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» Into the new year ☆ Part 2

Wake up on your own
And look around you cuz you’re not alone
Release your high hopes and they’ll survive
Cuz this is the future and you are alive

Part 2 of the New years Entry!~~

WARNING! A long entry with whining on the way... baaah! but good things will appear too~ ^^; 

and because the year has ended, this entry will be another one of my really long entries.. Just to tell you beforehand and there won't be pictures sadly D: and just to make a comprehensive view, I'm going to write about The good and bad things which have happened + my new year resolutions~


I just realised that when I write English it takes me the double time to make an entry Danish one.. Well I'm better at Danish so I guess that explains it. but should I write in Danish or English? >_< What do you guys prefer?

Well Year 2010, so many AMAZING and CRAZY things happened! >___< almost so many that I can't count anymore. But well like so many other I'm really bad at telling people how much they mean to me, so now I'll totally use my damn 'gift' called the brain (or as for me my memory) to make a comprehensive view over the entire year! ^__^ and good and bad things will be written and yeah of course it's up to the persons themself to decide if they want to read it or not! but I'll try my best not to bitch or freak out about something! :3 Okay READY STEADY GO!

January 2010
  • New year - At Celia's with wonderful people, even though we were only 3 it was so much fun. You guys are amazing and wonderful company! My first time, not home at New Year! Playing One piece trying to get ACE, watching movies, singing Sing star, dancing Dancing stage and making food~ ♥

    Okay I can't rly make myself to write this entry.. It's not because I forgot things I just start crying everytime I look back at the year.. so I'll just do as everyone else tell shortly about what happened even though I love to go in details...

    In year 2010 a lot of wonderful and sad things happened~ For the sad things I got into a lot of fights with some people I care a lot about and I even lost some of them too. My grandfather got really sick and I don't know how longer he will go on living. I also got a lot of depressions and dark emo times where I kinda lost myself and wandered in the world of emptiness and loneliness. but happily I have wonderful friends who supported me through all my harsh times, listened to my whining and comforting me whenever I felt like crying~ You guys are amazing, lovely and awesome! I love you guys from the bottom of my heart ♥ 心から ♥
    Well this year I also met a lot of new people, especially when I went to Jutland~ At SVScon and Lolita halloween meet up~ this years Hanami was Wonderful too~ Mostly because I made some really really nice friends there and my favourite manga was cosplayed there~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn group~ ♥ I could die of happy fangirlness~ Also I FINALLY ENDED Elementary school~ That was so refreshing~ I really disliked my school -___- and I somehow regret a bit I didn't change school but on the other site, I think it was a good idea to stay at the same school the last few years. and when something ends something new starts. So I this year I started in high school~~ My class is a enjoyable noisy class~ ^^ Everyone is nice [we already had a bitch fight... oh gawd girls..] and everyone is well more or less open! xD We are not THAT social but it's okay I guess~ ^^ but one thing for sure, I liked being in the class even though it became too noisy at times~ [I'm in a new class now because the first half year ended, so now I'm in my REAL TIME study program class, everyone is nice here as well ♥] High school life is so alike elementary school but we just stay at school longer and the homework is more difficult ;___; Well I shouldn't complain since I chose high school myself~ ^^ This years Genki and J-popcon was memorable. Genki was so much fun! I ran around doing this and this and enjoying myself. Not the best con but funny ♥ J-popcon this year was so damn stressful but it was all worth it! Because I got the chance to become Bulbasaur and act on stage with two wonderful girls whose acts always make me laugh so badly~ + The J-popcon dealer room was so much more Awesome this year not to mention KARAOKE as well~~ ♥ ♥ Hur hur~ ^^
    I guess that is shortly how I spend my year, of course with a lot of small wonderful memorable moments as well~ if I have to write them all down, I might NEVER seriously end this entry! ;; but let me just say, everytime I spend time with someone, whenever it is or whereever we are, it means a lot to me and I always do my best to remember the moment as clearly as possible! I love you all~~ ♥ ♥

