Monday, 2 May 2011

Short Entry before SVS

Well I wanted to say: I'm Still alive and I'm fully recovered from my illness during easter~

I'm sorry for not blogging before, but I have been so busy with all the tests and assignments... + it's almost time to get to know which subject we have to get exams in! I'm about to die! I have a REALLY big fear for exams, I know it's just number on a paper, but still! ;___; So I kinda already started studying for all the possible subject which might be picked to the exams. Pray for I'm not going up in German! ε=(>ε<)

The weather has been so nice too! Actually I have taken a lot of pictures I want to share, but well because of the time pressure I haven't had time to upload any of them! ;__; Hopefully I might get some time after Svscon~ So look forward to a picture spam~

I also spend a lot of time with some lovely people~ Shopping and just hanging out. Be with you guys just rock. It just makes my day!~ You know who you are~ I have also been to the cinema and watched Red riding hood~ Mihehehe.. (´▽`) and I'm going on Wednesday too. Suckerpunch It looks so awesome I can't wait~

Svscon is on friday and I don't know if I should be happy or not, but my stomach hurts and I get dizzy just of the thought. Who knows if it is positive or negative? But I look forward to see people again Especially those who live far away! ;w; I can't wait, but somehow I don't want to go! LOL.. Weird right?~

and and and I REMEMBERED to take some progress pictures of my cosplay! So I might make a entry about that too... lol after svs! xDDD but still~ ^^ I found my 'passion' for cosplay again.. or maybe only half... but

That was all for me now~ Hope to see you at SVScon~

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Jeg var oppe i tysk sidste år, og jeg er også lidt af en fis til eksamener! Men jeg var så heldig at have Annemarie i tysk, og nu har en god karma omkring sig ^^
    Bare husk at slappe af!
    Eksamenerne bliver offentliggjort 16 maj ^^