Friday, 8 October 2010

» Back in Action

Hello followers~

A lot of things have happened...
First: actually I'm done with my rilakkuma layout yayness~~ just have to make the damn coding ^^; actually it's not that hard, I just haven't had the time to do so. Hopefully I will find the time this weekend~ hmm hmm~~

Second: My high school life RULES.. I love love love it! sometimes homework kills me and the days are long and boring but I'm enjoying my time with everyone~ I'm feeling like I'm being more positive! not to mention lovely Kristine totally turned my world around always making me smile and is sweet as sugar Kristine you're a sweetheart there are so many things I want to tell you and so many things I want to thank you for

in my world when good things happen, then bad things do as well. So today my best friend from my class are going to transfer to another school... made me so sad I wanted to cry.. we aren't many girls in my class in the first place so now when she is leaving we are even less.. 6 girls against I guess 20 or so boys, but happily she lives near me and I can go see her really often. Not to mention on friday we are going to Culture night together ♥ I'm so excited~

so it's not the last goodbye yet and I don't think there will be one~~ because we are going to Lübeck on the 1. december as well~~ waaa can't wait to spend a lot of time with her~ Ice cream is good~~ it's our tradition, to go for a ice cream once in a while after school.. because we past an ice cream café on our way home~ it's totally delicious om nom nom nom ♥ ♥

third: I joined the Party Committee at my school.. I HATE parties but I still want to attend so this is my way of doing so. Alcohol isn't my friend.. =__= it wants to eat my brain... just like zombies xD omg remind me of plants vs zombies... I miss that game! ;___; omg omg omg.. I'm going to play it!~

fourth: Arakawa under the bridge and Sora ni otoshimono season 2 is started ♥
Arakawa under the bridge x bridge, if I remember right there is only 1 episode out so far and there is going to be 13.. >___<; and they come each week..uhm.. I guess it's liek that.

About sora ni otoshimono forte, actually I don't know how many episodes there is going to be or are right now.. because I'm going to watch it in a second so.. but as a guess, I guess there is only one epside.. but I'll tell you in the next entry about how many episodes there are when that time comes.

guess that's for now.. even though I'm back in action it's going to be sloooooowly updates! >____<;

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Yay for you updating again! I want to see the Rilakumma layout!! <3 And cheer up :D You still live nearby your friend, so you can see each other often ^^