Monday, 17 January 2011

» Shopping with Zaa-chaan ♥ + Tron

This weekend (January 14-16... xD) I went out shopping with Zarah ♥ Using all my gift tokens which I got for christmas~

we ate at Sunset~ and om nom nom nom the sandwich was yummy! xD Usually I'm really picky with my food but it tasted so good, and I'm definitely going there again

Bought a lot of new clothes too Too lazy to post though.. >__< I'll promise to do so next time I go out shopping! ;__; but I bought a skirt and 2 T-shirts/tops and 'make up?' in H&M~~

and Kei Ishiyama's Grimms manga, which is totally cute and OMGISH! :3 I really love the stories! Especially the two brothers~~ *V* I heard there are more than one~ I really want to read the others as well <3 >w<

Later when it got dark we walked by 'Nyhavn' and well to be honest I never walked there before, I have seen it from distance, but it was chilly~ I guess it's because it's close to the water!~ I really really love how the buildings are build, not to mention the lamps~ I love the old school british architecture It's totally like being in a Fairy tale

Having fun with dressing up~

Sunday my brother and I made a deal about going to the cinema watching Tron legacy~ *O*

OMG I can't describe I how I loved this movie! xD I thought it was so awesome and I got impressed so many times of the effect and especially the clothes they wore! My favourite characters are totally Gem and Quorra~ (*(I)*)/ Also I love the fact that the arena game was Snake! xD Multiplayer Snake!~ I used to play that with my brother when I was younger! ^____^ but the one in the game was so much more awesome because of the light effect! O0O The 'snake-tail' behind the motor cycle was so omgish.. I wanted to touch it.. hmm hopefully I wouldn't die.. LOL~ but even though it was awesome, there were some mysteries I didn't understand, which were unsolved!...

Gem~ ♥

Quorra~ ♥

After watching the movie, I also really wanted to have a suit like Quorra's~ *O* and then I thought Why not cosplaying her?~~ So I am actually concidering that A LOT.. but I don't feel Like I'm mature enough, tall enough and I'm too chubby to cosplay her ;___; + I'm too ASIAN.. well it's not first time I feel like it sucks to be Asian but well this time I really just think BOOOH xD because the actor is actually wearing a wig, and she is american if I remember right.. and yeah I'm Asian.. buuuhuu.. And if I cosplay Quorra I really really want to have someone to cosplay as Gem with me~ then we could be awesome Tron chicks! LOL. . . but I don't think that will happen~ A dream is a dream, you'll never know if it come true one day xD ♥

My outfit sunday

As I mentioned in one of my earlier entries I got some new glasses~~ :3 I don't know if you noticed it in my outfit for saturday as well xD but Well yeah I got some broader glasses~~ :3 They are really nice and I fell like my sight became brighter and better! xD Lol yes I got -0.50 added in.. I'm a bit afraid I might go blind one day! >__> but well i tried to make a bit school girlish outfit~ Dunno if it worked

The book is japanese and one of my Christmas presents~

Again sorry for looong entry *bows*

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Jeg læste ikke engang resten efter dit første outfit indlæg.

  2. Okay, færdig.
    Why you still so cute <3
    Du burde totalt cosplaye fra Tron hvis du har det godt med det, vi kan tage på cosplay diæt sammen :D Jeg er allerede igang?

  3. yaaay tak for den hyggelige dag ^^
    men omg unlucky picture of me x'D well well, kan ikke gøre noget ved det lol xD
    og det var så hyggeligt i Nyhavn <3
    og vil så gerne se Tron Legacy ! Trailerne er så gode !

    Og du ser mega cute ud på billederne <3 kawaii <3 aigoo~

  4. Sounds like a fun day with your friend Zarah :D New clothes; we love it~ And you look adorable in that outfit!
    Your glasses are super cute by the way ^-^