Tuesday, 10 May 2011

SVS con 2011

There is no memory that can be forgotten
There is not that kind of memory.
No matter what of memory it is
It should always be in your heart
Momiji Sohma and Tohru Honda - Fruits basket
This weekend was spent in Herning at SVS con~ Actually there is not much say!
I arrived pretty late Friday because I had school and there were problems with my train so I arrived half an hour later than expected! :C I even missed the first part of the freestyle contest! ;__; I didn't even had time to unpack because I rushed to see the show! But my this year I'm 'camping' with these awesome people and some others:

Kristine, Tøsen and Emma
Picture Taken by Sara R Refsgaard Jørgensen

Friday went pretty fast there wasn't really anything to do but I watched the two cosplay panels~ The one about Acts and the other one with experienced cosplayers~ They were really helpful and it was funny to listen to the cosplayer's answers! Even though I think that Sascha (the host) should have answered questions too, since her cosplay was really pretty too! After that I just walked around randomly mostly with Melanie and Johanne~ My lovely K-pop 'fangirls' Otherwise The day went with greeting people you haven't seen for a long time~ It's always nice to see friends again~

Picture taken by Tøsen

Saturday started with dressing up in cosplay and eating breakfast and because of the nice weather we ofc went outside~ Really nice!
You can kind of say I dressed up in my first 'real' cosplay this con. Because I made it myself (with some help from my mother) which I haven't really tried before. Usually my cosplays are closet cosplays or then it's just some part of it which are homemade, but this time I made all the accessories and sew the cosplay myself! I cosplayed as Chrome Dokuro from Katekyo hitman reborn. Think it turned out okay~

Picture taken by Tøsen

After breakfast I ended up walking randomly again.. rly.. there weren't many panels and events so I got bored easily.. again I had Melanie and Johanne as company and well yeah we walked around, I helped them practice for the show (which they did so well on stage! I'm so proud of them! also because it was their first time!! and I think they should have won the newcomers price thing! You guys rock at dancing! ) I also walked around with Tias and managed to make a team of 6 people so we could join the Go fetch event. It was only Ok this year though, most of the things we had to find was things you would have in the pocket.. Last year we ran much more (which makes it funnier! 8D). I also a bit hesitating went to the photo-shoot section. I feel unsure about asking people to take pictures of me in my cosplay also because I cosplay alone most of the time, and I'm not that good at posing yet so I was a bit unsure if I should do it or not! but I don't regret doing it! and Tias was so sweet and wait with me in the line otherwise I would be bored to death! Actually while waiting I got to know someone! It was super nice talking to her (Thanks for keeping me company and joining the Go fetch Kim ) After that I ended up walking randomly ALONE! :C that sucks.. because Melanie and Johanne had to attend the cosplay meeting thingie~ but it wasn't hard to find someone else to hang out with so I sat with these nice people chilling:

Picture taken by Signe Pedersen

After sitting there for a while, we ended up moving into the canteen (with expensive food!) waiting for the cosplay show... waiting sucks! especially for those who wait in the hall for hours. I was in the canteen with Aybike, Sasha and Taichi waiting for the line to disappear and when we decided to go, we only had to wait like max. 3 minutes! We got terrible seats though, It was really hard for me to see anything :C So I moved in front on the stage and I cried. Some of the acts were so good and so melancholic! I'm just too sensitive! The cosplay standard was high as always! *O* so the show was really enjoying! and almost all the winners deserved to win! I especially liked the: ofc Beauty and the Beast act, Tangled act, Matryoshka act and Rozen Maiden act. but the DRRR, buono dance cover, pokemon etc. act made me smile too!
The only price I don't think was given to the right person was the newcomer price, but it's not like I want to bitch lol~ It's not like she was bad, just not original~ (after my opinion~)

Rozen Maiden
Picture taken by Liv Winkelmann

if you didn't watched it or attended svscon go to youtube and watch the acts! They are worth it! the rest of Saturday disappeared after the show, I got too tired for Plushie deadball and maid rpg! :C twice a year I miss those events! WHY ARE THEY HELD SO LATE?! ;__; but instead of going to events I talked and felt really comfortable together with Kristine and Amanda who was so sweet to cheer me up and cure me from my brain washing night and nightmare which almost ruined my entire con.. Thank you guys! It made me really happy!

Sunday was pretty relaxed. Most of the time I just sat at a table. While people slowly one after another left and went home. Always the most sad moment at a con. I still have a fear or maybe it might even have become a phobia for THAT person.. seriously.. I feel so damn insecure even when I'm home.. My company for the trip home was: Sabine, Aybike, Bára, Barbara and Sasha (a bit Mie and Ida, but since they were in another compartment) It was so nice talking and laughing with them! The trip went so quickly it didn't felt like 3 hours at all!

There were so many awesome cosplays at SVScon this year and I regret so much that I didn't took more than 1 picture... but that is why you have friends who use facebook
Here are some of my favourite, but only some of them, since there were so many It's hard to post them all~

Panty and Stocking with Brief and Garter belt! xD
Picture Taken by Sara R Refsgaard Jørgensen

Picture from Tatiana

Beauty and the Beast
Picture Taken by Sara R Refsgaard Jørgensen

Picture Taken by Alex Jacobsen

Also just by text: Pokemon, The Road to El Dorado(but you already saw pictures of that ) Kingdoms Heart, Final Fantasy, How to train your Dragon, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Ciel in Wonderland etc.~

I somehow regret a bit not going to the Sakura festival(花見) instead, or leaving earlier sunday like I did two years ago.. hopefully they won't lie on the same date next year~
Love and Peace

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Jeg er glad for jeg gjorde din con bare lidt bedre. Tak for en dejlig weekend min skat <3

  2. I love you <3

    Girl, do I look tired on that picture? Lol xD

  3. Det var hyggeligt at sove på camp sammen : D Vi ses til næste con (håber jeg da >:C)

  4. Aaah det lød som om du også havde en hyggelig weekend!! :D Aaw Tangled cosplay!! I like!! <3 Ville gerne se et fullbody picture + details af dit cosplay ^^
    Og elsker Eldorado haha!! XD

  5. I'm sad I didn't get to talk more with you, but this was a pretty busy con for me! :c But I'm glad to hear you had a great con despite arriving late Friday!

    And the reason why I didn't participate in the panels myself is because I participated in a cosplay panel at last years SVSCon :) It's not fun having the same people in the panels each year.

    I thought there was lots of stuff to attend at this years SVSCON ö Maybe you were just being a bit picky since you got bored?