Sunday, 29 August 2010

» Knite contest END~ + Cosplay

This is the end of the knite contest for me~ ^^ I FINALLY FINISHED THE DRAWING~ I'm so happy ;___; I worked really really hard and ended up making 3 versions of my Character~ or versions.. I made one with light coloured stroke, one with black stroke and the last one with dark colooured stroke. I am so BAD at choosing so I asked some friends what they thought~ and I ended with a draw X__X so that's why I made the third version with dark coloured strokes which was the one I ended up choosing for the contest.
Notice: Full view might look weird because of the hair blending into the background!..

Actually my best friend noticed me about the panda... she said it is so PERVY because of it has this 'hurhurhur' face and looking up under her skirt.. lol.. She always notice the smallest details but I SWEAR IT WASN'T ON PURPOSE! D:

Today I started to re read Koko ni Iru yo, because I dreamt about it and I just love the story. It is totally one of my favourite Shoujo mangas. I always end up crying while reading it.. and I totally know how Sumino feels~ the feeling of being invisible. That's why I scream so people hear me.. lol.. and like her I use my blog as a hiding place to write about how I feel and how life is. It might be a bit cliché but the story is really sweet and I kinda think it's pretty unique~

It's about this girl Sumino Hikage?.. her whole has she been 'invisible'. Everytime she played hide and seek no one ever tried to find her. Now she started in high school? but she is still invisible. She is a really kind and sweet girl who loves sunflowers so it's not her personality which make her invisible. She is hardworking and trying her best to talk to people but she usually gives up. She has a website/blog where she post pictures and write about her life. She go under the name Himawari and on her blog she has 2 followers 'black rabbit' and 'Megapig' who always comment on her entries and try to cheer her up and that gives her strength to keep trying. After school she takes care of a sunflower and little by little when the sunflower grows she does too. Her world start changing when the popular guy Hinata tell her that he has always looked at her. bla bla bla -shoot- I'm so poor when it comes to explaining.. but I hope you kinda got the plot or something! ;__; one thing for sure I recommend

I LOVE all Tooyama Ema's stories and the way she draw and colour her mangas. Another manga she made is: Watashi ni XX shinasai.

which also is one of my favourite shoujo mangas. I'll just copy paste this time... hohoh... OTZ
'Himuro Yukina always wished to be normal like the other girls. Sadly, her eyes are too sharp and her skin is too cold that most people in school, except her cousin Akira, are so afraid, that they think they got a death glare. Yukina is actually a cell phone novelist in the name of Yupina. Sadly, with no human contact, Yukina cant really write more love in her novels. Kitami Shigure, your so-called ordinary bishounen, which is really a womanizer, has fallen in Yukina s trap and they end up dating for the sakes of their secrets.'
copy from: mangareader.
also a recommendation


Cosplay time~~ Dunno when I'm going to use it but I really really want to cosplay from one of Tooyama Ema mangas the 2 characters I have in mind:

Hikage Sumino


Himuro Yukina

I think they both are totally cuties~ but I'm more for Sumino than Yukina... even though I look more like Yukina?... T____________T Anyone please help?...

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

» Finishing old draft~~

Lately the only two things I have been doing are: Drawing and making homework D:
I'm really happy that I finally got in the drawing mood again. Last time I last made a 'real' drawing was in 8th grade, or something like that! >U> or else it had been Chibi power all the time ^^ but I have to say that my Chibi drawing skills have improved!~ I can finally make a chibi I think is cute! ^^ I'm almost done with my Knite character! I have coloured it, made the background the only thing missing now is shadowing.. I suck at that part! T__T; so that might faaail pretty much sadly.. but I won't give up! *O*)/

English lessons at the moment is Charles Darwin~ The nerd says...; I think it's pretty exciting, about how life is created and how evolution developed! xD The funniest thing is that the religious people in my class are negative about the whole thing. They are what is it called? creatism? or something meaning believing in the world was created by a God of some kind.. even though it has been proved that evolution is fact! ^^ but whatever I'm excited for the next English lesson tomorrow!~

and now to the title. Old entry draft~ I have like 5 or so unfinished drafts. and I really Dunno why I haven't fnished them yet! D: because I really want to. I wish the computer could read my mind and write it down, but sadly the technology is not that developed!.. so I might update slowly!~~ ^^; hopefully I will be able to finish them someday~ ^^

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

» Poll

Why do you keep making layout.. you just made one?..

