Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A visit to a place no one knows ♪

Last Thursday I went out shopping with sweet Kathrine to look after presents for Christmas and because I had to exchange some jewelry I got from a friend some weeks ago~

We met up in Husum and biked to Nørreport station where we just walked from the station to the town hall square and back again. We were both in the Christmas mood and froze a bit so we bought some roasted almonds and sang Christmas carols Hehe I can’t wait for christmas~ It is going to be so good this year, because there won’t be any quarrels and I’m going to celebrate it three times, one with my family in Copenhagen, one in Århus and one with my dad

Kathrine and I bought a couple rings~

Saturday (26th of November) I went to Jutland to celebrate lovely Kristine's 18th Birthday.

I was so happy to get invited and it was so cosy and relaxing~
I actually remembered my camera but well I forgot I brought it.. haha

The food was so delicious~ Spaghettis Bolognese and for dessert we had waffles with ice cream and cake I’m happy I played the dancing game else I would be extra worried abot my weight haha, I ate so much~

Louise, and Tøsen cooking delicious food~

Louise, Thisted and Tøsen showing their dancing skills

I slept over and the next morning we had a very nice breakfast~ I stayed a bit longer after everyone went home, since my train would arrive later. It was horrible how the weather changed from grey and boring to hurricane and rain . Luckily when I went to take the train, the rain stopped, but when I was back in Copenhagen again, it started to rain heavily again! Danish weather is the worst

My Outfit

Btw I can proudly say this nerd have managed to learn the Korean alphabet Hangul!


リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Tak fordi du kom. Det var så dejligt at se dig <3!

  2. I think it's sooo cute that you two share those friend-rings c:

    And I think it was awesome you went all that way to participate in Kristine's party ^-^ And nice seeing you again, of course!

    + Love the outfit :'D

  3. Aaw cute rings!! ♥

    Good you are enjoying yourself! And three Christmas' wooah!! I'm also looking forward to come back for Christmas. I LOOOOVE Christmas food ♥♥♥

  4. It was so nice seeing you at the birthday party and dance with you n _n congrats on learning the Korean alphabet xD

  5. Aaaw Lina det var da hyggeligt du tog helt over for at fejre Kristine :D ville virkelig ønske at jeg havde været med - det ser bare så hyggeligt ud TT___TT

    Aaawee jeg elsker lidt de ringe :D de er ret seje.