Tuesday, 1 May 2012

~  花見  ~

I am so happy that I was able to go to Copenhagen Sakura festival this year , since last year I went to SVScon instead. I don't know why, but Sakura and SVScon always seems to clash.. I have heard this rumour about the Danish / Japanese ambassador doesn't like Japanese pop culture, so to avoid it he just picks the same date as SVScon every second year.. which just is sad, but I don't know for sure.. haven't spoken with him before, but that is just the feeling I have

Saturday's weather started out pretty rainy, windy but not that cold actually. Danish weather is so annoying .. fortunately the sun shone later, but then the wind got stronger and it was so cold!... but even though the weather was horrible, there were many people who attended anyway which made me really happy. I think there were more shops than two years ago~ I made my own Onigiris so I didn't buy anything. The food looked really delicious though~ Curry, Sushi, Rice with some meet etc. etc.~
The Hair accessories shop had so many cute items~

I really wanted some, but I don't think I am going to use it, so it is going to be another time haha~ The Origami tent this time was also bigger and the origami things which were displayed were so cool! Much more advanced than just the swan / Swallow. I want to master the skills

After the festival ended saturday I went out to eat at Wagamama with Aybike, Melanie, some from Team Avedøre, the Gentofte crew etc. I only ate dumplings, but they were good, I have tasted better but not bad~ ^^ After that we went for dessert~ Ice cream, Chuddors and other delicious things

Both Pictures taken by Brammer

Sunday's weather was much better~ but that was also the reason for the extra people. There were so many people, maybe the double amount as saturday. I borrowed my cute friend Mai's Shrine maiden Hakama. I know it is traditional clothes and Japanese etc, but I still felt a bit uncomfortable wearing them since everyone else wore a Yukata ;w; but I really liked it~ I felt pretty haha~ It was awesome and I loved it, I need to get one of those and a yukata and kimono too~

My outfit Sunday
The hakama is borrowed from cute Mai ♥

For once the Sakura was actually blooming I remember some years back, when the sakura wasn't bloomed. It was quite weird and bad timing haha~ but the flowers were so pretty this year~ I really enjoyed them

Not to mention my favourite part of the entire festival. The Bon odori dance(盆踊り) Of course seeing everyone and talking, hanging out, eating together is really lovely too~ but bon odori is only once a year so it is always the things I look forward to most.

Picture spam

Looking forward to next year (Please don't be at the same time as SVScon! ;__;)

リ ー ナ  O U T



  2. awh, It seemed so nice! I'm kinda sad that it's so far away from us juds, but it's good that you have fun enough for all of us ;D can't wait to see you at SVS!

  3. Årh hvor ser det rart ud :'D Jeg er overhovedet ikke jelly over at jeg ikke kunne komme med :c <3

  4. Awesome pictures Lina!! :D I like how you put it together to a small gallery!! And so nice to see you again yay! ♥

  5. Det ser virkelig hyggeligt ud søde Lina <3
    Dejlige billeder :)