I'm so relieved that we can talk again without things being awkward ^^ Again Thanks to Yaya-chan for the advice ;A; I love friendships! ♥

» right now me and some friends has talked about a avatar rpg! l3 I think it's going to be fun... but something is missing ><; Dunno what.. o.o Maybe the fact that the site is going to be Danish and I can't edit like 100000000000 pictures to na'vi ;w; too doomed with homework, school and club activites~ -__O hope to find a solution.. » Website death... Someone took my name! ;A; so sad Dun know what to do! Tse/tea told me someting about wix.. maybe I'll try it.. but now this blog is also named Liinohon and not Linohon.. maybe I guess it doesn't matter? >>; DUN NU WHUT TO DU! -_-; but I think I'll just work on Mihoshi until I find out.. ><; or maybe start a totally new site~ but site name?! T_T; I have had LNH so loong it will totally be weird without..

» Lovely holiday! -_- but now it's disappearing ;A;! DON'T LEAVE HOLIDAY! -__-; whatever.. I'll just wait to weekend and I'll go do my homework~ my longest entry ever! l3 i'm out! Later~ ★

New Layout~

I made a new layout for the site! ^__^; I think it turned out pretty well!~ ^^

gonna update some more, but right now I'm sleepy! ;A; so.. good night! ^^;;