Tuesday, 11 January 2011

» Parkour training monday

Smile to the world and the world smiles back

This monday Parkour training started and I'm totally fired up about it! I LOVE PARKOUR and I promised myself I wouldn't miss even once this year!~ And to my luck first time wasn't as hard as I thought, but well I don't know how, I ended up jumping and my landing was SO WRONG.. so yeah I hurt my arm pretty badly! ;___;

My teacher told me I might have strained it.. and well I have never in my entire life strained or broken anything so well I was a bit shocked! I really Hope it's okay! but now I can't really use it! It hurts when I try to bend it. So I might miss Wednesday Training! and I was so excited about it! Buuuhuu (●`ε´●)ぷっぷくぷ~ + Now my mom told me I can't cycle to school anymore! D: I have to take the DAMN bus the entire way (have to walk too) and the bus drive so sloooowly! =W= I'll just end up coming late! ;___; and I don't want that! Last year I had 0% absence and I want to have it this year too! So not unfair! I hav to wake up at 5 AM or so to make sure I get up and get on the bus in time!...

Well but today I went to the hospital to get my arm checked and I waited for DAMN 4 hours... IN VAIN! because in the end I didn't get it checked!.. I hate hospitals they wooork waaay tooo slowly and there were about 5-7 nurses not doing anything else than talking.. GODDAMMIT get an education and become doctors and help save the world =___= I'm so pissed! I can't take it! It's so annoying.. and now I'm just tired and annoyed.. have to do homework late + wake up early to take the DAMN bus... life is so unfair.. WTF is happening?...

Sry for whining.. well but good things happened today as well... I met up with Kathrine on the Library and we talked a bit and ate Pizza.. Well I had to leave early because I had to go to the hospital *insert another hospital whining episode* but she baked a cool but weird tasting cake! xD It was Lime My favourite but there were poppy seeds and almonds in it too.. made it taste a bit weird~
On the Library Kathrine even found a cool emo/dark version of Alice in Wonderland~ I read it in the Library and it was kinda funny ^^ I like the fact that Alice is dark haired and NOT blond~ :3 And her dress is not Loli but a bit maidish. Not Japanese cute maid but old school maid xD~~ + Kathrine was such a sweetheart to go with me to the glasses shop and get my glasses with me~ so Yeah everyone! I got some new glasses~ ^__^ Pictures will come up later~ ♥

Guess that is for now! I hope my arm will heal faster so I can get to Parkour again!

EDIT: January 13th, My arm is Okay! Nothing serious!

リ ー ナ  O U T

Quote: Old Danish teacher
Listening to: Owl City - Random mix
Doing: Whining about my arm! ;__;


  1. Elsker den udgave af Alice <3
    Faktisk har Alice i bogen brunt hår og en gul kjole :)

  2. Træls omkring din arm!

    (Men husk, at sygeplejersker er ligeså vigtige som læger ;) xD )

    Ville ønske der var noget Parkour omkring, eller på Mors! :c

  3. Øv på arm ): kunne godt lyde til at den er forstuvet, og det er bare sååå irriterende.

    God bedring søde søde Lina ~ ♥