Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dinner and birthday

The 15th of April my friend brammer held a birthday dinner for some of his friends.
we ate at charlottelund castle restaurent~

The food was quite Danish (?) and there was a lot I disliked because I'm picky haha but the food I liked, was delicious Especially the dessert was quite tasty

even though most of my friends didn't like the ice cream, I found it rather nice. A special taste indeed, a sour taste xD but well I really do enjoy eating sour things.

It was a really nice evening and I really enjoyed it It was so nice to see everyone again~

My outfit

And some pictures from the evening

Then the 21st of April Brammer and Johan threw a 18 years old birthday party at svanemøllen.

I went to Celia's house earlier to watch ‘Captain America’ but instead we just ended with chilling~ I was biking to her place and omg forests, hills and crappy rainy weather haha first rain, then hailstones and lastly sun haha. I forgot to check geocatches but I will definitely bike there again to find them

Later I went to Zarah's place to warm and dress up for the party. Trine, Trini, Tea and Rasmus (who came later) were there as well~ it is so much fun to dress up together. We even played some drunk games like waterfall and pyramid

The party was fun~ xD it was really cosy but sadly the alcohol made me tired rather fast but I still enjoyed it~

I slept at Zarah's place, but since she wanted to go clubbing in town I went with her~ but well I'm a minor so I couldn't go in, I guess I look waay too childish xD I didn't want to ruin it for Zarah so I went to her place by myself~ seriously I was so scared, I am so paranoid and to walk in town alone.. Not my thing, I even got lost ;___; or I thought I was lost but in reality I just started to panic when there were less and less people on the streets. Because in the beginning I was fine, it was later I started to become paranoid~ but I got there safe and sound and had a nice day

Pictures from the party

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Det ser ud som om du har haft det super hygger <3

  2. awh, sounds like some nice parties ^^ and seriously, that geocatching-stuff? I think it sounds like SO much fun, but my boyfriend thinks it's so silly and stupid >:C

    1. Awww haha, if you want I can take you out geocathing sometime! I would love to share this amazing thing with people!~ ♥