Friday, 16 August 2013

20130816 ★ Life so far

I got into my first priority at Copenhagen University (KU) Which I'm super happy about though at the same time I feel so nervous! What if I don't make any friends or people think of me as a weirdo for being an Otaku and Fujoshi? It's not like I'm even trying to hide it, in fact if I get the chance to talk about anime and manga I wouldn't even bother holding it in. I'll go all out with my burning feels and passion for this childish and cartoonish obsession sadly most of my friends don't watch anime any more or watch it rarely and when I'm updated with the newest anime each season it makes my fangirling opportunities fewer. Though I'm not saying NONE of my friends watch anime it's just that they are few. Luckily I tend to live on tumblr and get whatever guilty fangirling pleasure there~ But if you ever need some recommendation to anime or just watch anime in general please do not hesitate and drop me a message!  (if you are curious then I'm pretty obsessed with Free!, Brothers Conflict, Kami nomi zo shiru sekai s3, Shingeki no Kyojin and Dangan ronpa lately~ + I'm looking forward to Kuroko no basket s2, Magi s2 and Kyoukai no Kanata so much that I want to cosplay from them all keke image)

I finally got around to update my collections and 'plan to cosplay' on tumblr so if you are curious about what I might/might not cosplay in the coming time then you can have a look [+++] but it's not completely updated yet. imageBut let me just say that Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata should be there too~ I adore her outfit and she looks so cuute! I'm not finished reading the Light novel yet but I hope I will before the anime starts airing. but isn't she just cute? VV

Also for the upcoming con Genki con. This year I'm going to be working at Maid Cafe So if you have time and are going to the con, then please do drop by and say hello~ AND after not cosplaying for a long time I finally got around to make cosplays! image I bought the wig and lenses and I really really hope they will get here on time! Else I'll cry my eyes out... I'm not completely done but I hope to finish them in the coming week. For this year's Genki con I'm going to cosplay as: Kise Ryouta Teikou ver. (Kuroko no basket) and Morgiana Mahrajan Festival ver. (Magi: The labyrinth of Magic) image

Kise & Morgiana

 I really hope I can pull them out and do them well enough and just because I'm a tard then I forgot to take any in progress pictures. The only thing is this VV

Who needs a fancy mannequin 
when you have an adorable little brother ♥

Though it still needs some modifications and I haven't sewn the shirt together yet. On the picture I just did Pin Magic or with common language used pin to fasten the fabric image but I'm meeting up my Melanie to finish it so yeah~ I will throw another update at you on Saturday~

Other things in my life are well today I missed the party at KUA (Copenhagen University Amager) imagewhich seems to be a very important event for new student to get to know their classmates to be. My dance lessons started early August and I dance every Thursday from 6pm-10pm and Sunday 2pm-4pm so yeah I missed it all because of my dance lesson. I'm so scared that I won't make friends and everyone already bonded. image I know it is too early to panic and all but I'm just so unsure about it all. It is the next 5 years of my life afterall. Also I have been so depressed lately and I cry so easily. Since my Grandfather passed away 20130809 the smallest thing which remind me of him just makes me cry. My mom is in China right now to do help out with the funeral and all. I'm so sad I couldn't go but I'm doing my best to stay strong. Afterall it is my first encounter with death and I know my Grandfather would have wished for me to smile and enjoy life as always but that doesn't mean I can't cry to let it all out from time to time no? image Though I'm trying to keep my mind busy to avoid getting a mental breakdown. I'm sadly one of those people who tend to overthink every small detail so to keep my mind busy I try to keep myself occupied with Gaming and Piano playing. Right now I'm totally OBSESSED AND FANGIRLING all kind of Otoge or in English "maiden's game" maybe? It is dating games for girls and well I adore the character designs and love voice actors what can I blame? image My two guilty pleasures right now are Hakuouki Shinsengumi kitan & Amnesia. But I'm playing a lot of 7th Dragon 2020 & Dangan Ronpa too, even though the second game for both series are out I still stick with the first one till I have completed them. BUT WOAAH I WANT TO PLAY SUPER DANGAN RONPA & 7TH DRAGON 2020 II image and pokemon Black 2 too. so many games so little time /sobs. Also skipping Piano practice for over three years really make you rusty. image I can barely remember how to play anything. I can still handle für elise though and I just finished kaze ni naru - the cat returns. I'm aiming my next project toward the Spirited away songs. Especially itsumo nando demo & ano ni no kawa e 

Well that is all from my life so far! but I still have tons of things to do and these days everything is so stressing. But I hope I will survive somehow. See you next time~

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