    New Year Resolutions
    Me, I and Myself

    1. Become a better person
      like everyone else, I want to become a better person, not only for the environment and society, but also for my friends, I want to be able to help them whenever they need help to anything. Even if it's school work which I sometimes hate! I want to be able to do something for them! ^^ I want to be able to comfort them and tell them everything is okay + I want to make a lot of wonderful memories which we can look back on together ♥ I want to do my best to keep the connection, I want to let them know I still care about them and remember to tell them how much they mean to me! I also want to spend more time with my friends, do small things such as shopping meet up for minutes and have a nice talk or just see them in the bus in the morning! Anything will do!
    2. Become more healthy
      Yeah I also want to lose weight! but that is not my main focus. My main focus will be drinking more water! I'm so bad at remember it and my skin becomes dry really easily! I also want to do more exercise! but at the moment I love Parkour so I guess anything else won't do! xD so Parkour and cycling is my exercise at the moment! and maybe sometimes I'll do some Dancing stage as well~ ♥ and my Candy store have to CLOSE! =__= *looking at caramells* I have to stop eating sugar!... (sugar, my word for candy! 8D) or else I won't have any teeth when I grow old and I'll be a lonely fat old woman! xD
    3. Become more positive
      Well as everyone who knows me know... I'm a hell of a pessimist. I want to be more positive and enjoy life more! ^___^ I want to look at a situation and think; Wow how wonderful instead of: Cool but.... blahblahblah.. I also want to try to 'love' myself instead of critisize everything I do and keep telling myself I can't do that and that and I suck at that and that.. then I'll start thinking: I'm good but I can become better! I'll look at the world with a smile!
    4. Strenghten my weakness
      Not much to say here.. I have a weakness for spiders, horror, war etc etc.. I want to be better at handle these problems >___>;

    Around me

    1. Family
      Spend more time with my almost not existing family lol.. Jk.. ^^; Well I want to spend more time with them, take my time and learn proper Chinese so I can speak with my cousins and enjoy my stay when I'm in China ^^ also because I want to go to China for a year sometime
    2. Enjoy the present and move on
      I usually always look back whenever I try to take a step forward and usually I only see obstacles on my way, but I want to be positive and try to enjoy the current moment and don't think about future or past! Enjoooooying my life~ ^^
    3. Less fangirling
      STOP fangirling about everything I like.. well at times it's okay but I have to control whenever I scream or am noisy! =w= because it happens a lot and I get the feeling or I'm sure it annoys people.. I'll keep my fangirling at home or with other fangirls ^^ or communities! I'll try to calm down!
    4. Be less shy/Pull myself together
      Well the shy part isn't always a problem! Because sometimes I'm really really noisy! usually when I'm with people I don't know! then I'm RLY Noisy and yeah noisy maybe a bit stalkerish? and with people I know a bit or admire I get shy as hell! >__> It's a really big problem because then people see me as shy and I'm really not.. but then, when people get to know me better I start talking too much and become noisy.. and I usually can't pull myself together to go talking to a person if I know a bit about the person. and I want to change that! I want to be able to talk normally to everyone, new as old friends and strangers! and even people I admire! actually I only think it's danish people which I admire I get shy about.. because if I met a rockstar/actor I wouldn't get shy at all! I would be annoying!

    Things to do

    1. Clean my room
      My room is so messed up that I can't concentrate on anything I do at all! paper is lying everywhere I can't figure out which paper should be where?! and I can't find my stuff it's totally stress making @____@ but it's waaay better than just a week ago! and I get have to go to it little by little and then some day hopefully this year lol I will finish! hopefully before the end of the end of the year.
    2. Cosplay more
      I want to cosplay more and I got a lot of plans and ideas but I'm a bit scared of the Cosplay environment. Sometimes I feel like 'good' cosplayers are looking down on 'newbies' and I think it's weird for people to see me in Cosplay because I usually ALWAYS come in normal clothes! but I LOVE to cosplay and looking at other peoples photoshoots makes me so happy! I wish I someday will make a cosplay where people will tell me it suits me and it looks pretty. and of course I really really want to do a photoshoot, but doing it alone seems a bit lonely? and cosplaying alone as well? but I'll shoot myself to do some more cosplaying! Already have a cosplay plan for SVS~
    3. Be more creative
      I just put all my creative sides on stand by and they all rusted... I need to take them all up one ater another! I think I'll start out with drawing and then go to the music part, then designing. Well I always wanted to become a good artist and play the piano so beautifully that people would tell me to replay it. I also wanted to play the violin when I was smaller but ended up with the Piano which I'm happy for as well but I wish I was better... my teacher isn't the best but I don't practice that much either.. but in this year I'll definitely practice more both Drawing and Playing Piano!
    4. Take photos to the blog
      Well like this long long long entry with no pictures it easily becomes boring and dry to read! I'll do my best to take a lot of pictures and I want a new camera too! >w< I'll start save money starting from next week~ [*coughneedajobfirstcough*] Well I'll try my best to remember! ^^
    5. Update
      Update everything more often, dA, CR, Pupe, blog, Website, EVERTHING~ ^^
    6. Study
      ... I want to become better at chinese, Japanese and Math I know it's a nerdy thing but I WANT TO! D: and or I just want to become better at all the subject in school! =W= I have to work harder and study to become better End of story//

    and into the new year~ (*゚▽゚)/゚・:*【2011】*:・゚\(゚▽゚*)
    finally done *coughcough*

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    1. Wow you have so many resolutions ! But they are all really nice ones ~ <3 I can really learn from you xD
      But I don't think you should stop fangirling, when you're with other people. Not if you'll be putting your true self away. We will like you for who you are, and if people can't respect that, then they are not worthy of being you friends >.<
      Btw, looking SO much forward to Satyrdayyy ~