Wednesday, 9 May 2012


This 'long' weekend I spent my time relaxing and hanging out with some friends

Friday was spent with the I think I can call them the Mafia crew! Me and beautiful Trine decided to throw a small picnic birthday party in Frederiksberg Have The weather was really nice even though it seemed a bit greyish we avoided the rain and finished before it started

Trine bought some fruit and I baked a carrot cake, since Trine told me it was her favourite! We found a nice spot somewhere in the middle of the park. We were around around 20 people~ It was really comfy and we played rounders! It is one of my absolute favourite team ball games! I haven't played it for ages! That just made my entire day

Chilling crew

Trini also bought us some 'birthday' cakes~ It was really delicious! Strawberry cream cakes I felt a bit fat after eating haha~ So much cream and sugar. (* ̄∇ ̄*)

om nom nom cake

Saturday I went to a barbecue party with the Azn crew in Albertslund~ but since the weather was rather cold we ended up doing a frying hotpot instead of barbecue!~

On my way till Albertslund, Ipod pictures

Michael's Girlfriend's awesome creations

It was really delicious and there were so many kind of meat om nom nom I got so fat! especially after eating 3-4 ice creams afterwards, but I can't help it I have an ice cream addiction.

om nom nom more food and a lot of meat x'D
Kim and Melanie

Later we went for a walk around the neighbourhood, where we played on playgrounds like children and looked at swans~ The hood is really pretty and filled with nature~ It was nice to get away from the usual city life.

Michael finding his inner animal!~

When we got back to the house it was time for Pho and some cosy games. We drank alcohol and Kim and Melanie danced, they are so talented! I have to salute to their awesomeness

We slept over and went home the next day~

My Outfit Saturday

I already miss all my friends! ;___;)ノ Everyday school life is so boring.. but SVS is just around the corner and I can't wait~ I hope to see you all there

P.S I made a new layout~ What do you think about it? (ノ*゜ー゜)ノ I hope you enjoy it

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. the new layout rocks ;D and It's gonna be great to see you at SVS!
    I love all of your pictures, It really fills up the blog with personality <3 and you seem to attend a lot of awesome stuff with good friends, it's always nice to hear about eating and celebrating ~

  2. Jeg elsker at du blogger så meget og SVSØØØØH :D :D

  3. Liina ~! The new layout looks really nice! :D Somehow it has this suuper cosy calming effect! Also it looks like you've had a really great time with your friends! We should hang out too sometime ~ And you're way more awesome Lina ♥♥ Thank you for commenting on my blog sweetie! *^-^*

  4. The new layout really looks good I looooove it <3

    And it's so nice that you put so many pictures into your blogs. Weekend sounds so nice, and you look lovely. Everything is so niiice ;*