Sunday, 28 February 2010

»Different Versions

I got this Idea from my BFF! She made a Juliet is bored version. so after some thought I actually found it pretty cool, so I'm going to make some versions. Then it will be easier if there is some entries people don't want to read, then they'll just go look for versions ^^; so Here is the Versions I'm going to make:

☆ The Otaku Corner
☀ Convention
♥ Fashion
♪ Music Addicted
☂ Dorama
✎ Boredom
✿ Creativity
☾ Magic
۩ Library

Yeaah XD There's a lot of categories.. but someitmes I'm really bored it might be a good thing ><; So Please look forward to it! <3

Mood: Tired of School and homework
Music: World is mine - Kaito
Consuming: Nothing
Creativity: Writing~
Addicted to: Television
Doing: doing homework and watching TV~

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