Saturday, 21 May 2011

Party and Friends

Ready ready ready for the take off
Michinaru sekai e to maia garunda
Dakara (dakara) sono te hanasanaide
2PM - Take off

So this weekend started out really relaxing~

I was home alone just chilling, dressing up for my friend Laura's confirmation(?)~ It's my first time attending one so I was a bit nervous! I arrived around 5 pm. It was pretty relaxing. Most of the time I just watched the other guests play table football and eating myself fat in soft ice and cake om nom nom I think it was more a table football party than a confirmation~ and even though I don't like football I had a lot of fun and it was nice to see her again, after such a long time!


I met up with Yugi around 12 a.m, then we biked to the city and walked randomly around. There was a flea market where Yugi and I spit the 3 for 100 DDK offer between us, and I got to buy two pairs of earrings and Yugi one pair!~ Mine was with zippers and dices~ Yugi bought some with coca cola capsules, pretty funny~ hehe~ Then we went to the pedestrian zone, where we just went into a lot of random shops such as H&M, New Yorker and glitter~ and I ended up buying more earrings! I'm becoming earring addicted! xD

We walked so much, that my feet started to hurt! ;__; When we were about to go home, my bike punctured and I had to take the bus home!... B A D way to end your day! but the bus wasn't hot as hell so it was okay~

My mom is in China now, so I don't have a camera and I'm staying at my dad-s. So sorry the crappy pictures from my ipod~


p.s My friend Desirée just told me if you search for IU (famous k-pop idol) then I'll appear! It just made me smile really really much! Cause I'm a BIG IU fan

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Kristine her.

    Dit outfit endte med at blive super super nuttet <3!

  2. Cuuute!! <3 And the extensions look so nice Ô.Ô Hvor har du købt dem?? And I love IU tooo!!

  3. Awww .. billedet af dig på google ♥ omnnomm ♥
    Og dejligt outfit til konfirmationen!♥