Monday, 24 January 2011

» Friendship ♥

Always, always
Days will not always go well, but do smile
The amount of joy I felt
With only the few words that you gave to me
Is what I will always remember
Friendship is a wonderful thing~ Last weekend I was together with Zaa-chan and this weekend was spent with Line, Mawj and Tanya~ :3 I can't believe that we almost just jumped into the new year and I already made some WONDERFUL memories~ >w<)b Oh Oh and I'm so excited about next weekend~ I'm going to Svendborg to attend a birthday ♥ and the weekend after that I'm going to Matrix night with friends from my class, and friday is K-pop day and Valentines day is up soon OMG! ;___; I'm just so filled with JOY! + Today I spoke with Louise~ It's been so long time since I last spoke with her! >__< OMG Memories and friendship is a wonderful thing~ Btw I haven't forgot YOU~ I promise I'll spend time with you as well~~ Oh yeah and Winter holiday is coming soon as well so it might happen around there or maybe just on a weekday~

well as I mentioned before this weekend was spent with Line, Mawj and Tanya~ We shopped or I guess it was mostly me.. lol~

The faires are my christmas present from Mawj~ ♥

Ribbons another present from Mawj ;__; ♥ I love you ♥

I bought this skirt, a cardigan pink and black striped and Earrings~ ♥ after getting my ears pierced I'm so in love wih earrings I can't get enough of them! and I can't wait to go to China soon to buy a LOT more + maybe a holder for them heheh~~ (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

And I also concider going to Okashii, but I don't know anyone I can go with ;___; Well I haven't asked EVERYBODY yet, but well yeah I don't even have my mom's premission.. Hehe... so but I really want to go, I think it would be cool! *already saving up money* ♥ I hope to see you guys there~ :3

Rave Party outfit Friday~

リ ー ナ  O U T

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Quote: Friendship - Love Hina [Eng]
Listening to: Dear my Friends - Nishino Kana  
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  1. Party hard like its nobodies buisness!

  2. Sounds like awesome plans! Nothing is better than spending time with the people you love ^O^

    Ooooo, I've looked at that skirt in H&M soo many times *__* I will probably end up buying it if it's still there next time I'm visiting H&M!

    That outfit is suuuper cute! Love the skirt! ^O^

    I'll be attending OkashiiCon too :D Hope you decide to go!