Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chinese traditions and SHINee

Lately I feel so confused and stressed >< and the only thing I feel can help is keeping my mind busy with other things such as homework, music and other fangirl stuff… but I hope it is only for the time being..

Saturday my friend Zarah, held a get together event with some of our common friends at her place. I arrived early to do some shopping with Zarah, so we could make some Chinese food when before the others arrived~ We decided for fried rice with egg, maize, peas and bacon and fried noodles with carrots, bean sprouts and spring onion. No Chinese food without spring onion! xD seriously it is in every dish

After shopping, we had a lot of time, so we just talked and fangirled~ Zarah was all over SHINee while I was reading Nana~ only read volume 1 and I’m dying to keep reading, but to tell the truth I haven’t read a single chapter since Saturday… Homework keeps me waay to busy ;__; It’s sad.

When the other arrived we ate and then it was SHINee max or just K-pop (Most Shinee ofc xD)!~ SHINee’s Japanese debuts are omg wonderful, amazing and AWESOME! Especially Replay.. I totally fell in love with SHINee again. There have been small periods where I would just listen to their music, scroll some pictures but nothing more than that, after Saturday I’m about to burn to learn their dances especially Lucifer and Replay! Not to mention I can’t get enough of looking at Jonghyun Haha I’m usually not that much of a fangirl when it comes to 3D things, but I think It has started my Asian idol flip.. xD not to mention, other than Shinee I listen to C-pop non-stop!

Monday was the Chinese Month/Moon day.. I’m not sure which it is, I just call it Moon day ^__^; It’s the same as last year, where we celebrate something with the moon and eats moon cake~ which doesn’t taste good lol or actually this time there was a flavor I liked. GO COCONUT! Usually it is red/black bean, egg yolk, lotus and pumpkin etc. random weird flavours xD

And as last year it was all about eating, you arrive, eat, talk and eat more xD And when you are done eating you leave until next eating event haha! xD I always get fat after being at my mom’s aunt It’s always like that, but it is nice enough, it has been a while since I was at my mom’s aunt anyway so it was fun, not to mention I’m so happy that my grand cousin and his girlfriend has been together for a year now! ^^b I’m so happy for them~

I was asked by a guy from my class to make some watermelon nails XD They remind me more of strawberries or a mix between those two things

One last thing~ I have started learning Korean and K-pop/J-pop/C-pop dances~ + I’m started parkour again next week~

The dance I’m about to learn at the moment is:

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Masser af maad x3 Lina du er sådan en kræsenpind haha :b
    Elsker dine negle, de er blevet rigtig fine <3