Sunday, 28 November 2010

» Christmas soon to come? ❄

Let it flow Let it flow I believe Love will flow
若是終可遇見多好 心想愛如能預告 他日回望難免期望太高
Yeurk si tsung hoh yu geen doh hoe Sum seung ngoi yu lung yue gou Tah yut wui mong naan meen kay mong tai gou

Finally got time to update~ ^^

This week went by pretty fast everything was so BORING.. I've been so tired and didn't wanted to do anything ;___; just lay in my bed being lazy, but I went to parkour and got bruises everywhere on my arms.. hurts....

but then a day when I woke up I saw this outside

Snoow~ I love snow.. even though it cold as h*ll but it's so beautiful and makes me smile all the time~ ❄ ❄ I am trying to remember to bring my camera whereever I go and write shorter entries... so I'll do my best!

but Friday my school was throwing a Christmas party, and since I'm in the Party selection/committee I was of course doing my best to help~ ^^ I forgot my camera and my pixie hat.. I was sitting 3 hours in the entrance selling tickets and OMG I was FREEEEEZING.. ❄ ;O; but one of the teachers made me tea and I got cake! ♥ Afterwards I was sitting in the Warderobe for 2 hours. After that the party ended and we started cleaned up the mess. ^^ Even though I was working the whole time, I enjoyed myself by talking to new people and knowing I was helping and not just playing around while help was needed~ but yeah I never really liked Parties anyway ^^;

Saturday it was SNOWING A LOT... and it was really meant that I was going to Kristine birthday.. but since my mom thought it was too complicated and I was a bit afraid of getting lost I ended with not attending... ;__; I feel like a really really bad friend who can't even go to their friend's birthday. But I hope my warm feelings reached Kristine and that she had an amazing Birthday with a lot of cool present with people she care for. Because she deserve it so much~ Kristine I love you even though I couldn't attened ;_; ♥ Instead my mom and her boyfriend invited my brother and I to the cinema watching Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. We went to 'Fisketorvet' a big mall in Copenhagen~ They had already decorated everything with Christmas stuff~ was so pretty *___* I Love christmas decorations because they are so shiny shiny ✦

Sry for crap mobile quality.. ^^;

No comments on the movie.. ^^; because I don't know what to say other than I enjoyed it, but almost died from the many shocks.. and about the dance scene everyone has commented on... I missed it because I went to the toilet ;__; never happened before but this time it did.. so I watched it with crap quality on YT... OTZ... I feel very failish right now not to mention I still haven't read the books yet... Failer is failing..

Another mobile pic...

I know it's a bit early but I already know who I want to cosplay at SVScon next year~ ^^
Purple haired girl~~ I'm thinking about reusing my Chrome wig, but the wig styling might be hard >___<; I hope I figure out how to do it. I'll come with more details when I actually start on the cosplay~

and at last I have thought of an act I would like to perform with~ ^^b Not saying anything other than that~ Oh yeah and I'm trying to get my Brother to cosplay with me XD
リ ー ナ  O U T

Mood: Still rly Tired ;_;
Quote: Let it flow - Stephy Tang
Listening to: Let it flow - Stephy Tang
Weather: Snowing ❄
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