Sunday, 4 September 2011

Party till you die~

Hey hey~~
Long time no write~ remember last time I wrote I'm started in school again? Seriously I'm about to drown in homework, and it's not that much yet~ I really need a holiday ;___;
But that is the reason for my lack of writing~

Lately I'm a shut in otaku~ and my addiction besides the on going ones is NANA
Truth to be told I never watched it until now, I have heard about it and watched the drama movies and looked in the mangas, but I'm so happy I watched it now *^* it's so good <3 I love it, especially Shin, Ren, nana, jun-chan and I could go on >w< I'm not sure if I find Hachiko a bit annoying later, but she is still adorable.
I'm considering if I should read the manga, also because I got spoiled and it didn't happen in the anime >< the next anime I'll be watching is either: Monochrome factor because of voice actors~ Bakemonogatari again because og VAs (kamiya and Hanazawa my two favourites ) Paradise kiss people say it's as good as Nana or better Sugar sugar rune because the story sounds cute~

Other than being a shut in otaku, Yesterday I went to my 'sis' Tea's birthday party~ which was nice~ I forgot my kamera so I didn't take any pictures
Everybody was drunk and some people couldn't even walk properly, but it was fun watching. Especially on the dance floor xD k-pop to pop to melancholic songs xD we also played mafia, which was a bit of a failture with drunk people~
I was feeling ill so I went home earlier~ and I didn't even drink a drop of alcohol ^^;

Today I went to Hopy's birthday party in the le moustache house~
There was delicious asian food such as spring rolls, shrimp chips and a salad.
We played charades which was hilarious! There were so many funny things such as hopy being a bsian, baby language and person describsions~

Hopy had made two delicious cakes one with and one without pineapple~ some people came later so we played two round of charades and omg some of them were so random and hard to mimic xD some with the lion king and kissing old japan man xD random much~
It was so much fun~ and soon Hopy will leave for Japan ;__; I'll miss her but I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun over there! Have a nice trip Hopy

Sry for late entry >< I'll try to post more and make shorter entries. Next time I'll also remember my kamera~

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. read the NANA manga * A* there's so much more in the manga that you don't see in the anime, and the story continues from where the anime ends. And Parakiss and Sugar rune rules as well :b <3 Parakiss is from the same author as NANA, so you will definitely like it as well

  2. NAAAAW LINA-CHAN!! ♥ I'll miss you sooo much!!! <3 TTATT Waaaah.. *sob* I'm so glad that you could come yesterday! TToTT/

    I. LOVE. ParaKiss. I have the whole series on manga at home XD I'm a true fan haha! but the anime sucks. Never watch it. I was about to cry from the blasphemy.. ONLY read the manga! And I love NANA as well ♥ I watched the whole anime, and started reading the manga since the manga is longer and more detailed. But sadly haven't finished it yet :(

    Aaaw but Lina-chan you're so cute.. Like a cute lil' sister ♥Q♥ trololo.. Keep updating your blog while I'm away so I can still follow youuu~

  3. I'll be straightforward (haha) - NANA and Paradise Kiss are both sosososo amazing!! Watched & read it all ~ I've started to rewatch them now aswell... We should faangirl~! *^-^*

  4. OH MY GOD - READ THE MANGA INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's my favorite manga. Back in 2007 NANA was my life - I was waiting up every Friday night waiting for the newest chapter to be scanned ;w; Sure brings back memories, haha..
    The sad thing is that the manga is on hiatus right now :c Breaks my heart so much.

    I don't think ParaKiss is better than NANA - but it's only 5 volumes, if I remember correctly - so you can read it during a weekend xD The story is super cute and yet very sad!

  5. I guess homework will ALWAYS suck xD
    Sounds like a awesome party^__^