Yeaah about that. I just love to make GTX OTZ..... I'm sry or something.. not to mention I just put up a poll with ideas of my next blog layout but I don't know what to choose I mean.. I would like to make a layout with all of them but then I just have to choose which one is going to be first!... life is sooo hard because there is SOOO many choices... but then that is why I made a poll please vote! it would help me a lot If anyone want I would with pleasure make a THX for voting GTX and give you credit for helping me~ just comment and tell me~

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Doing: Helping a friend with website making

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

» Introparty and The karate kid ♪

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What does it mean when you see or think of the person everytime you see someone who looks a bit like him/her, and hope it really is the person?
What does it mean when the person just left and you keep thinking of him/her, the whole time even though you know you won't find him/her?

Yesterday I went to Introparty, yayness~ sitting at a table watching my classmates drinking alkohol and play alkohol games~ lol~ I joined too but drank juice~ pretty funny.. I got so tired and the neon sticks was so awesome~ I LOVE NEON ☆ not to mention that I got over drew on.. I got a drawn a mask/panda thing and people writing panda and classes all over me. I even got some stars~ ☆ but the worst was that there was a girl who wrote Løkke with a speciel pen which was so much trouble to clean.. it totally looked like a tatto.. sadly I was to tired to take a picture I was just thinking, clean it and sleep.. I ended up walking home together with Julie from Vanløse station to Islev where our cycles were~ my feet hurt so badly x____x and I ended up sleeping the half day away!

Later on I went to the cinema with my family~ we watched:

It's beeen such a long time since we all 4(include Martin, my mothers boyfriend) have gone to the cinema together~ I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie so much.. it was funny, sad, serious and romantic~
It totally got on my favourite movie list. Some peope say Jaden smith(Dre) act was bad acting but I coulnd't see the problem? I think he did a good job.

Look out for spoilers

Some of my favourite scenes where I cried most was when Jakie Chan told Dre about his past, when Dre got hurt and in te beginning.. dunno why but I did lol.. to sentisive at times.... when I got home I cried a lot too lol.. just listening to music made tears fall. No matter which genre it was..

Favoutite romantic moments

It was so cute! I loved the story, I never heard it before, but my mother told me another story which reminded of this one. something with a speciel lamp. Bao ling den or something.. 'son goku' / the monkey king is in it too~ but it's a cartoon afterall lol~ memories

I want to be able to that too *O*

Rainy rainy rainy days

This looks like it hurts a LOT..

The Kung-fu scenes were totally awesome I were liek OMG COOL~~ all the time~ I am a easily swayed watcher~ After watching the movie I totally went liek: I want to learn KUNG-FU

1. then I can say yes when say: omg are you chinese? can you doo kung-fu then?
2. it is self protect
3. to make some exercise..

but sadly I couldn't find a club/Dojo which suited in my time schedule so I dropped it.. my father can do some kung fu but it's just not the same D: so in the end my brother(who didn't want to learn Kung-fu) and I joined a parkour team, the only reason I want to learn parkour is, it looks cool and Izaya and Shizuo from Durarara can do it~ *O* fangiiiirl I know I know~ so in september I'm going to my first parkour lesson~ i'm excited~

beautiful landscapes are beautiful
After watching those scenes I totally felt; I MISS CHINA! D: but I'm so happy that I'm going to china next summer holiday.. ;____; I really miss the chinese culture at home.. we are being too western but some chinese things never changes at our home.. the old chinese rules |||| but hopefully we will get some western rules and some chinese culture home. Also after watching Wendy Wu I had this feeling also because they mention it in the movie ^^; lol lol lol

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

» Happy Ending ♥ continued

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So long time since I last posted! Our computer is kinda broken... so I haven't been able to post anything sadly! D: I don't even have time to go to msn and chat with nice people... but right now I'm sitting infront of my brothers computer.. you might think, where are yours? mine? uhm haven't opened it yet.. I made a deal with my mother so I'll first get my computer later.

