Thursday, 5 April 2012

Holland / Germany day 1

As mentioned yesterday we drove through Germany to Holland
Our first stop was Flensborg which wasn’t anything special since it is a lot like Denmark hehe~ but I was out geocatching which has become one of my new hobbies~ it is a kind of treasure hunting taking place all over the world but since I’m still n00b I didn’t find any of the catches I even went to the places and searched so much.. but I’m not giving up I intend to search on our way back to Denmark too, if there is time

Our second stop was in Hamburg. It is a nice city~ we only stayed for a couple of hours though, and most of the time was spent in the botanic garden, after my mom and her boyfriend’s wish. It was freezing cold and a bit lame and boring, since almost none of the flowers was bloomed, but those which were was really pretty. Especially the sakura trees and the tulip trees

It was so freezing and my fingers were so cold, that I almost couldn’t feel anything. So most of my pictures are shaky or blurry! but I found my first out-of-country geocatch!~ I’m so proud! I even got my family to help me search for the second one, but unfortunately we didn’t find it.

My brothers computer can't load my camera card so no pictures for now ;w;

Today I am going to Amsterdam to watch more flowers lol~

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. now I'm so curious about that geocatching-thing you talk about xD IMMA GONNA GO GOOGLE!
    (and hope that your body still functions after driving for soooo long)

  2. Dumme brors computer :c wanna see pictures!

    Skal man ikke bruge en GPS for at GEOcatche?