Saturday, 17 August 2013

20130817 ★ Unlucky lvl MAX

Today I went to work after some time and WOAH I could definitely feel that I haven't been to work for a while. Working in a bakery and needing to wake up at 5 AM is so hard and difficult. I'm totally thinking of quitting image but I'm so bad at denying and doing things which could dissatisfy people. I tried to quit once but that ended up with me just going on holiday instead image

Yesterday I went to Killing's "birthday" party which was super fun and enjoyable~ image It was nice seeing some people I haven't seen for almost half a year, especially because I didn't go to Jpopcon this year or I wasn't there for very long. I even had to leave early because of yes the stupid work!! image also I really dislike some of my colleagues and the worst part is that I haven't even met them. I just had a bad experience with one of them telling me on paper I didn't do my work properly and she was acting all high and mighty image Oh well I'm gonna quit anyway also because it is too far away.

Outfit from Killing's Bday~ 
Some days I just look like a Fish

But Today I was so UNLUCKY I think it is the most unlucky day in my entire life. image Firstly it started raining when I had to get to work at 5 AM.. so I had to take the bus... which I of course missed. So I had to wait 20 minutes and got late for work. Then a lot of the customers were so rude and ill-mannered. I'm so surprised about Danes sometimes. How can they just walk in and pretend they owe it all and then they even scold me for the bread not being the same size as last time or the price rose. I'm not baker! OR the owner. So please stop scolding me -sobs- some of the elderly men are so scary. I never dare to say anything I just smile and nod pretending everything is perfect image When I finally finished work a bit earlier, two guys walked in after closing time begged me to let them buy something which resulted in I had to redo the dishes and recount the coffers. Usually I am prepared for last minute buyers who never come.. but of all days they had to come it had to be today. imageSo I got free from work later than usually which just sucked since I had to meet up with Melanie to buy things to cosplay.. Well when I thought things would start to get nicer my bag strap broke.. it didn't just broke but the metal part cracked image and because I didn't bike to work I had to carry this Idontevenknowhowheavy bag of mine. I had to hug-carry it. It was so awkward image Even the people gave me weird stares. I then met up with Melanie and we went for pig-coloured bandage hunt and we went into 3-4 Matas and NONE of them had it.  (ಠ益ಠ) I might go to the drugstore on Monday but ARGH.. and then the bus just drove as we arrived to the bus stop. Though the worst of all My camera broke imageWhen my bag broke I dropped my bag on the ground which probably damaged it and because the bag was broken it was so inconvenient to carry all my things. The Juice, bread, extra clothes from the cold morning etc. It was a chaos to carry it all at once and I kept dropping things but when I got out of the bus almost home, of all the things I had to drop I dropped the Camera and it seems like the inner screen cracked.. and I bet it is super expensive to get it fixed. Luckily my mom didn't scold or blamed me for breaking the camera. When I was younger she would get so angry and I was so happy to hear her voice after all the things which had happened with my grandfather and after this day I could use a hug from my mom telling me it all would be okay. image Though I have till she is coming back from China. 

Even though I said I would post WIP pictures of my cosplay I can't because of the broken Camera.. I'm so sorry but actually something good happened today ~ While walking down the shopping street we encountered Yul Anderson. I think he is an American free time pianist but I just really like his music and he kind of cheered me up image my refound interest for Piano instrumentals and playing the piano has been rather huge. I'm sad I don't owe a better Keyboard so I'm thinking of save up money to buy one, but first I have to figure out if I should fix or buy a new Camera and what model if the second case. image 

In case you are curious, yes I did ask before taking the picture

Oh Right I didn't finish my cosplay cause well I suck at sewing and some unwanted surprises came when I had to sew the last part! Also we had some problems and trouble figuring out if we wanted to paint or sew the numbers on... The fabric might not be the most paint friendly but we just want to do it as precise as possible but I don't know anymore.. I feel like I put too much effort into this dammit costume.. also the sleeves and the collar are bullying me image I hope we manage to finish on time~ Now have some Danish Bakery Eye candy~ 


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