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LondonBaby ♥ Part 2

LondonBaby ♥ Part 2 – 20112009
The third day (Wednesday) we went to The Royal Society. We had a guide who showed us around and told a lot of different things about the history behind the society and a bit about the famous people, but since she was a historian and not a physician, she couldn’t tell us much about the famous physicians. I loved their Library it wasn’t that big but it was really bright and there were many famous books and it seemed liked a really relaxing place.

After the tour we walked through Soho to Leicester Square St. to get some lunch, this time we went on Burger King but before we went to Burger King, we stopped by China town to buy drinks, such as green and jasmine Tea. Being in China Town made me pretty Happy >w< I felt kind of home when we walked around the streets.

We met up with the class again, to visit British Museum which was a twice as big as Natural History I swear if I didn’t walk around with Eddi from my class I would get lost xD Before the trip, we got an exercise to write an article about a self chosen subject from one of the museums. My group choose time, and there sure was A LOT about time in British Museum. My hand started to hurt after taken so many pictures. Haha

And like the Natural History Museum, we didn’t sleep, but we lay down on a bench because our feet hurt from the all the walking the day before. We went out for shopping afterwards, looking for some clothes and shoes, since the guys from room 512 decided for us to dress up, nothing special was going to happen we just dressed up lol.

Our room while dressing up! One Three Hill & Nail Polish

Then we headed out to eat dinner~ Of course we were going to try something new, so we went on an India restaurant and believe it or not, I don’t like spicy, hot or curry in food, so yep I had a hard time eating anything xD but I tried it, but didn’t find anything I liked

After everyone was finished eating we went to Westminster again because someone (no names) said we haven’t been there by night… Second time… Just saying xD
So we walked in circles around Big Ben until we settled down on a McDonald to get refilled with Mcflurry~ and luckily for us we got back to the hotel right before it started to rain

Thursday, we went to Natural History Museum again, to watch the Darwin exhibition, which some of us hadn’t seen the other day. It wasn’t that exciting.. I was kind of hoping for something else, but it was chill enough. Afterwards we headed to Science museum, which was almost as big as British Museum or it just felt like it. There were an exhibition about time there too, my group had to cover.. again hand cramps (>ε<) I was so tired that I could sleep in there too, and I almost did. But we found some really soft sofas we just lay in them and played cards. No break without card games! (⌒O⌒)ノ

I split up with the guys from my class to go on the promised girl shopping trip~ I LOVE London and all the awesome clothes, jewelry and shoe shops! I didn’t get to buy much but I love the things I bought! My teacher said we only could shop for like an hour, we started around 1 pm and ended around 6 pm yeah, one hour right back at ya!~ Haha don’t underestimate women and shopping

Since this was our last night in London, the entire class decided to eat out together so we all went on an Italian restaurant. My teacher got mad at us, because of the way we seated ourselves… and to be honest I never understood that. Something with it was rude, just to sit down instead of asking if people wanted to sit beside us. Well I thought it was ruder to stand in the entrée while other people had to enter and exit. Oh well, this night I had a lot to eat not to mention my dessert om nom nom

After the restaurant room 512, 503 and another girl from my room went to a club around Piccadilly Circus which is pretty far from our hotel (Nothing Hill/Queens Way/ Bays Water) In the beginning we were more people, but people left when they figured out what kind of place we were heading. So in the end we were only 7 people. To start with it was pretty funny to watch people get drunk and such, since I don’t drink myself.
But when we were on our way home to the hotel It was the pure hell. It was after midnight so the underground didn’t drive. So we walked for like 2 hours, and some of the guys had to puke and couldn’t walk by themselves so we had to help them walk properly, and since we only were maybe 2 completely sober(me included) it was hard to control. Not to mention the park we had to cross was closed so we had to take a big detour. I think we were home around 5 am But it was fun, especially to watch everyone drunk~

Flaming Lamborghini, 3 guys from my class thought it would be fun to try it.. getting the result that they got WAY TOO DRUNK

The last day in London. We had to check out of the hotel 8:25 am.. I swear I didn’t get much sleep that night. I was like a corpse when I woke up. One of the guys who went out clubbing yesterday was so drunk that he didn’t remember anything from the day before or when I got into room 503 in the morning to return some of his belongings and wake him up and he was dizzy the entire day, haha~ Me on the other hand who was sober caught a cold (so I have been coughing since Friday night)

But Friday we went to Oxford University (town), which was freezing but pretty cool on the same time too~ Since there aren’t a real Oxford University but it is an entire town with a lot of student hostels, we just went two places before we 3 out of 4 girls went out for shopping~ I got myself some jewelries, hehe

After Oxford we just took the bus to the airport, 2 hours drive~ I arrived back home in Denmark around 0:00 am and headed right to bed~ I loved loved loved this trip and I already miss it a lot ;__; I really felt that I got closer to my classmates and it all was so hilarious fun and wonderful. I hope we will have a small trip in third year of high school too~

Sry for two long entries, I hope I'm fresh for the sport day on Friday~

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Waaaah nogle fede ting i har oplevet :D
    Og dine shopping fund er virkelig fede. Elsker også bare shopping i London, de har altid fantastiske og anderledes ting.