Friday, 25 May 2012

Beach dancing

Last Friday I started the day going to dance fit in fitness world. It was a mix of hip hop and funk. It was entertaining but I would have liked more koregraphy with both arms and legs. I have to admit I find Zumba much more entertaining. It was good training without doubt and I think I will join again~
Of some reason I have started to dance again which I'm really glad about. I love danceing and moving my body~ I am just a bit shy when it comes to showing it to others.

After fitness I went out shopping with Ari. We went to different places such as H&M and Bianco footwear. I bought an eyeliner, a concealer and a moustache ring. There was only one left so It is a bit too big even though the size was small but I really like it. Ari bought some really cute dresses, I hope I can see her wearing them soon. You can really feel that the summer has arrived~

After shopping I went to Amager beach with some guys from my class. We grilled and enjoyed the good weather. We didn't bathe but just eating, relaxing and enjoying ourselves~ it's nice after a long period of hard work in school

I left earlier from the beach go a carneval at fælledparken I wanted to dance latin mix with the zumba team from fitness~ we actually wanted to go to the brazilian tent but this year there was only one south American tent which only played mainstream music... We did dance though and I had a super nice time~ and fortunately there were not as many creepers as expected haha~~


リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Årh hvor ser det hyggeligt ud! Elsker din ring, den er super sød <3 <3!

  2. Jeg har den samme ring <3

    Du ser ud til at have hygget dig! Super sødt outfit billede <3

  3. du ser dejlig ud som altid, og held og lykke med fitness! : D det er rigtigt at der er meget lidt koregrafi i fitness dans, men sådan er det jo~

  4. Waaah sød ring, sødt outfit, sød pige..
    Liiiinaaaaa I miss you :'I