Sunday, 19 December 2010

» Distance doesn't matter

It doesn't matter how far we are apart
as long as we are together we can endure everthing.

どこでも, いいです。
My life is boring and I don't have anything to blog about lol xD Maybe I should begin blogging about my fangirl life.. xD but that might be REALLY boring.. because then there would only be OMG OMG OMG and I love love love bla bla bla... xD Oh well here is a short quick update.

As the most Danish students I have Christmas holiday, which I have been looking forward to for SO long ;__; and now it's finally here..~

I made a small check list about what I'm going to do this holiday~ ^^

  • Small Christmas eve at my dad's
  • Christmas eve at my mom's aunt
  • From the 25th to 29th am I staying in Århus =__=;;
  • I intend to visit lovely Kristine
  • While I'm in Århus bored I'm going to sew Cosplay and draw a lot (>w<)b
  • The 30th I'm going to Odense to visit Celia
  • From the 30th to the 1st I'm staying at Celia's and celebrating New years eve with her and some other friends
  • 1st evening going back to Copenhagen..
  • Back to school the 3rd.. ;__;

Now when we're mentioning Christmas, Today I found this in my mailbox My sweet sweet German friend Yaya bought a Christmas present for me and sended it to me by mail ;__;

It's Arisa volume 1. It's not even out in Denmark yet.. I can't express how happy I am for this. and since she won't let me give her anything in Return I am feeling bad about it... but then I'll just secretly send her a present for New years eve and since I know she doesn't read my blog I can write it freely here lol xD

Oh By the way yesterday.. I logged on dA to see 10000+ Deviations @____@;; and I died while looking through all of them.. as a fan/subscriber I feel it's my job and out of respect for the artist to look through ALL the deviations... not reading all the journals though.. x'D and not always commenting but looking and faving it if I like it.. xD I'm a loyal, but slow follower xD... but I want to be more online on dA because it takes TOO much time to look through all 10000 ^^; Hehe..

Merry Christmas holiday everyone~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Mood: Christmas spirited~
Listening to: Tea for two - TVXQ
Food&Drink: Kaki/Sharon fruit  
Doing: Loooking at deviations on dA >O<

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  1. din blogs design er blevet rigtig nice! :D

    btw syntes du skulle go for at lave ihvertfald én fangirl post :b kunne være sjovt at se!

    Lyder da til du for en rigtig hyggelig juleferie! n_____n <3