Wednesday, 8 September 2010

» Thiefs? GO DIE.

I just went to my leisure club to make the present to my friend for her upcoming birthday. I have been thinking of this idea for a long time and finally pushed myself together to make it, so I was so proud of myself after I finished it. I won't post a picture before after her birthday because who knows.. she might be reading my blog. but while I was there I kept having the feeling that I had forgot something and I sure had. because my wallet lay in my jacket pocket, and usually I wouldn't think about it because usually my leisure club is a place I feel safe and have the feeling that I can trust people. we all know each other somehow someone better than other but it will always be like that. When I went to my jacket later on to get my money because I had to pay for my present, someone had opened my pocket and my wallet and my money was gone.. meaning someone stole my 200 DDK ;___; I was so sad the rest of the night/evening. and when I told my mom she sounded so disappointed even though I knew she wasn't.. I also got the feeling that I'm irresponsible, I can't even hold on to 200 DDK.. my self confidence just went down with 10 point.. I know, don't cry over wasted milk but it's just the chock that it was my leisure club.. oh well i think I just have to forget it..

I really admire people who are positive thinkers.. those who only focus on the positive site... ;__; I hope I will be able too as well some day

but one bad thing sholdn't beat me up.. sooo~~
earlier I was pretty bored.. so after my shower I began doing manicure and pedicure which turned out SO UGLY.. so instead of freaking out I drew how I felt

yes boredom can make you do random things such like drawing on your toes...

and when I got home from school totally beat up and AGAIN forgetting to go to the eye check, of course I called and got another agreement but then I went home to dumplings, corn and watermelone *__* totally delicious~

I'm not the biggest fan of boiled dumplings so yeah these are fried dumplings with Soya sauce~ looks kinda gross?.. xD but taste soo good Om nom nom~

That was kinda my day~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Listening to: JBF - music box
Weather: Dark and cold ;_;
Consuming: Water
Gaming: -
Reading: Hjerteflimmer - Like a rolling stone - Finished
Watching: NHK ni yokoso - Finished
Addicted to: Suuuunfloooowers~
Doing: Chatting with Sa-chan~

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