Saturday, 4 September 2010

»Why do good starts always end with bad endings

I smile when I look at our pictures, followed by tears from the reality that don't exist anymore.
I feel so cold, when I look at your crying faces and don't get touched at all.
I feel so selfish, when I only try to help you because it makes me satisfied.
It's all the voice from the bad conscience.

This day actually started really happily. My mother and I started making breakfast smiling and talking to each other.
I later on went to the G:cult, a mini event in Valby. At first I planned to go with a facebook group but ended up going with a friend. I clothes cosplayed as Belphegor from Katekyo hitman reborn, my beloved prince~ One day I really have to make his clothes for serious.. I just love the way he laugh.. Ushishishishi Waaa Bel I LOVE YOU~

But yeah I met up with my friend and we walked from Valby station to the place I somehow forgot something palace?.. where the G:cult were held. I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see a thing!~ 3__3 and the fact that my wig was supposed to cover my eyes didn't help. So I pretty much needed my friend helping me.. I was really happy she wanted to! or else I had to go around kinda blind or take my glasses on... forbidden to use linses... ;__; So with my blind sight I couldn't see, meaning I couldn't see if I knew anyone, but I heard my friend mentioning two I knew.

The first thing we did was making a bead plate with the dino from bubble something.. we made it blue and gold~~ no pictures sry D: I forgot to take one.. but it was cute then we walked around talking to people~ but since I didn't know so many and those I already knew, I didn't knew them so well.. so I decided to make the über cute Totoro bread plate I saw earlier. I sure was a clumsy because when I FINALLY Finished I dropped it and had to start all over! ;__; that sure sucks.. and I believe it was Allans Curse!~ but I ended up finishing it!~~ I didn't gave up yeah!~~

So I'm really happy.. it's so cute!~ I went to show it to my friend~ and she was like 'how cute' ^^ Made me smile really much... so we sat in the sun with two other guys. I didn't know them so well too, but I have seen them around at other cons/events. The one of them left a little time after I came, but I think I got the other one to know a bit more. Allan joined us and we played the uhm King game? I dunno what it's called in English! ;_; sry.. it was a lot of fun xD we had to throw things after other things.. and yeah if you remember I couldn't see a thing.. my excuse for losing~ xD

then the rest of the day went with walking around and talking, and borrowing ali's camera taking pictures. Ali showed us some 'magic' with a disappearing coin and ball.. first I went totally OMG HOW COOL but after seeing it second time I got it~ but I still think it's cool because I can't do it myself! D: even though I LOVE magic and practiced a lot~~ ^^

Actually I can't remember much more, than we shoot people with toy pistols and went to the minimarket to buy something to drink. oh yeaah we talked to new random people~ xD actually I have talked to some of them before.. but yeah it still felt like starting all over and I guess that's for the best too.. ^^;; because just because you talk once doesn't it make you friends. but that would be so much easier if that was like that.. but it's not.. but I totally had an amazing day! Thank you so much Line-sempai because you wanted to spent it together with me When I went home I smiled all over my face.

So I went home and my mother was asleep and my brother was playing computer. and I went to make homework.. and after dinner we had a family meeting.. and then everything went wrong. My brother locked himself inside the bathroom, my mother went for a walk and I went to my room.. we are still not talking together.. but I think I'll go to bed and hope for the best. Hope for a better Tomorrow and everything will get solved.


p.s Sry for a late entry D:

リ ー ナ  O U T

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