Thursday, 2 June 2011


Take my hand
Take my whole life, too
For I can't help falling in love with you

Can't Help falling in love with you - Elvis Presly

So this weekend I went to my first danish wedding, not traditional though~~ ^^ my oldest grandcousin and his girlfriend got married.

It started at 10:15 at thorvaldensens square in copenhagen. My cousin and his girlfriend wore masks because they mustn't see each other until they arrived home. I dunno if it's a tradition or just a deal they made. There they got officialy married on paper.

Then everyone went to their apartmemt, in the garden to watch the ring ceremony. We had to decorate the communion with chalk, and well I can honestly say my mother was really nerdy around it xD she looked really concentrated while drawing xD

My Mother and her Aunt! xD Now I know where the nerdy part is inherited from.

Then we sat down and waited for the bride to walk down the communion. We waited extremely long or it felt like we did~ I got really excited about it~

I wanted to cry so much when she appeared, and when the 'priest' started to talk and joke we laughed and cried so much ;__; especially my other grandcousin >w< the priest wasn't a real priest but a friend of my grandcousin and the bride. When they exchanged rings, we threw popcon on them instead of rice xD Did I mention it was my brother who played when the bride walked down the communion? xD Like everyone else I congratuated them after the ceremony, and then there were snacks, sandwishes and drinks. It was freezing cold ;w; so I went home earlier.

Later around 17 pm I went to the bride's parents house for wedding dinner~ first thing we got served was ærtesuppe and potatos on bread as forret. I didn't liked the soup but the potatoes was yum xD for hovedret we had chinagrill and that was really delicious om nom nom~ between the forret 1, 2 and the hovedret there were people people holding speeches. They were all sweet and touching ;A; among them there were also songs, the brides family was rather musical... I think there 3-4 songs. After all the touching speeches we got dessert. Some strawberry soup with vanilla parfait and waffle.

After dinner the married couple had to danse wals it was so cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ then a band arrived and cake, tea, coffee, snacks and alcohol were served and there was a big party to early in the morning I went home around 3 am. I'm not the party type~~
rain on the wedding day means good luck/happiness in China and omg it rained xD

sunday I arrived around 2 pm to watch the married couple open presents and eating brunch/lunch together~~

There were so many and they were all so touching ;_;

After this wedding I really want to get married myself xD I'm totally in the mood~
anybody else who wants to get married? (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)


リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Hvor er du en køn pige! <3
    - Det lyder som om bryluppet var fantastisk!

  2. Det ligner en super fedt bryllup! :D

  3. Lol, I wanna marry you! 8D
    ... Very tempting, right? XD

    The wedding sounded like lots of fun! ^__^ Very creative and cute? XD With the masks, chalk and popcorn~~ Lol!

    Also... Woman, you're beautiful! *___* <3

  4. You look so cute in your outfit <3

    Daaamn it sounds like an awesome wedding :D different but much more personal :3 I love it! <3
    Let's hope the rain was a good sign n____n

  5. hvor er det et fedt og lidt alternativt bryllup n_n and your pretty. a lot