Saturday, 27 February 2010

»Do you remember that time?

Feel like an old woman LOL! xD "oh oh my dear? Do you remember that time, 50 years ago when we first met?"

Aww no I'm not that old! It's only 5-7 years ago. The time when we were small and unaware about what would come? We were happey and had such a good time. I Miss the time we spent together on msn. It's like I'm being frozen out of the circle. It's always hard to be in the middle!~ I'm an older sister so I'm usually used to take the choice! Being the oldest and be in the middle isn't the easist thing ever. Right now I would wish I could do anything for them. and for Yaya-chan too!~ but I just don't think logic enough.

I found a video with the english subs to Toeto. I feel like it's Desirée's theme song right now. Julie I don't know. because I actually chat more with Desirée than Julie. Yaya-chan and Julie share the same feeling now I guess. I mean. Best friend is an important word for some people, for other people it is just an title. For me personally the words is very important. Yeah it's an title but it's also a job which demand a lot of time and imply a lot of caring~ But the last few days I don't know anything anymore. So I'll pay to God even though I don't believe in religion. but sometimes it works.

I started playing Pokemon again. I chose Pokemon pearl, because it's the only game where you can get Mismagius ! <3 My favourite Pokemon is Ditto but my brother said it's hard to catch! ;A; I WANT A DITTO! ♥ . Maybe I should have chosen Chimchar . I got my First Bagde~~ Yeaah~ My brother is bullying me saying I'm suck! because it took me so long to get there ;A;

My Team so far in catching order~~

Mood: Hyper and tired?! WHUT?!
Music: Blue Moon - Nana Mizuki
Consuming: Grapes
Creativity: Nothing
Addicted to: Lyrics~ *^*
Doing: Chatting with Yaya~

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