Thursday, 11 August 2011

Genki Con 11

This weekend I went to the danish convention Genki con, which was really funny and nice~ not the best con but not the worst either, a normal a bit relaxed con~ but well I enjoyed myself.

Friday I took the train with Kathrine to Roskilde, we got separated quite fast though because I was stuck playing mafia for like 1 and a half hour. When mafia finally ended and the mafia won (I was mafia xb) I just went to a lot of different events. I especially enjoyed the music quizzes~ I could actually guess and recognize some of the songs~ My secret practice paid off.. (?) LOL xD

Saturday went pretty much with Cosplay show preparations, we had to meet up at the main stage from 11 AM and stay there (locked inside.. Jk Jk) until the show started at 1 PM. It was really boring sitting there waiting and I missed some events because of it, but hey the company was nice, talking with Tat, Ari, Kathrine etc etc made the time go faster ^^ and because we were the last group to perform we were allowed to sit behind the stage and watch the show. There were so many nice acts~ Those I found most amusing was OF COURSE one piece the new Okama, Kuzco and Daugther/servant of Evil with vocaloid~ and to my pleasure all those groups won! ^^b

Pictures Taken by Liv Winkelmann

Taken by Khaled Ben Haddouch (I think)

My Group(Tati, Miku, Ari and I) also won a prize. We won Alpha Omega which is the best overall if I understood it right? xD I was really surprised we won because we made so many mistakes not to mention the dress I wore… one of the most embarrassing moments in my life >///< haha and Ari is the BEST tree ever! No one is ever going to pwn her at cosplaying a tree! xD

Our Act

Later Saturday I went to see the Yukie Dong concert and of course support my friends from Banjak5 who had to do their first live. It was nice enough there were some technical problems but everything turned out fine at last!~

Taken by Khaled Ben Haddouch

Late Saturday night was spend with singing karaoke with Kathrine, Ida and Sigge~ My voice was cracked and death when I went to sleep, but I had soo much fun! ^^ Starting out with POKEMON DANISH OPENING and ended with DANGO DAIKAZOKU~ I’m sure we got through all the song genres and heard many of the songs again and again~
Sunday was really relaxed, I just walked around the con randomly… and I mean REALLY RANDOMLY.. the day has become blurry in my memory xD but it was nice it was relaxing and not stressing or anything~

So Thanks for a nice con everyone~ I could write so many names of people I met, had fun with, got to know better and walked around with, but I’m waaaay too lazy for that. I hope you guys will just remember it in your heart or something xD

One of the best things with this con was the cosplayers! I saw KHR, One piece, Comics, Air gear, Fairy Tail and almost none narutards or yaoi fangirls~ I’m satisfied >U<)b Taken by Khaled Ben Haddouch (?)

btw I'm started in School again, It's nice to be a second year in high school! I missed my class a lot!

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. Why i no be in here >:C I be awesome and shit?!
    (Pfth <3)

    - Jeres act var super selvom der var de små fejl! Jeg lagde slet ikke mærke til det med din kjole overhovedet!

    Tak for en dejlig con, og jeg håber vi ses til J-popcon <3

  2. Wow this looks like so much fun! Wish that I went... Anyway, great act! You looked so cute in your Luka cosplay! *^-^*

  3. Tak for en dejlig con Lina n_n joiner Kristine og siger at jeg heller ikke lagde mærke til at der var fejl i jeres act Ö det var nemlig super godt :3

  4. Love all the creepy stalker photos, haha~

    You guys act was awesome X3 And you looked so cute on stage!!

  5. My happy is so clearly exposed XD