Monday, 22 February 2010

»The Truth hurt

»Today I was a really relieved and yet disappointed... the truth really hurt. but I'm totally like; rather being hurt by the truth than live in ignorance by the lies.
hmm yeah I don't know what to say... I'm hurt I'm crying, not screaming though but I really want to.. It's 22:42.. not the best idea I guess.. I'm done writing my eassy but there's still a lot of gramma mistakes.. My mom is pushing and Yaya-chan isn't online! ><; Where should I ask for advice?! Maybe Tea! Hmm I don't know if I should ask Desirée or not. I already told her, but I don't think she knows how to solve the problem.. and Kish isn't online either and to be honest she might be too busy to listen.. or maybe she'll just think that I'm childish... afterall I'm the oldest in our group.. Hate it! D: but what to do? ^^; It's not a thing that I can redo..

»I talked to Ariellah too, soo long time no write! ;A; I was really Happhy, she told me something that I'll put into my heart! We talked about the cons like svs, okashii and hanami~ I hope we can see each other soon! <3 I really miss her! She's so kind and noble! TAT; We talked about cosplay too! I'm missing self-confidence.. but I'll definitely cosplay and I'll put 100% into the cosplay! ^^
I talked with Thien too! ^^; of course it was cake, and now also chocolate~ ^^; He likes dark chocolate who would have guess that?! :3 but I'll make some for him once he come to Copenhagen! ^^

»My mom is a bitch... Sometimes I just want her to die.. I mean.. WHERE DO SHE COME FROM?! The Middle Ages?.. Sigh.. I'm not going to finish today... but i'll finish tomorrow.. Going to bed night!

»Continue! Okay.. I was really angry at my mom yesterday... but really sometimes she really annoys me! D: but I love her afterall she's my mother! ^^

Mood: Hurt and disappointed
Music: Never had a dream come true - s club 7
Consuming: Air and Water
Creativity: None
Addicted to: Stalking!
Doing: Friends's blog entries, Chatting, watching vampire thing

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