Monday, 10 October 2011

LondonBaby ♥ part 1 – 20111009

I was the paparazzi on the entire trip so expect some picture spams~

Monday I woke up at 3 am and arrived at the airport 5 am to meet up with my classmates. To my surprise I wasn’t tired at all actually I was the opposite, extremely hyper. I guess it was my excitement which gave me all the extra energy.
In the airport we met another class from my high school, which I at first thought was cool since then we could talk with them in the plane and such but my mind changed completely when I found my seat in the plane. I was sitting alone, surrounded by the other class and gosh they talked really loudly, so I couldn’t get any sleep at all. I know I was hyper when I arrived at the airport but that energy got used quickly. So instead of getting the sleep I needed I was forced to listen to their random talk.

When we arrived at Gatwick airport, we got lost and couldn’t find the south exit. We walked around in circles absolutely lost. But of course after long time we managed to find the exit and get to our hotel bus. I couldn’t sleep in the bus because I had company by my classmates so we just talked the two hours from the airport to our hotel

When we arrived to Hotel Umi we had to wait about 6 hours before we could get our rooms, so we had free time to do whatever we wanted. I went out with room 512 (I’ll just nickname my classmates after which room they were in xD) to oxford circus/street to look around and eat breakfast~ First lunch was on subway.
When we came back we got our rooms, I lived in room 507. I was surprised we were going to sleep on bunk beds. I didn’t really expected that, but I didn’t mind since I love to sleep in the upper bed

Nothing was planned on the first day so we could do whatever we wanted to, so first we went out for dinner. Chinese restaurant~ (first day I didn’t went hungry to bed om nom nom ♥) afterwards we just walked randomly around London by night, we started at Oxford street/circus, and walked to Marble arch, took the bus to Tottenham court road (?) and then took the underground to Piccadilly Circus, and walked again to Westminster and took the last underground train home to Bays Water. I swear my feet was death after that long walk


The second day we met up downstairs at 9:30 am, where we afterward walked through South Kensington Park or maybe was it Hyde park? to Natural History Museum which was our first stop to learning. The museum was enormous; there were exhibitions about Evolution, Geology, Mammals, Dinosaurs etc. we got so tired walking in there that I and some guys from my class fell asleep. A bit embarrassing

After the museum we had lunch break, my group lasting of room 512, 516 and 503 split up in smaller groups, some went to eat KFC while the group I was in went for Pizza Hut Buffet all you can eat~ Then we met up with the rest of the class at Westminster, same place where some of us already had been to yesterday!

We walked in the opposite direction though, instead of seeing Big Ben, London bridge, London Eye etc. we walked toward saint something Church close to Westminster. It started to rain so after we arrived many of us just went back to the hotel.

When it stopped raining we went out for dinner at a Persian restaurant, close by our hotel. I didn’t eat anything, but I tasted some of it and it wasn’t really my plate of food, but it looked delicious~


To be continued~

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Haha, mig og en klassekammerat faldt også i søvn derinde :D Man går jo satme så meget!!!
    Vi boede også på Umi hotel!! Nice!! :D

    Super billeder, godt du havde en fab tur!

  2. Aww, sounds like tons of fun!

  3. Hvor ser det ud som om du har haft en skøn tur :D Går der ingen piger i din klasse?

  4. aawh, it seems to be such a great trip! : D I love London, and it is great that you got around to the musem - it rocks.
    I really like how you put up yout hair on the first outfit, it looks awesome n _n

  5. Yaaaay London :D
    Hvorfor har du bare ben??? hvor varmt var der lige derovre?? btw looking goooood ;)