Monday, 13 December 2010

» The weekend~


super late update I know! ;__; but I just couldn't find the time to update... >___< and since I'm having a day off school because of the exam today and tomorrow I thought why not.. I might try to make it as short as possible.

After school I got my ears pierced~ I can't express how happy I am for this~ I have waited my entire life to get this done
NB: People who say it doesn't hurt LIE! ;__; It hurt a lot.. maybe I'm just weak? xD

but after that I went to my friend Line ~ and I was sleeping over because we were going to make a present together for our common friend Emma tomorrow together with another of our common friend, who would drop by tomorrow early~
While I was exporing her room~ I saw this cutie~~ actually I didn't knew she had one!~ >w<

It's the cutest hamster >w< we should roll it LOL XD JK..

Later Kenny dropped by with his AWESOME tablet and program.. xD and then we sat drawing and laughing our asses of the rest of the night xD

Kenny stayed over night as well~ ^__^ so this morning was as wild as yesterday night. xD Kenny who kept tickle Line and I.. and Line and I who couldn't do anything to make him stop.. xD

but it kinda stopped when Mawj came by~ We had a hard time finding her, because she got lost xD but then we started on making our present~ Muffins * 3*

We wanted to make them Japan alike~ with white and red icing~ and make them like the japanese flag.. but they turned out to be Japan-fuji-yama alike.. xD

Looks pretty Random huh? xD but they tasted good.. but sadly all the chocolate was in the bottom ;__; I dunno how the bakeries can make the muffins stay at the top... I hope I'll learn the magic trick someday! xD

but then we went to Emma's Birthday~ It was really cosy, we had buns with Japan flags~ and warm cocoa!

I spent some hours there together with awesome people~ but had to go because I was invited to a christmas dinner with some classmates~ ^^ my friend Julie and I had arranged it a long time ago, so I wouldn't miss it!

Everyone really came with a pixie hat, which just made me really really happy!~ ^^ That just made the mood even more Christmas a like We were going to play some kind of present game, where you use a cube and if you hit six you could take a present~

I guess everyone got to sit with ALL the present! xD it was really fun~ also because the present packed in newspaper paper where the 'no one wants that present' present. xD so that was the one taking turns all the time~

I actually won something xD the one who brought the present told me it was something with Bacon and it really was! xD

TADAAAH xD pig light chain! I laughed so much that my stomach started to hurt! xD Sure a Random gift~ The no one want present was a cup, the red packet was tea, my friend julie's present was a pink rubikcube! xD and I brought some christmas cards with cute christmas puppies on!~ ^^;

After that we played Bizzerwizzer~ I sucked so badly.. xD OMG I never felt so stupid before.. even though they always gave me the easiest questions I just couldn't answer it.. Lol.. ^^

After that I just went home.. Falling twice on my bicycle ;__; 5 minutes away I fell TWICE?.. _ _ I really am a no good person.. Lol

My outfit Friday and Saturday~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Mood: Blank :/ 
Listening to: Up & Down - SHINee
Weather: Snowing ☃ 
Doing: Preparing for the exam tomorrow D:

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