As I wrote in my precious entry, I'm started in 'high school' and I think it's super fantastic I have got some nice and lovely friends and my classmates are really nice, everyone is getting to know each other more and more and the boys aren't so shy anymore. High school isn't that hard that everyone says it is. Actually I find everything pretty easy.. but okay it's only the start and we are only 2 weeks in the term. Tomorrow there is an Introparty. We are going to eat together in our class before the party and at the party... the juniors and seniors are allowed to draw on the freshmens liek.. me.. T_____O I feel a bit unsure about that.. I mean.. they say they might draw at your clothes too.. >O<; so I'm going to find something ugly and cheap or cheap and pretty lol xD ♥ actually I sewed a dress just for that that.. but saadly I became to addicted to it and couldn't wear it with the thought of it going to be ruined.. so ended with a white T-shirt and a blue dress

Lately I have been drawing a lot, really really much, and I liked it so much, because I haven't drawn for a really long time (was about to write years but that's a lie.. xD) and I even made a new Oc for a competition on dA. If you remember me mention Knite from my earlier entries, then I'm going to make a OC for that manga in a competition on it's fansite. I really worked hard on the drawing.. T___T redraw it 3 times just to get it so perfect at possible. now I only have to scan and colour~ ^^ I promise I'll post it when I'm done~

happy ending everyone~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

» Old ending, New start

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Doing: making Dinner.. ~

While sitting making dinner, I thought I would make a small entry about the last few days!~
Since I'm lacking blogging I thought it would be time.. not to mention that I started in high school.. pretty nervous making...

But let us take it after time, last weekend I went to Genki~~ met a lot of people and saw friends I haven't seen for a while~ ^^ I had fun, but somehow missed something.. I can't say what.. but I sure had some fun and seeing people was lovely~ The weather was fantastic.. it's was soooo WAAAARM D: but sadly it rained Sunday ☂ Not to mention that the cosplay show, fashion show and tea party was really fun~ just being at the con was lovely~ ^^ I already look forward to J-popcon.. my cosplay is already planned just have to sew seriously.. xD

Today I started in high school~~ It was tiring and haaard.. meeting new people and stuff not knowing anyone D: I also ended up in the wrong class.. but I can change class after Christmas! ^^ but my new classmates ... are really nice. I already memorized all the names in my class.. lol my super memori is finally helping~ ^^ I was also a bit surprised about Pelle from my parallel class at the old school is in my class too~~ ^^ really surprising not to mention that a Mads guy know a guy who know some of form my old class which I have met once.. Alexander.. lol xD Our class is already a bit splitted in small groups.. but it's not that bad yet... lol xD I also meet a girl who lives nearby me and we go home togehter after school~ ^^ we have a lot of fun together~~ ^^ Today she even bought me a Ice cream! TwT I have to thaaaaank her so much for it.. melon ice cream is really delicious~ ♥ ♥ It will be a bit sad when I'm changing class after Christmas.. but we can still keep in touch and we have german classes together ^^ hopefully we can still go home together after school ☆ I'm looking forward to the real serious lessons start... I have this feeling that these next three years are going to be great! ^^

I read chapter 301 of Katekyo hitman reborn. I can't believe It's already so far.. but no the only reason I'm blogging about it because of this.
Loook out of Spoilers
Click to see the picture~~

The person is so cute~~ I couldn't imagine him for this Era so seeing him liek this was liek OMG FANGIRLIIIIIING!... xD okay okay.. go read KHR yourself... feel liek talking to myself.. lol xD

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