Thursday, 9 June 2011

From Denmark to Malmö

The song which give me most inspiration ATM

This mini holiday I went to sweden to visit my friend Aybike

Thursday after making a bento with Nigiri(?) with shrimps and eggs, I cycled to the central station and took the train to Hyllie~

I got picked up by Aybike and her mother. Whereupon we drove to Aybikes house, when I first arrived my first thought was 'nice and normal' but when I went inside omg I was amazed. It was so big, clean and it looked so cosy and comfortable. After showing me around we sat down and ate my homemade bento, I'm so happy she liked it~ Made it worth using time on~
Then we went into her room geeking and talking, It was really nice and I felt really welcome~ her room is really comfy and clean, compared to mine haha~ later we also visited her horse Hjalte, it was a sweet horse but well i'm kinda afraid of them so I kept my distance ^^; when we came home again, more geeking especially Ao no Exorcist KEKOOO~~

Friday we went into town, swedens bus ticket system is so annoying.... D: you can't buy a ticket with cash, you have to use a special swedish bus card, which i obvious wouldn't have -__- but luckily for me I had Aybike~ so she bought me a mobile ticket.
We should have met up with Tilda, but we never got a response ^^; so we just walked randomly or half on half around~ We visited a comic store, japanese store, H&M etc. So when we headed home i had a bag full of candy om nom nom~
Later Aybike's stepsisters came and we made and ate tortillia *^*
And the rest of the night went with watching pokemon and reading manga, but it didn't take long before we went to sleep xD exciting day is tiresome~

Saturday was really relaxing~ just sitting in her room chilling~ later we went to a playground with her stepsisters the weather was so nice and I totally remembered why I love being outside playing~ It felt nice playing in the swings and climbing the 'spiderweb' again oh dear memories~

Thank you so much for having me Aybike, I had so much fun and I look forward to see you again~

And last a video which well let just say it might be something only Aybike and I find funny, but it also describe a bit how we spent our time together

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Åårh hvor lyder de hyggeligt <3

  2. Aybike ~ mmmmhhhh <3

    Du er så sød Lina x3 du er den søde uskyldige pige fra anime, som laver mad haha <3 "I brought some food *shyness*"
    Lyder som en dejlig weekend :3

    Hvad sker der for Babyshiba?! hahahahha XDDD

  3. I'm gonna go and flush my phone down the toilet now.....!! >O< I never got a messege from you guys when you where in town ... :c So I just assumed you didn't want to be bothered by me, haha.. Hopefully I can meet you next time you visit Sweden! :D Or at a con *^_^* Glad you enjoyed your stay in Sweden :3 <3