Thursday, 4 November 2010

» Welcome Back pupe ✿

(You will find me where it's quiet
Listen closely, listen closely)
Let the blood flow
Through all the spaces
Of the universe

I finally got back on pupe girl~ I've taken a long break which I totally totally regret. Think of all those ribbons I coould have got all that amazing clothes ;^; hmm but there's nothing to do about that now~ Just have to catch up by posting a lot of comment and stuff Also I changed my pupe hair because I was tired of the 'rat-tails'? so this time I chose a long a bit curly hairstyle which resemblance my own a bit.

Also I'm SO BORED lately ;_; I should do some homework or studying but I just can't pull myself together. So since it's such a long time since I last photoshopped anything I thought it was about time~ So I played with my eye colour after I put on some make up and fake lashes~ The picture is pretty old though, but here you go:

I want blue eyes so badly

and and I also found a picture from when I got my bangs cut shorter~ I looked so yellow on the picture that I just HAD to photoshop it. If I remember right it was taken with my mobile phone x'D so I am not surprised about the crap quality xD

End of bored entry~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Mood: bubbly (●>ε<●)
Listening to: A little pain - Olivia Lufkin
Watching: Pandora Hearts
Doing: Spamming Formspring and photoshopping~

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  1. OMG YOUR EYEEES!! Seriøst, efter du er begyndt at lege med make-up (og du lærte det helt vildt hurtigt *A*), er du bare gået fra mega cute til hot!! ....and I will stop my fangirling now ^^'
    Haha! Og hvis du gerne vil have blå øjne, ville jeg med glæde bytte med dig - ville ønske at jeg selv havde mørkebrune øjne!